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  1. Agree that option 2 is pretty likely. He is not going to confirm before he can meet with the new coach.
  2. Plus Freo don't need pick 6 for Lachie Neale anymore. Makes things slightly easier. Players will nominate the club they want to go to. If he nominates us and we can't come to an agreement with Freo, he will just end up at North and Freo will end up with nothing. North wouldn't be the worst back up plan for Cerra
  3. Anyone know if the club is letting us transfer the GFG to 2022 if we are trapped in Victoria?
  4. A lesson in diversifying investments. Nothing is without risk and it is crazy to put so much into a project that your house is on the line (even if you think it is low risk). The height of stupidity.
  5. I distinctly remember being unworried by the dogs after that game. Everything went right for them and still we almost got them. Anything can happen in a GF but we should go in with a lot of confidence.
  6. Important to keep in check are: Naughton - May or Petty Libba - Harmes (hard tag at contest then run off him) Smith - Brayshaw Daniel - ANB (or Spargo) We have plenty of weapons that they will also have to counter.
  7. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/one-dose-of-covid-19-vaccine-can-cut-household-transmission-by-up-to-half 40-50% reduction in household transmission. I would speculate that it would further reduce risk of transmission to others outside the household (due to lower viral load/infectivity).
  8. You are confidently completely wrong
  9. I like Smith but he hasn’t played enough footy with the back group and is messing with their synergy. Hunt should come back to replace him. Smith to have a big 2022
  10. They also have a good recent record against Port
  11. Is BT deaf or just a [censored] [censored]?
  12. I have been mystified for a while about Dahlhaus and Myers being consistently selected by Geelong. They are putrid.
  13. Adelaide is a footy loving town. It will draw at least 20k
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