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  1. FrItSCh OnLy PlAyS wElL aGaInSt [censored] TeAmS! Nerds.
  2. I’ve said all season Geelong play horrible football. Solid defensively, but with the ball it’s a pale and boring imitation of prime Hawks. Baffles me how they almost finished top. The last 3 weeks they’ve come up against good teams that wouldn’t accept that boring chippy [censored] and it’s shown them up beautifully.
  3. Yeah give them Jackson, throw in Gawn as a sweetener.
  4. Shuey definitely was. Buckley? Never heard that and never wish to again.
  5. Well done to Naitanui making the bench behind the ruckman of our generation.
  6. It’s no AFLX premiership but we’re doing alright.
  7. Bont and Wines great effort to get that close.
  8. The maccas award for not winning the rising star.
  9. The umpires [censored] up all weekend every single week. Why do we suddenly value their opinion and give this stupid award so much prestige on Brownlow night? If Oliver wins it’s a very great award.
  10. And David King is a [censored] [censored] There was a segment half way through the year about the gap between the top 8 and bottom 10. The 8 were easily winning the count, yeah no [censored]. But to make it worse he then says “whereas the top 8 teams playing each other are 5 and 5” LOL. Not smart enough to realise there has to be a winner and a loser. Must’ve come up with that stat himself instead of being fed it as per usual. We burnt him, was all over us after Roos and Goodwin then got us humming. Then we turned to [censored] and he took it personally that we made his prediction look bad. I d i o t is censored?
  11. I see my subtle attempt at getting people to call it Tom’s Crack didn’t catch on.
  12. We could all don Melbourne jumpers and just walk onto the flight like that Indian bloke at the cricket.
  13. Everyone needs to watch the game again according to David King on Tom’s Crack, Geelong won.
  14. Never been a more consistent player from their debut, in history. Maybe equal, but none more so. And now he’ll reap all the rewards.
  15. Absolute [censored] basics. Man on the mark cannot move yet we still kick it into them twice, and almost twice more.
  16. What sort of [censored] psychopath would rather lose in person? lol I’d listen to a win on the radio in the showers of San Quentin prison if that was the other option.
  17. I’ll enthusiastically say “yes!” and pump my fist. Wild scenes.
  18. He’s been good the last couple of weeks. I’d have to watch it again but it seemed like the ball was always on the opposite wing. I’m not a big fan, I’d rather a more natural wingman. But I admire him trying to adapt for the sake of the team.
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