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  1. Watched the game from the wing in the southern stand. Couldn't believe Hassa missed that goal. Loved Barry Bourke's mark deep in defence with a minute or so to go. Noticed Froggy Crompton smoking a [censored] on the ground a couple minutes after the siren.
  2. I have a friend who held a position at the club this season. He met with Roos yesterday. He says he's super impressive.
  3. I saw CB at the AGM the week before last.
  4. Much underrated by many on Demonland. Best defender from past 10 years. Clearly wasn't in MN's plans.
  5. I remember 1967 well. Did not miss a game. Hassa Mann starred all year. After a shocking year in 1966, perhaps '67 deserves a pass.
  6. I was there too! I'm 59 now. Gasp! Can't believe Hassa missed that shot at goal. 48 years on... the only years I'd give a 'pass' to are 1971, 1976, 1987 to 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004 to 2006
  7. Jones, Grimes, Rivers, Howe, Trengove
  8. Prof


    I've watched Melbourne for 51 years. Top shelf: Hassa Mann, Ron Barassi, Robert Flower 3 in 50 years, 1 in 30 years, none in 15 years Bit sad.
  9. I wonder if the Bulldogs are interested in nominating Jack Viney.
  10. We had a very old list by 2007. Full of good to very good players that were now past their best, plus a few 'top up' from other clubs. Our younger players were either over-rated or non-existent.
  11. Sorry, I'll try harder next time. Perhaps you could provide a list of excellent potential threads.
  12. How many players at Melbourne are really good kicks? Not many. How many are below average? Heaps. This continues to be a major issue. I was watching the Swans playing last Sunday and noticed how virtually every player can spot up a player without any problems. Many aspects of a young player's game can be developed but very few players improve their kicking significantly. Look at our list: Jones: above average Bartram: poor Watts: very good Gysberts: below average Bate: above average Bennell: below average Frawley: below average Trengove: average Morton: below average Clark: above average Sylv
  13. Yes, Davey is a better kick than Bail. What about ... effort? persistence? tackling? endurance? not spitting the dummy? etc etc etc
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