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  1. Don’t disagree with these comments from Bell. Although Jacko generally didn’t perform as a fwd for us, the whole kick to the boundary game plan with a congested fwd 50 didn’t do him any favours. he was also our 3rd sometimes 4th target. Be interesting how he goes as main or 2nd target. But Jacko has said on many occasions that he prefers ruck or around the ball.
  2. Kozzy, Trac, Oliver starting mids, with Viney on rotation would be magnificent if Kozzy can step up
  3. wtf happened against Euroa? With “Oliver” as your name, I expect better :)
  4. Or “I am a bit flat GC picked me up. But all good, I will see if we can do a deal with the Dees in a couple of years”
  5. Got some mail it’s Humphrey, but not long to wait now, either way.
  6. The culture/environment issue you talk about is relevant for Jack Watts and a few others. But Jimmy T, Cale Morton and the like were just dud picks. if he was a clone of Daicos he would have gone on to play some great footy post Melb, of which he did not.
  7. RCD is a skinny midfielder. Definitely not ruck or key position.
  8. Bassat, a very successful man. And full respect to him. But I would put his voice in the top 5 most annoying voices of all time.
  9. Unless it’s the finer detail of the constitution running through Max’ mind when he is lining up for goal?
  10. I was thinking we should just target for him to be fit after the bye. Back in JVR/Petty for the first 10 or so rounds.
  11. I would argue anyone who consistently posts on a football forum, has huge emotion for football. Just because you may not be aware of that emotion doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
  12. Most of the Dees people I trust most also think Max is best dropping back and helping with intercept marks. Very much like the great Jim Stynes use to do week in week out. He can then at times run forward of the ball and be a key target on the wings. Much depends on whether TMac gets back to his running best though.
  13. Some Salem rotations through the midfield is a great idea. Especially if Rivers, Bowey etc are back to their best and there is depth through his typical hbf position. He played some effective mid minutes in his first couple of seasons while he was still developing
  14. Don’t think it will be an issue. There will be 2 key requirements for Petty to go forward a) injury or form issues for at least 1 of TMac, BB or JVR b) a Turner, Tomlinson, Smith absolutely banging the door down with form that demands them to be picked
  15. “Areas for concern: tall back” Is that a typo? We be best in the league for tall back’s I would have thought - both ability & depth
  16. Rendell was saying the other day that it’s well known that teams fitness peaks after 2 years of the Burgess regime….as such he is predicting a big improvement from the Crows this year.
  17. Either 2 of TMac, BB, or JVR are ready to rock for R1 or we should play Petty fwd. But just have a bad feeling Petty won’t even be tried forward.
  18. JJ did well this year, given wing is probably not his best position. He was filling a need for the team - rather than playing a more inside type role which is his strength. Hopefully Hunter makes the wing his own, then the competition for spots on the flanks & mid rotations gets even more fierce. Be tough to fit all of Harmes, Sparrow, JJ and maybe even Chandler in the one team - who wants it more!
  19. Lets hope they move things along. 2040’ish draft here we come.
  20. It’s really simple - he is a top shelf kick & classy outside player. Something we are badly missing. Both in the AFL + VFL teams. Dunstan is a poor kick, and we have heaps of players that have similar strengths to Dunstan - hence why he is just depth. If Hunter’s attitude / off-field improves (as it sounds like it will need to) - then the opposite wing to Langdon’s is his every week. With flexibility of moving him to hbf or hff when we want.
  21. Sounds more to me like dogs want him out, and we are leveraging a strong position by waiting until late
  22. If they are paying some of his salary we won’t be giving them much in the way of draft picks. Looks like final straw with Bevo and he wants him out
  23. Yep, might be in our interests to wait until very late, and see just how badly the dogs want to move him on.
  24. Tim Lamb trade radio “we have spoken to Lachie but made no commitment. And the dogs haven’t made a commitment to let him go. In no man’s land at the moment. Unlikely to go through”
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