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  1. If someone had said to me, before the season got under way that we would be sitting on top on the ladder with only 2 losses I would have had them committed, and calling in the men in white coats. I have to go back to the 60's when every game I expected us to win (against anyone at the time).Expecting them to smash lower teams was a given.Over the years I like most, if not nearly everyone ,those expectations went out the window. One turning point for me was round 6,1992. 51-52? points up at the start of the last quarter against the Bummers, we lost! by a point. I sat dumbfounded, that was nearly as bad as the '87 Prem Final (but that's another story). From about there, I am supporting a team that you just can't trust to win any game. Over the years that has pretty much been the norm. And people wonder why we don't trust them. The faith in the team gets shattered nearly every time we expect a win, only to see our hopes go down the gurgler. Skipping ahead to where we are today. I wouldn't go as far as to say I like the fact, when the game was looking another slack performance, we have dug deep and got out the other side with a win. This based on a strong 2nd half. If we ever manage to play 4 quarters like that, then the belief builds. I'll credit Darren Burgess for getting them to a level that not only can we run out 4 quarters,but in the back of your mind you expect them to come home strong. 'Choco' Williams, I credit as the guy doing the stuff in the background, improving skillset and mindset.(I had hoped we had him a few years prior to now,but it didn't happen). We have basically the same list as the past couple of years. The improvement to some has been noticable. Now hoping he sticks around for a few more years. Between Burgess and Williams the improvement is in the pudding. (would be a kick in guts to lose one or the other right now). Goodwin .... I'm still on the fence. From all reports, he gets along with the players (can't please everyone), but needs a good support team behind him. It's looking like he has got that now. When it all goes pear shaped the coach cops it.We are on top of the ladder,so he gets credit for that. Yze has been groomed to be a head coach,he has served his apprenticeship ,if he doesn't get poached,I would like him to take over when Goodwins' time is up. We had a change at the top. Barlett stepped aside.I didn't see that coming, and a big thanks to him in the time he was at the helm.Wish him well.He got us through a rocky road. Now a 1st female Pres, looks like enjoying her first year guiding us through the finals. *just a word of warning*, DON'T send out finals tickets to members before it's confirmed we are actually playing them in. Thankfully that transformation went by without a hitch.Unlike some past events.A stable board is a strong and stable club.I haven't seen anything to gloat about yet,if we ever win a Grand Final. enjoy, but keep the ego's in check. Big heads are the downfall of any club. Nathan Jones made to 300 games. What a legend! Must say though, not overly gifted as a player.but he deserved the 300 game milestone.Every club needs a "Chunk" in their team. Could have easy walked to another club, and may have been even better in a strong team.The crap he endured is a testament to the man himself. I get peeved off at umps like everyone else, very rarely do I blame an ump for us losing a game. If we are good enough to win then it shouldn't be because of a crap decision. But having watched yesterdays game (QB) that mark awarded to Cameron near goal,that clearly May had his hands on 1st.Was a howler!! Look I know umpires get the gig cause their eyesight isn't the best, and its handy to confirm when there is a reply. but jezzus. Here is something left field that might worth a discussion. That is having a appeal,the Capt (or player?) can appeal,perhaps only 1 allowed per quarter per team. It may hold up the play a bit, although I don't like unnecessary holdups (NFL - stop/starts) Goal reviews can be bad enough,but a dodgy ump call might cost a team a GF win. To offset that stoppage, do away with the stupid nominate your ruckman at boundary throwins,and just get on with throwing the ball back regardless. Keep the nomination in ballups in general play. I will leave it there , I could go on about my thoughts on the players that have improved this year,and some that have been a disappointment (Weideman comes to mind for some reason). Please feel free to discuss your thoughts on our season thus far --- players, coaches etc. Just keep the bickering down a notch or two, opinions matter.
