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  1. I reckon we will play Geelong, Giants, Carlton and Freo twice. Throw Geelong in for a third time during Magic round, Otherwise Essendon as the home team so they can have the home game at the G.
  2. At least he gets to claim part of his trip on tax
  3. Does he need to? I just received my deemocracy spam in the mail today. How did they get my details if he is taking the club to court to get them? There are a couple of points I agree with, but IMV the rest is just politics. I agree with your point Titan
  4. i dont understand why the MFC is doing all the wheeling and dealing to facilitate the LJ trade. Have freo blackmailed us?
  5. 94 votes, what did we get last year?
  6. 49 votes between them, absolute [censored] legends
  7. they have mentioned multiple winners three times tonight
  9. I would like to drink a beer out of a cup with the MFC logo on it at home games.
  10. Brisbane on top. What are we made of
  11. I’ve got spider bait, we’re al here drinking beer without a care….
  12. In my seat. 4 pints down, 2 cans in hand. Feeling a bit of a buzz. Here by myself, gonna make son [censored] noise! Feel like starting a chant with m?
  13. Finally made it to the duke, gee the beer tastes good #GoDees
  14. funny thing is, if we win tonight, I think we will beat Geelong next week. go figure
  15. this time last week I was chomping at the bit. today, I have zero expectations. Ill have a beer or three tonight, chant, yell and scream, and what will be, will be #GoDees. #GiveEmHell
  16. gut feel, trac wont play, for some reason I think Spargo wont play either. we are a bit banged up for this game. If we are dropping it ion the forwards heads in the pocket, for me, it means we are not being creative enough= game over. Sydney did well to keep May occupied, I think Brisbane will try the same this week. At least Harmes will be able to tag. Is Gawn playing more forward because he is carrying an injury? I hope to [censored] that we are not going with Grundy, spend the money on a forward coach that can create a connection with the midfield. Hope we smash them.
  17. Got a ticket $100, M11 row W. see y'all there #GoDees #GiveEmHell #makesomenoise
  18. yeah thanks, Ill try again, maybe I selected the wrong tab somewhere along the line
  19. yeah, not sure, I tried each category and that was the price. I wasn't expecting the price to double from last week to this week. Maybe I should give it a miss anyway, I have been to three losses on the trot, I am starting to think that I m a jinx
  20. um, is everyone else's ticked $193? I am going to baulk at that price The cheapest i have found is $163. Is this the same as general public tickets when they go on sale?
  21. beating geelong in a prelim two years in a row would be sweet. got to get the boys right for next week, hopefully lightning can strike three times and we punish the bears
  22. I didnt drink last night cos I have gout, its not fun. having said that, if we win, I will drink through it
  23. have to play tougher than that if you want a dynasty never a truer word spoken, "when all is said and done, more is said than done" im deflated
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