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  1. Hahah Joe D… his synapses just do not fire as they should. Lions had 6 on 4 and he turns it over to a 4.
  2. No protected zone for Cameron then?!
  3. That rule really annoys me!!! DeGoey got away with throwing a bloke to the ground well after the ball had been knocked out. The player in possession interpretation is so off, as long as you’re “over the top” of the ball they deem you in possession.
  4. Here we go, wtf is he going to do and then laugh at?! Joe D.. edit Holy [censored]?! That kick
  5. Ffs, I said it during the week on here but the searching/chasing frees, especially for anything they feel is “aggressive” from the umpires really annoys me. Let the game come to you, you pelicans.
  6. Have they started on the new foundations at AAMI as yet?
  7. Two of the above, occasionally wear to games otherwise in the draw and hope the kids enjoy them when they’re older (and much bigger).
  8. That’s interesting, I’ve always thought why wait for a new CBA just inc a clause that has an increase to match the new increase. I guess for a player with the potential of Jacko you still might wait to see and push for more.
  9. Like Franklin or Frawley or Dangerfield or Cameron or Lobb or Barassi or Williams or 5 current Carlton players or etc etc etc.
  10. Huh? Is this the West Coast guys saying this?
  11. New every season, same as the Anzac eve jumpers. Have to keep the $$$ ticking over with new stuff to buy. Think I’m up to 6 jumpers and 8 hats.
  12. Mine's a real odd ball, I thought she would be the same but "unfortunately" for me she really wants to spend time with us. I know fathers days I offer then time with me in the morning and then I want out haha.
  13. uh-oh, the 426 is our very own Twilight Zone.
  14. I can see the reasoning, the broadcasters loves the dusk setting for the NT games, it has to be prime time… the teams however are a talking point. As others have noted the Suns back to back in NT?! Again looks like the AFL offering them handouts when we’ve worked that market very hard for a long time.
  15. @58ernow look at the whinging…
  16. Lucky Goody saw this and moved him to defence! Goody is a smart man.
  17. He absolutely dislikes the Eagles or did a very good impression of someone who does on the Gus and Gawn pod a few episodes ago, loathes them.
  18. Speaking of.... I had the pleasure of a 3hr drive on Sunday so plonked the ABC on for the footy.. Mick Malthouse sounds like his mental capacity has declined these last few years out of the coaching spotlight. His commentary was all over the place.
  19. Wowee some great stuff in that, really wants Leon gone. "So buckle yourselves in for Leon to make this the most boring game of football you have ever witnessed in your life. He might try for a soccer score type game of 2 goals a piece and hope we win the penalty shoot out at the end of the game." And this seems to be the theme of the season for us, just park the bus and hope to grind out a close game.
  20. I don’t think anyone is whinging, it has just been noted that families haven’t been able to attend, especially country based families with younger kids. Get a grip muscles.
  21. Couple of day games, great i can get the kids along. I said to the better half I’m off to the Saints game May 8th with the boys… she stared daggers at me.. “you do know what day that is don’t you?!” A Sunday? ”MOTHERS DAY HUSBAND….”
  22. They really do know how to tank the Eagles.
  23. If we win today I assume it will be a record for the closest days between premierships for an AFL club?
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