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  1. Oliver - will be the best player in the comp by the end of the year
  2. I'm in: team name for this year is Gee God Boy Wow!!. It was Lever to Beaver last year.
  3. Mitch Hannan Corey Wagner Kade Chandler Aaron Nietschke Charlie Spargo
  4. Roosy was banging on about him as our Jarrad McVeigh On The Couch toward the end of the season, mentioned it more than once. Highlighted a few of the bits of play you would've been referring to in your earlier post as evidence of slowing the game down and choosing the right option to open up the game.
  5. I can absolutely guarantee that Port won't pick the other King twin at 6. They didn't trade up in the draft to pick a Victorian. Will most likely be Rozee unless Lukosius or Rankine are miraclulously still available.
  6. Not actually my surname!! (maternal side) Could tell you a few more stories about his career... and his bone dry sense of humour (the story above is a good one... he was a ruck, so Barassi didn't pinch his spot!!)
  7. Risking outing myself here but Alan Krause is my grandad. Bloody small world!
  8. The Hogan trade values him at pick 2. The Beams Trade values him at pick 9 (assuming Pies top 4 next year) with the late pick swaps. Assuming GWS and Bombers both 5-8, Shiel valued at pick 5. We did better than the Bombers, that's for sure.
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