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  1. He played 9 games for Casey this year and quite frankly, failed to impress. We won’t keep him.
  2. Funnily enough, I don’t think Teague was a bad coach. He was certainly let down by his players against Port Adelaide in a performance that was their 186 and a few weeks earlier when they lost to North Melbourne when a win would have put them in the top 8. They have a list which IMO is on par with Essendon and Fremantle and is much better than Collingwood. It wouldn’t surprise if they settle down under their new coach (whoever he might turn out to be) and even made the finals next year.
  3. Patrick Lipinski will request a trade from the Western Bulldogs to either Collingwood or Carlton later this month, according to the Herald Sun.
  4. What have the Suns got to offer as a trade?
  5. Just needs a touch of peroxide in the hair and it’s like watching Shane the year he won the 2000 Brownlow Medal.
  6. The WA team with Taj Woewodin (number 14) named to play on the wing.
  7. It’s incredible how, after Friday night and yesterday and the excitement we were treated to, today’s matches are boring.
  8. Yep. In that case we do. For this week though, I’m happy that we’re in our original gear and the Lions west their anemic light colored strip.
  9. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Christian Petracca 4. Max Gawn 3. Christian Salem 2. Jake Lever 1. Kysaiah Pickett
  10. Could possibly have been two draws for us if that (censored) umpire paid the deliberate out of bounds in the Adelaide game.
  11. The Blues would have to be as kind in their farewell of Teague as they were in his first game as coach. Can’t see it happening because he’s lost the players.
  12. Where did the little rat Scully finish?
  13. My meteorologist mate from Queensland says it will moderate for the game but could get heavy later on.
  14. 6. Max Gawn 5. Christian Petracca 4. Steven May 3. Jake Lever 2. Clayton Oliver 1. Jayden Hunt
  15. The problem they have with picking Pendlebury is that he might be a bit underdone coming back early from injury. The same could apply with Hoskin-Elliot. They’re also coming off a 4 day break so they need every player at the top of his game. Ths weather could also play a big part with an expected wet track and strong winds.
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