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  1. She should be able to do both the AFLW coaching and channel 7 commitments as the seasons don't really overlap.
  2. Can't stand BT. He thinks he is funny and entertaining but he is tiresome and loves the boys club banter which takes away from the game and drives me nuts. I celebrated when McAvaney left but didn't dream it could get worse! Bring in recent ex footballers who understand the game and specialist commentators to support them. Daisy is great, Abbey is good as a boundary rider, Hodge is pretty good, Hudson is good, I don't mind Whateley, There are a plethora of better options.
  3. It kinda did, we kicked two in the first two minutes of the last meaning we kicked 5 goals in three minutes of play! extraordinary really.
  4. They would have a massive score kicked on them without any defenders. Would be hard to defend against though.
  5. Agree almost completely. The only difference I would make is that I would change the womens to AFL and drop the W. Why differentiate at all, they are after all two teams playing for the same club in the top league of the sport for their game, and both come under the AFL. I think it was the national soccer league just dropped the W for this reason.
  6. Looking forward to seeing what she can bring to the forward line, it is the one area I have always thought was our weakest.
  7. Retired permanently. The two most famous number 2's, Flower and Jones both played long and storied carriers sticking by the red and blue while ultimately missing out on a GF appearance, one by a year and the other by half a year. I don't want anyone else having to that for the dees. In saying that, if I was to put a number on a new jumper next year it would be 2.
  8. Brayshaw I think. I think there is a little bit of the helmet visible.
  9. Absolutely a strength. His role is to set the framework under which everyone works and ensure the goals within it are met. This is essentially the game plan and culture. To do this best you need the best under you to implement that framework. It is just like in business, the best bosses and managers are the ones that set a clear line of sight of what is required and then hire the best people and let them use their skills to find the best way to that target. I get the feeling he was too hands on feeling he needed to do everything for the first few years. Something clicked, probably in a conversation with one of the mentors he speaks of, where he learnt to let go and trust the people he had hired to do their bit. He then just needs to ensure it is all coming together cohesively. I have always got the feeling Clarko is a fair bit the same.
  10. I saw a table somewhere the other day that showed us as one behind the top spot if you count ressies and U19 cups as well. Can't remember who was on top.
  11. sugar

    It's Home

    No where near. He lives down in Blairgowrie.
  12. One of the first things I said to old man on the phone was that all was forgiven and the child abuse charges wont continue to be explored!
  13. Just had an email from the club saying the adult premier jumpers will be back for sale after 4 today.
  14. Brown didn't put his hands in his back, it was hid forarms, plus the hands in the back rule doesn't exist any more. Brown didn't push him either so that one was fine. Brayshaw also had his eyes on the ball, play on.
  15. There were three shockers I picked out, One was Hunters massive duck into a tackle for a free, two was picket doing a much smaller duck and not getting the free and three was the park not paid to May late in the second. Otherwise I though it was pretty good.
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