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  1. Yep, its a book called "The Australians". I have the original book. Sadly the book is in a storage facility overseas after a hasty covid-related departure. One day I'll retrieve it. I took a scan of the image and had it framed. We need an updated version :)
  2. The college football enthusiasts will also know it's also the Texas Longhorns football hand signal - "hookem horns"
  3. Great share, fantastic bit of history. Some things don't change - Coca Cola adverts!
  4. In the perfect world, outside Barass, I would like David Neitz to do it, he represented our modern struggle and is our leading game player. (Much like Richo doing it for the Tigers in 2017) But Lyon, despite his foibles, was one of our finest players and captains and is the obvious and worthy choice.
  5. Anyone on here buy this at auction? https://www.lotsearch.net/lot/a-melbourne-football-club-commemorative-sword-commemorating-125-years-of-28046208?page=11&orderBy=lot-startPrice&order=ASC
  6. Didn't realise he was into computer programming either.
  7. Hopefully this is the start of 5-6 years of consistently playing finals and giving ourselves a chance at the ultimate glory. But having finished first and earned the double chance, making the Grand final is a pass mark now.
  8. Haha we are living rent free in his head
  9. Even in normal years not everyone who wants to can get into the GF.
  10. Was interested to see the H&A w-l formlines for each of the premiership teams of the last 10 years. Premiership Team Form lines last 6 rounds of H&A Season: Richmond 2020 - 6-0 Richmond 2019 - 6-0 West Coast 2018 - 4-2 Richmond 2017 - 5-1 Western Bulldogs 2016 - 3-3 Hawthorn 2015 - 4-2 Hawthorn 2014 - 5-1 Hawthorn 2013 - 5-1 Sydney 2012 - 3-3 Geelong 2011 - 5-1 Formline Last 5 Games 2021 (not including final round) Melbourne - 3-1-1 Geelong - 4-1 Western Bulldogs - 3-2 Port Adelaide - 5-0 They are just stats but Port, despite their shaky record against top teams are a genuine threat based on the numbers.
  11. What a gutsy win. Our destiny is in our own hands.
  12. I finished the book just before lockdown, a great read, the descriptions of the last moments of the 64 GF were gripping. As always well done Supermercado.
  13. At least we would win the McClelland Trophy, first since 1990 ?
  14. A very interesting point about experience and games played. I thought we were lucky to get the 2 points. It's bizarre how we looked absolutely cooked half way through the 3rd and looked out of it early in the 4th off a 10 day break. I thought we were going to lose by 4 goals. Hopefully the two points are as good as a win by seasons end.
  15. It's on the MCC Website under visiting the reserve. MCC also sent out an email last Thursday. Not sure about MFC https://mcc.org.au/my-mcc-membership/visiting-the-members-reserve/visiting-the-members-reserve-for-the-2021-afl-premiership-season#Fixture and ticketing information
  16. History might be different had Schwarz not wrecked his knee. The second injury could have been avoided. Should never have been allowed by the coach to return to playing so soon after the reconstruction. Having said that - and this is a brutal assessment - There is no A-grade Judd / Cousins / Bartel / Ablett Jnr level of midfielders in the list of players above. To win a premiership it has been shown you must have midfielders at that level and we've not had that level of player for a long time...until now...
  17. And had we played in the new system we would have faced North in the first round of the finals. Who knows what might have happened but on paper they were a better side than we were. I think i would have preferred to play them in r1 of the finals and not the prelim. We were up and running at that point.
  18. Thought of you when @binman when your man Swallow put one through from 50 in the last ????
  19. This is actually not a bad point. Since Brown / Weid have played our form hasn't been as strong (but that also coincides with Viney being out - he is a huge out given the tackling pressure he provides - lets just make sure he's right by September)
  20. Actually pretty funny. one of my adelaide mates said they are a chance because "we are due for a loss" and "the crowd really gets behind the crows at home games" I think he's got to come up with better reasons than that.
  21. Can we exchange some Silver(ware) for Crypto? ?
  22. It's a long season, I don't mind if they wait a few weeks and bring him back through casey.
  23. MFCSS will be exorcised when we are 10 goals up with two minutes to go in a grand final (or when the siren goes when we are in front, whichever comes sooner)
  24. Have we hired the Sydney Swans' QCs who got Barry Hall into the 2005 Grand Final to fight the case for us?
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