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  1. Show us what you got, JVR! Let's go baby.
  2. Please don't win Saints. I'd really prefer to play the Swans instead of the Pies at the G!
  3. I reckon you're spot on. Good detective work!
  4. Shower thought of the day: I wonder if this is the club's way of finding an inside rumour leak?
  5. I'd do it, but I really can't see it happening unfortunately. How about Jack Watts instead?
  6. I checked out the expected scores for you. We would have won (surprise surprise). 92.7 to 82.0.
  7. Jack Gunston. He still has it and is a beautiful set shot, something a lot of our guys aren't! He kicked 5.1 today (4 in the first half) and offers experience and leadership. Maybe even some strategic tips for our underperforming forward line! I believe he is a free agent as well, so we wouldn't need to trade any picks.
  8. 100% agree. We need to recruit a genuine forward line coach, it just isn't working up there. We get it in there so often for little reward. How often did we see a Pies player sitting out the back waiting for the loose spill to then slingshot it out of their defensive 50? Where are our smalls? We had 8 inside 50 tackles to 18, BUT we had 24 MORE inside 50s. That is damning. We were drowning down back every time it hit the deck and that stat paints the picture. Unacceptable. Fix it Dees and quickly!
  9. Serong and a top 5 pick. Gutted though.
  10. In: Langdon, Harmes, McDonald, Tomlinson Out: Melksham, Weideman, May and one other.
  11. I'd be happy for Salem to have his first full match this week VS North. He'll still be effective and gets him settled in the side ready for Freo.
  12. A friend bumped into Karl's father during the St Kilda & Port game last weekend. He gave a sneaky hint that Saints are the destination of choice and I believe he supported the Saints growing up.
  13. It's fantastic, if slightly indulgent reading! Especially if you read the doom and gloom posts during the third quarter which flip on their heads in an instant (I think we all know when that happens - Go Harmesy )!
  14. Far out! I was lucky enough to stumble across this when I missed out on the limited edition poster! I won't be selling it though!!
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