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  1. Watched the game from the wing in the southern stand. Couldn't believe Hassa missed that goal. Loved Barry Bourke's mark deep in defence with a minute or so to go. Noticed Froggy Crompton smoking a [censored] on the ground a couple minutes after the siren.
  2. I have a friend who held a position at the club this season. He met with Roos yesterday. He says he's super impressive.
  3. I saw CB at the AGM the week before last.
  4. Much underrated by many on Demonland. Best defender from past 10 years. Clearly wasn't in MN's plans.
  5. I remember 1967 well. Did not miss a game. Hassa Mann starred all year. After a shocking year in 1966, perhaps '67 deserves a pass.
  6. I was there too! I'm 59 now. Gasp! Can't believe Hassa missed that shot at goal. 48 years on... the only years I'd give a 'pass' to are 1971, 1976, 1987 to 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004 to 2006
  7. Jones, Grimes, Rivers, Howe, Trengove
  8. Prof


    I've watched Melbourne for 51 years. Top shelf: Hassa Mann, Ron Barassi, Robert Flower 3 in 50 years, 1 in 30 years, none in 15 years Bit sad.
  9. I wonder if the Bulldogs are interested in nominating Jack Viney.
  10. We had a very old list by 2007. Full of good to very good players that were now past their best, plus a few 'top up' from other clubs. Our younger players were either over-rated or non-existent.
  11. Sorry, I'll try harder next time. Perhaps you could provide a list of excellent potential threads.
  12. How many players at Melbourne are really good kicks? Not many. How many are below average? Heaps. This continues to be a major issue. I was watching the Swans playing last Sunday and noticed how virtually every player can spot up a player without any problems. Many aspects of a young player's game can be developed but very few players improve their kicking significantly. Look at our list: Jones: above average Bartram: poor Watts: very good Gysberts: below average Bate: above average Bennell: below average Frawley: below average Trengove: average Morton: below average Clark: above average Sylv
  13. Yes, Davey is a better kick than Bail. What about ... effort? persistence? tackling? endurance? not spitting the dummy? etc etc etc
  14. Bennell, Dunne and Bate need to be axed. Magner tries hard but is no where near AFL standard. Martin should be played more up forward. He is OK. J Mc Donald will not advance our side. Nicho is servicable. He made a few mistakes today but he has pace and works hard. Bail is receiving some very unfair criticism.He has fantastic endurance and competes really well. His disposal is not up to sctratch. Move Rivers back to defence. It's a long road.
  15. He's got height and he tries hard. Everything else that counts is a big thumbs down. Sorry, I just remembered. He wears the number that is supposedly 'the answer to everything'. That helps a bit.
  16. I started a post about 10 days ago wondering why Blease is not given a decent go. He clearly has genuine ability. Put him in the STARTING 21, challenge him with whatever he's not doing that you want him to do and LEAVE him there for a few matches.
  17. Finally I've been cheered up! Jake Spencer 'drifting forward'. Sacre bleu!
  18. A good result according to Mark Neeld. Hoping for a full recovery ready for pre-season.
  19. Oh well, I'm pleased to hear that Sam's playing. Not sure who's out. I'm really hoping he can show something.
  20. I'm annoyed that Sam Blease was dropped. His form has been reasonable in recent weeks. I feel he needs more encouragement. He has a number of important attributes that our side does not have in abundance. He is quick, he tries to break the opposition lines, his kicking is OK and has the potential to improve as Sam develops more confidence. And this is my point. How can we expect Sam to really develop if we keep dropping him back to Casey after a couple of games? We bring in MacDonald who we all know is just an ordinary player with very little future.
  21. Prof

    Rising Star

    Peter Sinclair Number 23. Slow but reliable. A long kick.
  22. Good news on Jurrah. SEN update said he is responding incredibly well.
  23. His most fundamental point is correct. We are back to square one. Our list is arguably the worst in the AFL. This is on the 'strength' of having prime draft picks for 5 years.
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