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  1. Finishes on Friday: Spinifex Skateboards is raising money for our First Nations Skate Tour, 2023. Since launching our social enterprise we have had numerous requests from our supporters for the opportunity to purchase original artworks painted on decks...so here it is everyone! We are nothing but honoured to be able to provide this rare opportunity (very rare!!!) for one off, hand painted artworks from the Ltyentye Apurte community with 60% of proceeds going straight back to the artists and the rest going towards our 2023 interstate trip; taking approximately 10 young people from our community to experience a world outside of there own, influenced by the love of skateboarding . We would like to open our show with a special piece by Kathleen Wallace, titled 'The Creator'. We highly recommend taking the time to read her bio. She is a prolific artists who is a strong cultural woman who holds stories of her ancestors and the history of Eastern Arrernte peoples. The artwork within this auction varies from respected Elders such as Kathleen to young up and coming artists like, Shantara Hayes. Some of the works depict direct story they feel appropriate to share in this context, others paint their connection to country and the seasonal changes they observe across their land and others, describe their work as pattern making. This pattern making allows individuals to express the stories they have been told, the connection to their Culture and the observation of Country in a way that resonates with them as individual artists. We look forward to the end result which not only includes being in awe with the funds raised to go towards our First Nations Skate Tour 20023, but also sharing 60% of these funds with the artists and being able to be apart of posting the artworks to our lucky winners across the country, sharing a slice of Ltyentye Apurte community life.
  2. Anyone after a piece of art on a skateboard, help these kids out https://app.galabid.com/spinifexskateboards/items
  3. Please put Mathieson on Viney. Jack would only have to look at the barometer and he will throw his head back!
  4. Essendon are known to have a lot of people in their hierarchy who are more in it for themselves than anyone else. In comes Clarko, one of the most head strong (and seemingly paranoid) individuals in the league, could be a recipe for a massive civil war at the hanger. Can someone pass me some popcorn please?
  5. Two weeks in a row… as if there wasn’t already enough reasons to despise Carlton supporters
  6. I thought he was pretty good, had some great pressure acts, 2nd and third efforts
  7. Bowey seals it an makes sure Casey’s amazing season continues
  8. Thommo just dropped 5-10 m behind the mark then, siren goes and umpire sets the mark where Thommo was positioned. Amatuer hour!
  9. I ch7 here in NT, loving the chance to see them, conditions look atrocious
  10. I saw one of the most shameless acts of diving, something unacceptable in our game. AFL, pay back time, come down hard on McGovern (I’m pretty sure) for the shameless dive when Melky touched him after the mark with two minutes to go. Was a disgraceful attempt at cheating and should not be ignored someone with computer skills, please highlight
  11. A few siting how we can’t win the flag, bet they said that at half time vs Geelong last year… We need to improve, but our best is just that
  12. Congratulations, I like a lot of your posts, but this must just about be one of the most arrogant and untrue lines I have seen here for a while
  13. Carlton threw everything at us, we won. BBB, please remember, you have two hands
  14. WTF is the deal with umpires continually ignore Max getting smashed in marking contests
  15. For a moment I thought we weren’t going to have to put up with BT😂😂
  16. They were just a bit shy, knowing that they were in our house led to them being a bit subdued
  17. Completely different interpretations on incorrect disposal effected the result
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