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  1. Will admit to being greedy , I want both, and don't get me wrong I love Tmac and have defended him long and hard.
  2. I trust the club, but am surprised by this, I would have traded Tmac before Weid, not saying that this happens. but I think we could have got good value for Tom. I worry that after 2022 all our spine is pretty old, lots of youth in the smalls not so much in the KPP. Brown, Tmac, May, Gawn. Can Petty or Tomlinson become a FB? I can't see Petty/Tomlinson as a CHF/FF in 2023 either (but then the FD has well and truly earnt my trust).
  3. Is it just me or does anyone else think that the Nylex Silos by the Yarra need a full length Max Gawn? Rent a projector someone and light it up at night if we don't have time to paint one. Am going to be pushing this on SEN hopefully next week.
  4. Bump Yet again, reputation enhanced in a big game! Viney lives rent free in Geelong midfield's heads! I am actually worried for Libba and Bont.
  5. Huge love for the man, also for James MCD but who do you drop? Captains didn't fair well with my side, despite my love for them, Green didn't get an emergency spot either. @SupermercadoAlso re Bennet - very good point!!! I feel dirty that I didn't have room for S Febey. If Salem has another year like this year he becomes a starter. CAVEAT if the team salutes on the 25th, then all of my selections become null and void, and the winning team is the greatest since 1964.
  6. Tried to pick the side for position and not AA style, could be an argument that my back six is a bit too tall, cannot go past LOVETT on HB, WIGHT also just just over LEVER, after all he did match it with God. I think gets the speed / strength balance right with Wight in the team. WARD and RIVERS thereabouts in Defense and JETTA/GARLAND were pretty outstanding in some crap sides. DAVEY and JOHNSTONE elite ball users. WHELAN was just such a weapon, would want him on my shoulder anywhere, JETTA not far behind his 1v1 wins are/were brilliant. GREEN never felt like he reached everything he could be and great clubman that he is felt like he mailed it in sometimes (sorry). BRUCE's hospital passes still frustrate me even though he purred like a big cat running and had the ball on a string. Mids/Followers -- Oliver is clear head and shoulders above everyone else, and Petracca in last 18mth> Woewodin/Bruce/McDonald/Jones/Moloney. Tingay was the 2nd coming of Jesus until he damaged the nerve, am still sad about it too... Forwards - I would back this combination against any other team I can think of, three talls(sort of) Lyon, Jackovich, Schwarz...Boomshakalaka, Smalls - Farmer, Robertson, and Davey would be cricket scores every week. Interchange - elite ball users all, for excellent delivery to our marking power and Stynes as the utility. Fairway off some of the other teams posted here - Jurrah just not enough of a body of work, I do see an argument for Jeff White over Stynes as well. My sincere apologies to Woewodin/Jones/MCDonald, I am trying to take Langdon out of the wing for one of them, and am probably suffering from memory loss but Langdon's run and improved disposal has been incredible. Powell not forgotten, Moloney on song was good but a one trick pony with disposal for too long. Apologies to FEEBY/ VINEY (Both)/ B: WIGHT, MAY, WHELAN HB: RIVERS, NEITZ, B.LOVETT C: LANGDON, PETRACCA, TINGAY HF: LYON, SCHWARZ, DAVEY F: FARMER, JAKOVICH, ROBERTSON FOLL: GAWN, PETRACCA, OLIVER IC: STYNES, JOHNSTONE, SALEM, YZE Emergency (am sorry but I cannot make this smaller) LEVER, WOEWODIN, JURRAH, WHITE, MCDONALD, JETTA, JONES, S. FEEBY
  7. Because I don't think he is a headless chook, and I think his hands will come good, and he is a beautiful kick. I also think he can tackle hard and exert fwd pressure which is a must. I just don't see anything else on the market with the same (potential granted) upside. If you know of another King or Mckay going early 2nd round let me know, everyone else is pretty meh from my POV.
  8. If we traded Weid we would immediately be looking for a replacement- we have no back up talls for the forward half and ours all have injury history and are old.
  9. It is not a fairytale for me, I honestly think these PF games are for the battle tested, this is going to be a brutal game. I allow that Sparrow, Smith, Jordon and Bowey have youth and leg speed over Jonesy, but I will keep banging on about the need for a wrecking ball, I just want our 22 to have a bit more hardness. Hibbered for Smith and Jones for Sparrow. Nothing farewell about it, right tools for the job. We beat Geelong in the 2018 EF because we smashed into them in the 1st qtr.