  2. Welcome to all the new and existing coaches. The 1st league is now full. If you missed out in getting into the 1st league, a 2nd league is now available. The code for the 2nd league is 586640
  3. I have opened the league for those wanting to join so far. The Code = 156881 This code is valid until the league is filled. So it's first in. Good luck.
  4. Welcome to this years Comp. I think everyone knows the drill. Supercoach "Name" along with last years "Team" name (if you were in last years comp). I need that info to check what league you are in for 2021. If you have changed or want to change any of those details from last year , post the info I will update it for 2021. If you haven't interested in playing but haven't been in the comp before, post your team name and wait for a code to be sent via PM. There are always plenty of spots. Just don't leave it until the day before the season starts. As it is not worth starting a new league for 1 or 2 players as this does happen. Good luck to everyone and enjoy :)
  5. And another season passes us by .......... The 2020 "Bluey" goes to Stephen247 who coached Captain GawnBeard. Total season Pts scored was 39,739. Grinter FC20 tried in vain to hold onto his medal he won last year. Ended runner-up. Congrats to Stephen247, who had a terrific season (in his hub) He finished 82nd overall in SC (must have had some anxious weeks doing his trades). Captain GawnBeard defeated Ruff's Nuts in a tight Division 1 GF. 2368 to 2335 pts And to finish up Superbads coached by DTJ took out the GF in D2 - Robert Flower league (well done) If he plays next season will get promoted into D1. That's a wrap for 2020. Cya all next season. Hoping everyone enjoyed playing and stayed safe in trying times.
  6. That's about everyone sorted for this season. If anyone else is interested in joining s SC League, the code = 539566 (until Full)
  7. Not yet. Got a few MIA's. I will give it to mid week, then everyone that has posted in here with confirmation will be sent a league code. So if you have confirmed you want to play this year, a code for a league is not far away now.
  8. Just an Update : Ruffles + WIseblood have joined Div1. Stephen + Demon Spofforth have been sent their code to join D1. Everyone else that has confirmed in the thread so far, I have noted as starters. Will just have to bide their time until I get a better idea who returns from Div 1. (Keep checking this thread regularly, and your msg box) Just a side note : badly worded on my part. It SHOULD read Post your Old USERNAME (with name of your Team) If you have changed both from the previous year. I have then have problems figuring out who is who. (I dont require your Christian name.) If you only change your team name, just post it I will do an update. Thx.
  9. Welcome Back. I have you and Doc's Demons marked as confirmed.
  10. Welcome to 2020 Supercoach Demonlands Comp leagues. Free to join and play (just need a Demonland account, that is free as well) Coach "Name" along with last years "Team" name (if you were in last years comp). I need that info to check what league you will be in for 2020. If you have changed or want to change any of those details for 2020, post the info I will update it. For those 1st timers, the comp is free to play, normally we have 3 comp leagues playing. As above, post your team name that you will be using, if you decide to change it,let me know so I know what team you are. For those that qualified for Div 1 (Stynes League) you will receive your league code 1st, you will need to join quickly so I can move onto Div 2 etc etc. SC is open now, you can begin selecting your teams. Ok, go for it! Coach / Team name if you are playing this year.
  11. I am in the 'Happy we got him camp". Atm it's a bit hit and miss if his body is up too the rigours of AFL. Time will tell. If he only plays the last six games for Casey, I'd still be happy we gave him a chance.Looking on the bright side, if he can get through this year (If he gets on list to begin with), we can look forward to him doing a full pre season in 2021.Staying fit from there onwards, we get maybe 3 years service from him (be approx 32 yrs). I not at all fussed about HB taking the spot of a rookie, Bennell CAN play when fit, a rookie ... who knows his outcome. Gee what a bonus if he can get himself right, along with Langdon using their pace will be a sight to behold. It's his last chance to play AFL, I hope he succeeds wearing a red and blue jumper. Just give him a go. Lets see how it pans out.
