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  1. Where did the little rat Scully finish?
  2. My meteorologist mate from Queensland says it will moderate for the game but could get heavy later on.
  3. 6. Max Gawn 5. Christian Petracca 4. Steven May 3. Jake Lever 2. Clayton Oliver 1. Jayden Hunt
  4. The problem they have with picking Pendlebury is that he might be a bit underdone coming back early from injury. The same could apply with Hoskin-Elliot. They’re also coming off a 4 day break so they need every player at the top of his game. Ths weather could also play a big part with an expected wet track and strong winds.
  5. Not so fast. First, we have to win on Saturday without our two ruckmen.
  6. Sure ... and 2020 hasn’t been a nightmare?
  7. Not entirely. We needed an Eagle or two to be rubbed out for Round 1 and a Giant to go for two weeks.
  8. Having one in the backline is more of a liability than one in the forward line.
  9. Yeah, there was a secondary action but it was almost indiscernible and of negligible impact or effect and, as a result, no case to answer.
  10. I can’t see North or Sydney having a significant role in 2020 other than as punching bags for the stronger teams. And Essendon and Geelong aren’t very impressive either.
  11. It’s becoming more common among sportsmen ... Ex Melbourne forward Shaun Smith found to have ‘permanent incapacity’ has superannuation paid out early “MARK of the Century highflyer Shaun Smith has been paid out his superannuation a decade in advance because of crippling brain injuries suffered while playing football.”
  12. Is there a difference between New Idea and the Herald Sun?
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