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  1. You should have burst in to tears and said it was because you’d heard he was going and see how he reacted. Probably would have been pretty awkward and embarrassing for both you and Jayden, but it would have been pretty entertaining for anyone witnessing it. 😁 Too soon?
  2. I like him and I’m sorry to see him go if that pans out. I loved the hair/headband/sleeves combo he had going with Langdon. I was going to suggest that’s the end of BT, Derwayne and co mixing them up, but I’m willing to bet some overpaid nuffie in the commentary box still calls Lingers “Hunt” at least once in 2023. I was really hoping he’d get the chance for the 2022 flag to atone for his disappointment in 2021. As others have said though, I think the decision makes sense for both parties. All the best Jayden.
  3. Glad you were right dazz. You must be stoked, congratulations!
  4. Can’t bear the thought of a straight sets exit, so mentally I’m not even acknowledging it as a possibility. Smash ‘em again Dees.
  5. Just putting this out there dazz, if we smash Brisbane and you do a I wAs WrOnG sOrRy post, I’ll being using the barf emoji for the first time ever. This is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about when I pulled you up the other week.
  6. The old “we supporters know best but the coaches are too stubborn/stupid to listen” is my absolute favourite thing on footy forums.
  7. Steven May is a star. That was an absolutely thorough towelling, the only way Franklin could get in to the game at all was when he flopped, twice. He and Oliver were immense.
  8. Spargo and May bloody awesome so far!
  9. What happened there? Played 22 games last year and was a regular at Collingwood. Only played four games this year and three of them were as the medi-sub. Seems a ridiculously fast fade-away.
  10. Look what I can see from my apartment 😀
  11. I logged on pretty early in the piece with my pleb membership and only got given a selection of seating in the heavens. I had assumed the premium members got given better choices up until they sold out and I wasn’t “competing” with them per se, but I was probably wrong.
  12. No way TMac plays before at least another Casey game IMO. If I were him I’d be mentally preparing for a tilt at a Casey flag and treat anything else as a bonus.
  13. Brown, Dunstan, Chandler, Bedford and Weideman all ready to go if there's injuries. Can't see TMac getting back in to the side this year. Too many cobwebs to be blown out yet, but he's on the park so that's a start. I was impressed with Woewodin and Grey.
  14. Ladhams flattens a first year player half his size off the ball, then doesn’t contest the ruck contest he’s there for. Tuff 👍
  15. They’ve all called him van Ruin. We’ve got the next 12 or so years of that to look forward to.
  16. Apparently Oliver and Petracca don’t use the ball that well. Okay then.
  17. I used my computer and was only in the queue for about 10 minutes. Flights sorted. So excited!
  18. Nope. If we finish 2nd, we play in the Qualifying Final against 3rd. Winner then goes directly through to the Preliminary Final and has a break, loser goes on to the Semi Final. We can only finish 2nd or 3rd now, highly likely we play the Swans in the first QF (unless they unexpectedly get defeated by St Kilda, and one of Collingwood or Freo win) - just a question of where.
  19. One of Kozzie’s goals in the second quarter came from an absolutely glorious bed s*** from Brisbane #27, who flinched and dropped an easy mark right in front of me. They were completely rattled.
  20. I’ll just watch the live ladder and let the AFL do the calculations for me. No way am I trying to calculate percentage on the fly.
  21. Great night. First time at the Gabba for me. The Benny Brown half time goal was right in front of me. Extremely hostile crowd for about 10 seconds. Could just about hear a pin drop by half way through the first quarter.
  22. While I appreciate your point BBO, it's a bit rough to use Viney as the benchmark. I don't reckon I've seen a player as tough (the right type of tough) as him, ever. He is just built for football.
  23. Hahaha. I just love the look Melksham gives him.
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