  12. Thanks for the kind words Wise,and to everyone else that showed their appreciation in a PM or elsewhere :) The thread will now be closed, as we kick off another year.
  13. That is just about a wrap for this year. If anyone wants any more info, just post it.I will see what else I can muster up. And a reminder,if you are interested in playing next year (2020) get in EARLY, so you don't miss getting into your league. If you haven't played in our comp before, everyone is welcome to do so. Thats about from me, hoping everyone had fun and I can see there were some tight games in all leagues, and some every impressive scores. Go Dees!!
  14. and some more trivia to read and perhaps brag to your mates.
  15. And if anyone is interested in this stuff,. Here are all the GF results from all the leagues.
  16. Another year in SC has come to a close, all the league results are in and have been sorted. This years winner of the "Bluey' Is ....... Demon Spofforth : Grinter FC with a season total of 51806 pts. Congratulations on a great year DS
  17. Sorry guys, with just a few hours to go. Its too late to start another league for roughl;y 3 ppl. Its only going to be filled with randoms anyway. Best bet, get in early next year, keep a close eye on the progress of the thread, then use a league code as soon as you receive one. (Take too long and someone in the wings will take it. I have to be sure all leagues are full asap)
  18. Anyone wishing to join a league, the Barassi League has a few spots available. code = 775304
  19. My job is done. Everyone that has confirmed has been sent a league code. Thanks to everyone that passed on their appreciation back to me, (too many to reply back in person) With only a few days before an auto-fill kicks in, we have a few vacant spots left to fill. Now it is, first in gets the last couple of spots left. If you try to use your code sent, and you get a league is full message, then you have left your run too late. Your next option is to use this league code Barassi League code = 775304 Good luck in your league, welcome to all the new coaches, enjoy the comp. Go Dees.
  20. UPDATE: Have now started on the Flower league. If you have confirmed up until this point check your PM box for a league code.
  21. I cant send you your league code because you have your messages turned to off.
  22. Done, check your PM box for your code. Keep the confirmations coming in. If you don't confirm I will assume you are not playing this year.
  23. I have opened 4 leagues plus a "Melbourne FC Group" league. We are right to go for 2019. The Melbourne FC Group is open for anyone to join in, so invite friends,family or any Demon supporter. When you log in to SC, if you want to join our "group" , select join a group, then enter this code 600402 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As per every year, the Stynes League is 1st to be sent a PM with their league code. The following coaches / teams below, (when they have confimed) are now being sent a code to join the Stynes League. Just a reminder to all. If see your team as qualified for any league, your place is NOT reserved, if you take too long to join after your code has been sent, you could be replaced by another team. So keep checking your PM box. When we have 18 teams in the Stynes League, I will then start sending the code for the Robbie Flower League (Div 2). To everyone not in the league below, hang in there until we finalise this league. Stynes League (Div 1) ----------------------------------------------- 1: KeaneDemon / Keaneys Demons 2: Collar-Jazz-Knee / Rollin Js 3: Arrow / Tipungwuti 4: Stephen247 / GAWN off TRACCI 5: Thrice / Gee God Boy Wow!! 6: red and blue realist / DoubleDigitMayhem 7: Ruffles / The Ruffnuts 8: Demon Spofforth / Grinter FC 9: Micksdemons / Micksdemons 10: BAMF / Johnny_Utah 11: Optimus D / Demon Dees 12: Hiram Cowfreak / Beakyboys 13: Kumamoto_Ken / Ken's Colossi 14: Eittocs12 / Dodge City Dealers 15: FireInTheBelly / The Big Fish 16: Clintosaurus / Ride the Punani 17: Ingo27 / Malki's Masters 18: Wiseblood / Van Buren Boys -------------------------------------------------- Promoted into Div 1 KeaneDemon / Keaneys Demons Micksdemons / Micksdemons Relegated to Div 2 Kiss my Grass DrinkMoreWater The Hallowed Turf RG MMXVIII
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