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  1. I have a medical background and, without knowing the details with Higgins, I doubt there will be further issues. A few journos going with Higgins to Stk though. Richmond fans laughing at the idea he is fast (I assumed he was). Makes sense as to why he hasn’t been getting a game there. Still want his footy smarts - would be a good partner to Kozzy
  2. Fritsch could be handy on the wing if he got fit enough
  3. The original idea of the video review was for obvious/clear mistakes. Umpires call was the correct call by ARC
  4. One set of rules for Richmond and a different set for the rest of the comp
  5. Bargain buy. The melts on north’s bigfooty board suggest he is still very highly rated by their fans. If he passes a medical I’m all for it
  6. So basically no explanation of why they thought Andrews, Weitering and Moore had a better year than May. Seems to just be “the vibe”
  7. I’d take him in a second for a reasonable price, if expected to recover from this knee injury. Would add plenty
  8. Even if the club can forgive this indiscretion (his first with us), he needs to develop some hunger for the ball and contest or he will never be any good again.
  9. If they keep him on I suspect they would delist first then give him another summer trial for a supplemental selection period spot.
  10. My mistake. I mixed him up with Robbo in 2005 who came third in the Coleman with a similar amount of goals as Farmer in 2000, yet inexplicably was not selected.
  11. Reminds me of Farmer missing out in 2000, despite kicking more than 60 home and away goals. Woey in 2000 also. Yze missed out in some exceptional years. It’s chronic.
  12. Just had a quick look through AFL stats pro because I'm astounded by this decision. Vs WCE (Kennedy) - no goals Vs Carl (mix) - one goal to McGovern Vs Geel (Hawkins/Ratu) - no goals (Lever on Hawkins for his single goal) Vs Rich (mostly Lynch) - we could say 2 here (Lynch kicked 3 but one he appears to be marked by Lever, one from poor turnover in middle of the ground and no clear opponent, one from free kick against Smith when picking up loose ball - prob May on him at the time) Vs GCS (King) - one goal Vs Hawthorn (mostly Gunston) - 2 goals (one kicked on Lever
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