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  1. Young is a player of the future and tied to a long contract with the Dockers. No way.
  2. It’s a pity we missed out on that Sudanese ruckman who was tied to us before the AFL changed the rules.
  3. You want classy footy journalism, try something like this - ‘Praise and blame is all the same’: Goodwin, Demons ignore the critics in thumping win
  4. I’m interested in JVR’s height since some people claim that you have to be around 200cm to play as a key position forward. I’ve seen different statistics showing him to be 193, 194 & 195cm.
  5. The one major personnel issue that Melbourne has with its playing list is in the ruck. If Max is injured, we don’t have anyone on our list to replace him. Daw pulled out of yesterday’s Casey game and he also missed out three week’s ago. We could be in strife if Max has to miss for more than one or two weeks.
  6. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Ed Langdon 4. Angus Brayshaw 3. Christian Petracca 2. Steven May 1. Tom Sparrow
  7. While everyone is acting like Nervous Nellie waiting for the next imaginary Covid19 test result, the Hawks have some injury concerns of their own to worry about. CJ Jiath, Mitch Lewis and McEvoy all pretty important players for the Dorks.
  8. The NAB League has gone into something of a recess for the coming few weeks to allow for players to represent their schools. What happens to the blue collar types who don’t go to the toffy schools in the APS and AGS?
  9. This is what a top ten ruck prospect looks like going into the draft. CA78B159-31A7-445E-932F-F1D7C95C4B5D.MOV
  10. Mac Andrew at 12 to beat off GWS at 13?
  11. You do realise that Twomey’s phantom draft was issued on the eve of the draft in December and not two months earlier in October. This negates the argument you’ve been previously making. Twomey got this and a number of other selections wrong even on draft day. The rule about the restrictions is only relevant to what Melbourne can do in 2021. Other clubs could freely bid on McInnes in 2020 just as they can on Andrew in 2021.
  12. Judge for yourself as to whether Cal Twomey is really all that accurate. Cal Twomey's 2020 Phantom Draft: Top 30, late picks, your club's whispers Like this year, he followed Knightmare in highly ranking an NGA. Last year it was Reef McInnes who a number of pundits touted well within the top 10 but who drifted out to 23 on the night before Collingwood matched a bid on him. Our pick 17 is going to end up at around 20. If we keep that pick then you would think it wouldn’t make much sense to take him at that point when you could have a free hit at someone else and take Mac by matching the bid at 21.
  13. I think you’re confusing the player with someone else. Jason Cripps played for St Kilda around the turn of the century. The ruckman is Joshua Cripps and he’s not only a teammate of Woewodin, he has a famous brother, Patrick.
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