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  1. My point was more that I believe that Zaharakis had an inkling all was not well, and used it as a way out. He is a respected and established player of the club who said no to the program. If he could, I'm sure there are plenty other who would. This is a point that's not discussed too much because it doesn't help 'sympathy for the players' angle. It is because of this I'm not fully convinced the players are as innocent as they maintain.
  2. Does anyone really believe Zaharakis is scared of needles?
  3. Just thought I'd put up my top 5 in the Bluey this year. 1. Nathan Jones - obvious choice 2. Jack Grimes - first full season was one of the limited highlights. 3. Mitch Clark - only played ten games, so this is very telling to the remainder of the list. 4. Jeremy Howe - genuine improver, knows what he needs to work on. 5. Tom McDonald - real improvement to become consistent player. I don't really know who else I could put in.
  4. Ok, so if we have restricted free agent, and that player wishes to go to club A. We are keen to keep him or drive the bargain so match the offer. If club A says fine we'll trade you pick X for player and player B, wouldn't that still be acceptable? I understand the value of trading players who are free agents is illogical, but it sounds like people are saying they won't be traded under any circumstances.
  5. Why can't FA be traded?
  6. I kind of gasped in surpise. That how I thought the general reaction was. I was looking forward to seeing him get a full game. I don't want any MFC player to fail.
  7. Surely the extra game is a tie in with the training camp. This will mean a preseason comp game.
  8. Dale


    yeah I enjoyed his effort. He has heart and doesn't shy from contact.
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