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  1. Hey Mate, Yes I joined last night, as it was the first time I had needed an account, to post. It was just a friendly suggestion , really don't know why you're getting so worked up about it. There's obviously no need to worry as there is no support for my idea. I actually do get to a lot of home games, and to clarify, My post wasn't about you'll never walk alone. It was about the possibility of furthering the game day experience. You sound like a lovely person, Have a nice night!
  2. Evidently I've missed the mark here. I am not this Craig bloke tho. Fair enough if you think it would be cringe, what is the reason for that? Is it too foreign? I too don't want AFL to become too americanised but you cant tell me that the AFL cheer squad chants are much chop (melbourne *clap clap clap*)
  3. Hey everyone, Long time lurker first time poster. I had an idea to really harness the momentum that the club is on at the moment to really draw bigger crowds and create a sensational atmosphere at the G. I would love to get a song right before the first bounce going, not unlike many other sporting clubs around the world. I think this creates spine tingling moments that the whole crowd and players could get around. It would just be a verse and a chorus not the whole song and I think this would be the perfect time to get the ball rolling coming of the drought breaking flag with hopefully much more success to come. As we are the oldest professional football club in the world, I feel we deserve our own traditions. The ideas I have so far are 1) Give 'em Hell - short shadows (great song written specifically about the Dees) 2) Leaps and Bounds - Paul Kelly (Great Aussie Song, Imagine a packed G yelling, "over the bridge, at the M! C! G!) 3) Never walk alone - Used by many clubs across the world (would symbolise the the committed and loyal Dees fanbase, also the fact our drought breaking flag was away from the home of footy) 4) Freed from desire - Gala (Might be more of a chant but we all saw the boys getting around this post game, A little body blow to the doggies too, could rally the whole club. Hopefully there are many others who would like to see this get going also. Open to any ideas and thoughts or other song suggestions too. PS here are some scenes from other teams around the world.
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