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  1. I think the Official Secrets Act is in force.
  2. Can we borrow Oscar from Carlton this week to play as the medical sub?
  3. Maxy was interviewed on radio today and Ben Brown and Sam Weideman both playing VFL this week.
  4. Kozzies hairstyle makes him look a good few cms taller. He can now safely go into the midfield.
  5. We and Essendon were screwed by the frenzy in 2020. Would there be any chance that we could ask the AFL to give us some consideration as a result in 2021 by ensuring no 4 day breaks?
  6. Pick 75 should do it - unless it's part of a player swap.
  7. Looks like he's going to the Hawks so the horse may have bolted.
  8. Given that there are going to be some additional picks available through free agency compensation plus a number of picks moving through trades and all the way through to draft night, I wouldn't be studying the current draft positions too closely because they aren't going to match the final draft order.
  9. Is it too late to post a rumour about Nathan Jones replacing VDB in this week's 22?
  10. Steven May Jay Lockhart Bayley Fritsch Christian Salem
  11. Why is Martin’s manager writing off Melbourne’s interest so easily? Shouldn’t he be best representing his client by encouraging another club to deal with him?
  12. Apparently had a cyst removed. Can worry someone playing in heat and humidity in the few days after the operation. Good thing was that he didn't use it as an excuse.
  13. Definitely Preuss and Nessie were separated at birth.
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