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  1. The commentators are a bunch of cowards, too scared to be honest while doing their jobs.
  2. If the AFL want umpires to be respected, make them full time professionals, pay them properly and stop the constant rules changes. The fact is though, it is easier and cheaper just to control what commentators and media say about them, all spin and no action, what Gil does best.
  3. Imagine the commentators today saying that, it would be their last game behind the microphone. I don’t respect our commentators, but the AFL does pressure the networks not to be honest and I have been told influence the showing of replays from umpiring errors
  4. And I thought the umpiring last night was as bad as it gets….
  5. We’re the Crows fans just chanting Geelong? (Our next opponents)
  6. 12-6 on footy live app some disgraceful decisions gifted them goals
  7. This umpiring is so one sided it’s a joke
  8. I would prefer to play Brisbane in the finals over the Dogs
  9. How was that goal overruled? no way was the evidence clear
  10. 4 weeks it is, was minimum I would have found fair.
  11. Coached well, but not GF contenders, will be surprised if they make PF
  12. I almost feel sorry for Saints supporters…. Who am I kidding, after all we have been through I get joy laughing at other teams crushing their supporters hopes and dreams
  13. The umpires should also be reprimanded for the Stewart incident, that they allowed play to continue (and a subsequent goal) is an out and out disgrace. Where is the duty of care? They should also be suspended
  14. Why was Riewoldt’s mark taken off him? Crucial decision before
  15. Geez, Richmond not getting much of a fair run with these umpires
  16. Nibbler got 4 weeks for less, as the MRP has a history of consistency, 4 week minimum
  17. What a difference 8 minutes makes, game on..
  18. To go from being pummeled and struggling to walk to laying a bone crunching tackle in the last says a lot about the guy. He makes Chuck Norris look like a pansy.
  19. Thought the same thing last night, but of course she will handle it very differently, she has double standards when it comes to her club, to an embarrassing degree
  20. What has happened to our pressure, disappeared. Out tackled be 30-40%, that is bat**** ordinary. Ben Brown, has he kicked a goal since WCE game? Doubt he has averaged 5 possessions a game over the three games. Was shocked Bedford was dropped this week, should be in next. So many times we could have had a crack at goal within 40m and look for the pass. Sick of this BS, kick the goal. 3 goals after 1 minute mark of 2nd quarter, not nearly good enough. Need a big turnaround.
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