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  1. How does having your email address equate to an increase risk of having your email hacked? Rhetorical question; it doesn't. It equates to an increased risk of receiving some emails - that's it. Your email address is everywhere. You used it to register your Demonland account. As an admin, I could click on your profile right now, see it, and email you. It's completely ridiculous to compare this to the Optus and Medibank breaches. He doesn't have all your personal data. He has your name, your address (which he already had, incidentally), and now your email address. The Optus and Medibank breaches gave enough personal data that in the wrong hands, could result in mass identity theft. That's not a plausible concern here.
  2. And then there was this: Players will always have plenty of moments to remember and those they'd rather not. I believe Hunter also had a moment to forget in the GF, taking a bounce on the wing and having the ball bounce out of bounds. I think the game was done and dusted by then - last quarter?
  3. It contained very similar content to the one from the club in regards to the court case, ie “we tried really hard to avoid this but waaaah unreasonable other party”. The only difference is one came from a @melbournefc email address and the other didn’t, and that is colouring your perception.
  4. Personally I’m glad both are still around, even if they have their reasons for not posting. I butted heads with @beelzebuba bit back in the day, but I have no hard feelings at all. We’re all Demons and my opinion, all fundamentally on the same side at heart. Moderating the forum was a hard and busy job in the early days, @Rhino Richards was one of the few that had the stomach for it. I am personally thankful he was around and I wish he’d pop his head in from time to time. I hope both those guys enjoyed the flag.
  5. I always assumed it was paying homage to Homer Simpson!
  6. Yes, I recall! Didn’t realise you were still about on here. I sat with Lukey26 at that game. I’m still (just) in touch with her. She was @WhateverItTakeson here, don’t think she’s active though.
  7. Thank you. Same goes for me in having enhanced my life. I’d say it’s also amplified my love and fanaticism for the club.
  8. I believe they are different people. This BBB was previously “Sylvia Saint” and then “No Plan B”. Question: when I click on people’s profile, there’s a little circular arrow that shows their name history. Does everyone see that, or do I only see that as admin? I used to have a non-admin account to check this stuff, but haven’t used it in too many years now.
  9. I’ve thought about that a lot over the years too. I’ve been on Demonland for a really long time, but the only members I’ve ever personally spoken to are Andy and WJ, @Grapeviney, @Jaded No More, @old55 and @Slartibartfast, and all only fairly anecdotally, and a really long time ago in the case of the latter three. Nevertheless many of the usernames here feel familiar to me and I feel like I know the personality attached, even if it’s a mostly imagined one based on what they write. It’s a community here. We all know each other, even if it’s a very curated version of ourselves. Every now and again I’ll see an old thread where a name I haven’t seen in ages comes up, and I see they haven’t visited in years and I wonder what happened? Occasionally I also morbidly wonder if anyone on Demonland would know or care if I did die. Given I have no personal connection to anyone on here the news may never filter through. How depressing!
  10. Best subtle name change was Big_red_fire_engine (Broady) to @Lil_red_fire_engine(Bowser) late last year in the run towards the flag. The symbolism of letting go of the sad past and embracing the exciting new future couldn’t have hit the mark better for me. I believe he’d been BRFE since the Aimoo days too, so pre-2005.
  11. @deanox- deano-x or dean-ox? @Clint Bizkitis still my favourite culture merger. There’d be a whole generation of Demonlanders who have no idea what either references are now. We’re getting old! My surname isn’t Nash. Nasher was out of a game I used to play 25 years ago, and when I was an online gamer in my youth I started using it as an alias to my normal name when I wanted some anonymity, and for a brief period in the early 00s it became the alias I used everywhere. It has no relevance at all in my life now and this is the only presence where I still use it. End life story.
  12. That was my thought too. What issue could possibly have come to light now that wasn’t apparent in July, that warrants this drastic a response with this timing? It is possible that the St Kilda administration is just completely incompetent though. Either way I’d be furious as a Saints fan.
  13. Yep, I read Owen’s story, it was awful. He was failed by so many people for so many years. Nevertheless I don’t think that’s the level of damage we’re dealing with here with Hunter, and even if it was, hopefully we’re a bit better equipped to deal with it than we were in 1991.
  14. This is just Tim Lamb’s gift to all of you who were all primed to be outraged about the Grundy trade and now need an outlet, as that one unexpectedly (in your minds) went good. Some people just always need to be furious and critical about something. I’m not one of them. Welcome Josh. Hope you are able to turn things around at the MFC.
  15. I’m super stoked with this. I think it takes serious guts, in the face of losing a potentially once in a generation ruckman to go “y’know what would really complement the best ruckman in the competition? The second best ruckman in the competition.” Obviously Gawn and Grundy have bought in to whatever the vision for this setup is too. Goody, Richo, Lamb and co are either going to go down as visionaries or madmen for this. I’m on board for the former.
  17. Going to show my ignorance here but why is a 3 spot pick downgrade worthy of a pitchfork and torch rally? Obviously I’d prefer not to do that if I had a choice, but it seems like change to me. There’d be about a 70% chance you’d get the player you wanted anyway.
  18. 😂 I love this time of year.
  19. Indeed, the new coach could very well have changed the course mid-journey. It does actually fit with what it sounds like Scott wants to do.
  20. Nevertheless I wouldn’t take a job without the opportunity to meet the boss first. Especially if I was pretty lukewarm about the idea to begin with, which I’m guessing Harmes was (and it is just a guess).
  21. How would you feel about going to a club where the senior coach wouldn’t make time for you? Richardson: G’day Harmesy, how’d the meeting go with Essendon go? Harmes: Scott couldn’t meet. Obviously they don’t want me that much. Let’s just forget the whole thing, it was worth a shot but I love the club and I’m happy to stay. See ya when training starts.
  22. I’m so glad I don’t live in a world where a player can only be a star or a spud and there’s absolutely nothing in between.
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