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  1. Would love to see the Suns roll the Pies.
  2. In: Gawn, Jackson Out: M.Brown, Weideman. Both battled hard today though, thanks boys.
  3. I’m starting to think Clayton Oliver could turn out to be a handy player.
  4. I got offered free tickets for today. It’s lovely and warm in my living room. Mate who had the tickets literally couldn’t give them away.
  5. Byron was build like a brick outhouse though. You wouldn’t normally expect a featherweight small forward to tackle to hurt. I love that he does!
  6. That was in fact, post 1 of this thread! Just watched it again, that one is definitely a 10/10 in hurt factor. Just about makes me cry watching it.
  7. I'm aware you've been piled on already, but just wanted to say I watched the game on TV and the crowd sounded great: vocal and definitely pro-Melbourne.
  8. That play though. Viney’s bulldozer tackle, where he stays upright and impacts the immediate next contest. The small forwards all looking for each other in traffic, the vision and skill of Bedford to get it to the only person inside 50 in some space in Spargo, who has time, and nails it. Pure.
  9. I thought Michael Hibberd was finished - oops.
  10. If you said anything like “our season is over” in the last month, give yourself an immediate uppercut. Many welcome returns to form, but none more pleasing for me than Jake Lever. Absolutely outstanding.
  11. Lol, when has anyone ever said players are being “pushed through the injury barrier”?
  12. I had a “we’re officially stuffed” moment when Mitch Brown materialised in the back line. TMac he definitely ain’t. Actually, that’s true with him in the forward line too. Gee it would be nice to go a full game without Petty getting smashed. He’s our most important defender at the moment with May out and Lever down.
  13. Declaring the season done is just stupid, so I won’t do that. That game totally sucked though. Break couldn’t come quickly enough. I ragequit after the last Mihocek goal.
  14. Thanks QB. Sounds like I had the right scenario but the wrong culprit. Absolute negligence in any case.
  15. Why, what have you got against the Apple Isle?
  16. I honestly have no idea if Noble can coach, but no doubt he was handed a lemon. The Brad Scott regime flogged their ancient list within an inch of its life and left absolutely nothing coming through for the next generation (must be a Scott Bro thing, hopefully this is Geelong’s future), then they had two years under a coach who collapsed under the pressure. I love a bit of footy Schadenfreude (see above Geelong comment) but the North situation is past funny now. The league suffers when there are too many woefully uncompetitive teams, and despite having absolutely no love for North, I don’t want to see them go down the gurgler.
  17. I fell asleep on the couch with about 5 to go in the third quarter, woke up at the end, and not a single goal was kicked in between. Seems like my body just knew the right moment.
  18. Best result would be a giant sinkhole forming in the middle of the G and swallowing both clubs whole. I’m going for that. Carn the sinkholes.
  19. All the talk is of Turner covering Petty. Any chance Turner plays ahead of Tomlinson if Petty is okay? Tommo has looked way off the pace to me.
  20. I’ve abided by the “if you don’t have anything nice to say…” rule so far in relation to the behaviour of Melksham and May. I do have something nice to say now, and that’s thank goodness we have our captain. He shoes true leadership, and his method of delivering the message is authentic and believable. Great stuff Max.
  21. I reckon you’re out by about a decade - it’ll be the under 30s under-represented. I installed this forum software two days before my 22nd birthday and this type of forum was very popular then, so I suspect there are a lot of posters in their mid-late 30s (like me) kicking around.
  22. Dang. Weid and the Brown Bros are in a race to the bottom at this point.
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