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  1. he wasn't a great kick....used to shank it a bit.
  2. Hasn't taken Melbourne long to coach browns accuracy out of him.
  3. Viney out, Sparrow (or Harmes) in. I so tired of seeing Viney getting caught because he thinks he has some evasive skills, also tired of seeing him continually find the opposition with his passes, or handballing to players knees.... While we're at it, bring in someone that can work out how to get Max tapping to our players for a breakaway centre clearance, instead of the opposition.
  4. What's the point of winning the tap and constantly giving it to hawthorn...
  5. Same with viney and a number of Hawks players.
  6. I had to do that last night....Ed was over the top about evverything and just wouldnt shut up. Couldn't listen to it anymore. He just loves the sound of his own voice nonstop at a hundred miles an hour crapping on.
  7. If i click on/select the primary person on the app, the other people attached to my ticket and phone number appear in a list below. The down side is, I can't find where I can print them out to save time at the turnstile/entry into the ground. So I will have to fiddle with my phone to get multiple bar codes for the kids on my ticket. Seemingly, I also have to load Google Pay to get the barcodes on the phone. I'm not overly happy with the new process....
  8. Yep. Derm seemed to totally misread his actions in standing up for Jordan. That said, the commentating was fairly ordinary generally anyway.
  9. To me, that sums up Oscar in the main. When he played with intensity and aggresion I thought he looked ok but those games were few and far between. His first game back after being dropped, I thought he was good, but he then reverted back to appear to be just going through the motions in further games.
  10. His issues started some time in 2019. I remember sitting in the stands watching him try and bend down to pick up a ball and I thought I had better flexibility in my back than him and I am 60 with a stiff back !...
  11. I thought Weid did more over the year than your assessment. I do think he needs another physical presence to give him space up forward. In my opinion, Jackson gave him that while he played and i think that is a partnership that shows promise. Mcdonald gave him some help while I think Brown is a different type again. Thanks for your efforts over the season, I always look forward to reading your three word reviews.
  12. I thought Hunt didnt look happy against Gws. He kicked a goal and didnt seem to enjoy it much. He seemd ok after the game but I thought he gave the impression he just wasnt happy or engaged. Its just my impression that i got.
  13. It wouldn't surprise me if it was Viney. I love his effort and endevour to get the ball and his courage cant be questioned but especially against GWS i thought his disposal was quite poor and resulted in a lot of turnovers. I include getting caught with the ball in the turnovers. it may be that he is carrying an injury, i thought at times last year he did have good evasive skills but last night didnt show that a lot. As someone else said, he needs to realise and then play within his limitations.
  14. Garry just maintaining his control....looks like he is absolutely seething with contempt at that first half...
  15. He has had plenty of chances to cement a spot. My impression is that he is one paced, lacks real aggression and seems to just be going through the motions during the game. At one point against the Swans he was under pressure and stuffed up, Viney came in to help but also stuffed up but at least Viney busted a gut chasing to make up for it...Oscar was nowhere to be seen. It seemed as though Viney ran past him to make amends. We dont get the full picture on TV and being at the ground can give a different perspective but he just seems to lack intensity, which we can't afford.
  16. No urgency Oscar....just trot along mate. You dropped the mark, it's ok...You do it all the time.
  17. i pretty much agree with the original poster. Personally, I was generally happy with the effort and unfortunately a few individual mistakes or lack of experience cost us. I think we need another tall in the forward line to help take the bigger opponents and hopefully give our mid size forwards a better chances when the ball comes in. A bit more composure at crucial times and we win. Great to see Rivers and Kossie today, they look like they will be very good players.
  18. pickett looks good, a few better signs but need alot more effort. Im not sure if its the system the coach wants to play or our players are dumb but we really suck at times.
  19. Surely Stafford is on thin ice. no forward structure last season looks like its continuing here.
  20. Just drop McDonald...get him out....what a liability....dumb dumb dumb...
  21. Even the first pick took around 4 minutes...have the clubs been told to drag it out ? Surely you know your pick if you are number 1
  22. Ahhh....so you're the listener they still get.
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