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  1. If Liam has his life back on track, I will be thrilled. Sadly I suspect that is what he says to the reporter, who runs with it as they are too lazy to do any research. I tried to get Liam some help through the AFLPA last year, they seemed to think that they have done enough for him. He want playing then due to injury and was drinking heavily, from morning. Some family had given up on him. a sister was recently telling me he is still proud of his achievements, drinking less this year as he has been playing, but he is still drinking…. I shudder to think of some of the sites and violence poor Ivan has witnessed over the years. Ed. His relo also told me about how he feels responsible for the death in Yuendumu, blaming himself for not being there, has never got over this or forgiven himself and the depression this causes leads to his drinking and that he won’t accept help. The conversation was a month or two before his father died.
  2. Love this, thanks Also love the footage of that piece of [censored] Guthrie on his hands and knees looking stunned, the picture should be added to the Jack Viney made me cry thread😂
  3. I will sleep well knowing Dangerflog will never win a flag
  4. I love Chunk, heart and soul player , but best 23 must be selected
  5. My mate is going to Nyrripi on Sunday, have asked her to get photos, every person there is red and blue, will post when I get
  6. Many here know me, my kids are members not me due to financial reasons. I am looking at doing an almost 5000km (round trip) drive to see the GF, one I can’t afford but can’t not do. am posting to see if anyone can help me and my two kids get GF tickets? DM me please
  7. Great post, thanks for sharing. I cannot reiterate how important it is to seek professional help, it took me way too many years to do! I was diagnosed and treated for PTSD and when a trauma specialist in Alice Springs says you are one of the worst cases she has experienced, you know I was pretty [censored] up. Without that help, I doubt I would be here today, I just wish I sought it out years ago, but it’s never too late and with the right help you can be in a better place than I thought possible, but taking the first step is so damn hard, but so worthwhile!
  8. Barrel of nerves here, win this and we will win next week, but while confident, not overly!
  9. The remote community of Imanpa about 200 km from Uluru fly the Demons flag on the Lasseter highway
  10. I want to tear these acting [censored] a new one, send them to the retirement home
  11. Can’t believe the skinny kid has not been replaced, terrible coaching
  12. Yep, only one award I care about right now, it’s a team one...
  13. I want to end Geelong and destroy Dangerflog
  14. I am a chance to go if we make it, I will be driving for about 2.5 days, arriving at ground, watching game and driving 2.5 days back, starting the evening after the game. if I am to commit such madness, I will be hoping for some help getting a ticket here.
  15. Just sat down in my room in Docker River, made it!
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