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  1. I voted Hoges for his sheer will and ferocity....his demand for the ball is something I havent seen since the days of Jaka.... But there are many others i could choose....Dean Kent will arrive this year...I feel it.....hes just got that X factor and outstanding pace which i love.
  2. I think Sandy Roberts is on the money and very good, over the years he has been nothing but passionate when Melbourne games were on IMO! Ox is good.Darcy is good,Eddie is good bar Pies games. Commetti is an absolute [censored] of the highest order.I just dont like the way he adds in little snide comments all the time. (Done it for years) Dermie over analyses games...but hes ok. Macavaney is a moron BT is a moron who antagonises Richo during games on purpose for ratings because Bt sucks at what he does. Russell is rubbish. Brayshaw makes me cringe when he talk
  3. Toump...well its lineball for me.. Howe for Redden? Are you ok? Moore is a dud who from memory didn't make it at the TIges aswell as Port. Melksham i'm disgusted we have gone for...fringe player at best. Kennedy who? Another Pie dud...
  4. Melksham is very average at best..We've had enough of his type at Melbourne of late...No thanks. AAA+ range mids as Roosy said & not DDD- Duds who go missing out of the best 22 frequently..
  5. 99% agree.....Bar Watts. I think Jack needs to be traded. Theres no more backing Watts in for me. Lacks Intensity for sure. I dont question Jonesys effort. Dunny is a bloody fantastic player who's come a long way in the past two years. Always provides a physical contest. Garland doesnt ever show any aggression and is a pussycat...which is why he gets beaten alot. Dawesy tries and runs hard but yeah....he's been poor this year I'd say. Grimes is a dud. Plain & simple. Yeah yeah he loves the Demons but that doesnt cut it. Trade him MFC. Loves Crossys endeavour...I'm unsure about giving him a
  6. I think he tries but isnt up to the rigours of AFL. Spare parts player at best. Move him on in my book.
  7. Courtney Johns? lol looked like a tool with dreads..exept he's long retired...whoops
  8. Roughead....Goofy Goldstein perhaps? Ha yuck yuck yuck... Or that weed from Freo Ballantyne. Has a punchable head.
  9. Early season he was in all australian form...now he has lost the plot....Lynden Dunn is our no 1 back atm & not afraid to show it either. Tommygun doesn't seem right......looks a bit disinterested...off field perhaps? I hope he comes good...he was outstanding for a while..
  10. The sooner we realise leading hard to the ball and chipping it shorter instead of bombing it...the sooner we will have a chance. Jack Viney outstanding attack.. Shame we lost Brayshaw....he really makes a difference with effective disposal. The double hightower combination is not working with Spencer & Gawn. We need to get first to the ball because atm we are second and they just run off us at every opportunity. 15 points is not much but the way we are playing is well.....not much either IMO. Hopefully we start getting first in and kick a few...frustrating to watch atm..
  11. I would keep Matt Jones personally. Grimes, Watts & Mckenzie should be moved on before Matt is even thought about.We gave Watts a fair run of chances...why not Matt Jones...who can seriously run! The Russian may have another year left IMO also, but he's either injured atm or he may no longer be up to the rigours of AFL with such poor form. On another note.. Its been a long time coming but if Spencer plays another game like he did the other week then he will get a gig over Gawn frequently. Gawny I love, but I don't think he's as mobile now...doesnt seem to cover the ruck contests as qui
  12. As soon as this happened...... Grimes in Mckenzie in We basically resigned ourselves to a loss. It doesn't help with our regulars out but these 2 guys & Watts today OMFG! Thank god for Tommygun. He is an outstanding player. Salem had a go & Garlett had a go...Jonesy tagged out...errghhh.... Brayshaw was also very good today. Please bounce back Demons...this is the Old MFC today....
  13. Not a ruck I'd invest in. Doesn't get on the field enough for my liking.
  14. No Ethan, what makes you think that? I think Matt has the ability to be a very good player for us and hopefully takes his game to the next level this year.
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