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  1. Ahhhh Chris Scott......”May and Lever will have to try and stop our guns” Then post match presser “ah look I don’t really want to talk right now” big lesson for you Chris - let the actions do the talking, and not the fake pre game words
  2. We could offer them an option to deal with us, if Jacko does decide to go home, at any time in the next 5 years
  3. Problem I see with this is Jacko's trade value will rise significantly in coming years......Obviously I want to keep him, but if he does want to go home, it be much better for us in a couple of years rather than now - in terms of what we could get back.
  4. agree with this Rob - but if we took our opportunities could have got a decent lead in first qtr. - be some important learnings from the 7 goal in 10 mins onslaught, and I would be highly surprised if we make the same mistakes again - Even though I agree cats weren’t fighting the game out as hard as possible, to come back from 44 points gives a team belief that can draw on in future weeks but your overall point is correct. Biggest concern for me would be the players taking too much comfort from a game, that most of the time they would have lost.
  5. Scott appears stressed out in recent interviews......this flows through to the players. goody on the other hand has been cool calm and collected, and saying all the right things....not whinging or complaining about anything, respecting the opponent, remaining humble and saying we are happy to play anywhere, anytime......calming influence and strong mindset for the players to follow!
  6. Basket case. Cerra - take $100k - 200k less a year to come to the Dees, and be a multiple premiership player.......will make up the dollars via being part of a dynasty.
  7. Us Melb supporters are so use to discussing potential trades rather than playing finals this time of year, that we have fallen into our usual habits. How we go Fri, and then hopefully in a fortnight, might also have an impact on players wanting to come to us.
  8. Or if Hibbo can hold him inside 50, are we content with Cameron getting possessions on the wings & flanks, where he will do less damage?
  9. Don’t mind this. Petty would easily hold Sav. And if Hibbo can hold Cameron, Lever is free to do his thing.
  10. This is true. maybe just give us the initials Dannyz? - we won’t tell a sole. If initials is pushing our luck, how about position on ground?
  11. Well said! embrace it......like our players will. it’s a new era
  12. Definite weeks. Given his past, it’s hard to understand what he was thinking to go anywhere near an umpire.
  13. Smith wont play on Daniher........the end.
  14. Are you sure? don’t think anyone has really out-muscled Petty this year.
  15. 100% not. jacko will be one of Melb’s all time greats. could be the best player in the league in a few years.
  16. They both still getting me every time as well :-Trac interview, and the last 2 mins.
  17. Just watched it again. Still made me cry
  18. 6. Chas Oliver 5. Gawn 4. Lever 3. Salem 2. Pickett 1. Harmes
  19. Bowey plays like a 150 game A grader - nothing to worry about there. & Smith will have to play well this week to get picked in a final - which would mean 2 good games in a row.
  20. Agree! not smart enough decision marker or skilled enough to be running half-back flank. trialling him on Rohan, with the knowledge that we have Hibbo for finals if it fails.
  21. Big men that plateau at an early age. Hmmm did not realise that was a thing for AFL - actually can’t think of any examples of this. more likely outcome will be continual improvement with peak years between 25-30y.o.
  22. If dogs play like the last 2 weeks, next week, then Port will beat them easily. but surely dogs will wake up from their slump next week?
  23. Apparently would struggle to pass the “character test”......not a great team-mate from all reports
  24. Soooo good! Thanks for sharing! go Kozzy!!
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