  10. Don't think, Don't hope Just Do
  11. 24K Gold right there, ROFL, thank you so much!!! Still crying with laughter.
  12. So do we have the former president Glen Bartlett to thank for the WCE facilities? are we sharing them with another club? I think it is a real coup to be using the Eagles facilities, they are 1st class, and anyway well done for whoever got this done. And from social media I am detecting at least moderate approval of Melbourne, I am not kidding myself I don't think any Eagle fan loves us, but I can genuinely see a good crowd for the PF and at least not a chorus of boos for us.
  13. FMD I melted down trying to answer this one, I am as just likely to listen to Stephen Sondheim, then park the bus on Joy Division or Pixies or straight to Dead Kennedys or RATM. So I have loosely grouped the music I would listen to on the way to a game or when I want to fire up etc. BTW, just quietly, a bit impressed by some of the name checked bands - never thought my fellow D'landers would have Kendrick Lamar, next thing I know people will be quoting Ghostface Killah. I skipped the obvious anthems - AC/DC, H&C not because I don't like them (I love 'em, but everyone owns them too an extent). Would have thought some of the ladies would name check Prodigy, didn't know any women who weren't mad for these guys. Introspective / On our history I'm on Fire - Bruce Springsteen Hurt - Johnny Cash Dog Days Are Over - Florence and the Machine - good for when we salute as well i guess. War Cry / Fire Up Right Here, Right Now - Fatboy Slim Call of the Wild - Agoria anything by RATM but leaning on Take the Power back Digital - Joy Division For the Celebration Can't Hold Us - Macklemore, my son and I would dance like lunatics around the house to this Beautiful Day - U2 and about 50 of their other songs.
  14. Fair dinkum, think you just won the best name drop ever... Had 50 Cent come through Nairobi, but his crew were all pajeros of the 1st order.
  15. I was thinking about this, I know he probably wouldn't be up for it, but any member of the previous successful era, starting with RDB31 should be given a ticket and some grace to be there. I would dearly love to see Ron hand over the Cup to Max.
  16. Was looking up a 50 year old bottle of whisky but bottled it at USD14500, am thinking of something from Max's birth year...
  17. The poll is pretty consistent, am with the consensus - play GWS but expect Geelong to be there. Picking up on Little Goffy - Geelong is the Mountain from GOT. I cannot express my gratitude enough to the club at how we have arrived at the PF, everything reeks of professionalism, ghosts of the past laid to rest. Titus without any material to moan about, and the DL Trolls unusually quiet. Looking forward though (picking up on the hate Geelong thread and I know it is a derail/diversion from the topic) , I see the next generation of rivalry with Essendon and Sydney - Tigers to still be thereabouts. Port not sure about, Brisbane and Westcoast need significant changes to personal to move forward. (Congrats though to Fagan, gets a lot out of a few bastards and they recruited well apart from Joe). Carlton is going to be the southern feeder team (like the Suns) while their off field management is so dysfunctional. Geelong, their controlled style of slow the ball play has clearly been exposed when placed under enough pressure. (Also to be fair injuries really have made a difference). But 2022 onwards we have more options on our list whereas they must surely be at an age related cliff, I respect them but I think they are cooked and need a new game-plan. (God I hope post this doesn't bite me on the ar$e) 2023, every year you are only a couple of injuries away from mediocrity, like what happened to the Tigers in 2021 - but this will be the year when a couple of key players will be close to veteran status - May / Gawn / McDonald / Brown / Tomlinson even Viney ?, That is our spine. I know we have a young team turning out at the moment, but that is because we have been very lucky with a couple of recent recruits coming on so well (thank you again JT) But 2023 will be a danger year for us as age affects those who are currently driving standards move on, and who also hold down the key positions, our midfield should be OK but am worried about how old our key position profile is. I also assume Jones Jetta Hibberd Melksham AVB Daw M.Brown will be happily retired. I hope we are already looking at the next May. Definitely persist with Weid.
  18. I think he is very very handsome. BTW Have we reached peak red head, near enough to 7 by my count? The number of gingers or nearly gingers, we could pass for the Irish national team. More serious question, a friend was telling me about the monstrous blisters on his feet that he has to take care of before he plays. How hard is this guy? Not that I really want to see but does anyone have a link to the vision?
  19. Does he not wear a mouth guard?
  20. Congrats to mods for keeping site up, much love!
  21. Time left please, in Sudan with tiniest amount of data, can't watch....
  22. Have given up on coming home, too many unknowns, and today the internet servers died at the office/guest house, limited bandwidth and no live game tomorrow, the horror, the horror….
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