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  1. The biggest part of all of this, that doesn’t get mentioned enough is Darcy Cameron is potentially the most under-rated ruck man in the comp. He is a ripper, and it is not hard to see why McRae wants to back him in as number 1 ruck next year (and use Grundy’s cash to fill other gaps)
  2. Exactly. People are forgetting how important context is in regards to the allegations. This context, thus far hasn’t been provided to the public. There is certain context that I don’t wish to speculate on, that would shift certain allegations away from being racist, and also provide some much needed explanation for people who are shocked by the current one-sided account of things. Without doubt this country (and the AFL) has a problem with racism that needs to be addressed. But this point alone doesn’t mean we throw people in the bin, without a fair process of investigation.
  3. Could well be right. Maybe willing to push Coll to remove the conditions. And if they don’t, he is happy to accept one of the other offers. Maybe he is also acknowledging within himself that he has un-resolved issues, and cant guarantee he will become a saint (pardon the pun) overnight.
  4. Didn’t say that Axis. No doubt he has made poor decisions in the past, and deserved to pay the price for them. I am saying moving forward, can understand why he doesn’t want to have additional clauses vs all other AFL players, when everyone will be watching his every move.
  5. De Goey has made the right call. In today’s hysterical world, it is too easy for a social media bandit to take a picture of him, alleging “behavioural issues” and next minute he is front page of the HS and sacked. Example 1: A.Clarkson. 99% of people have written him off, and want him sacked. My guess is more than likely he doesn’t deserve to be sacked. Watch this space.
  6. Well done to this thread. Naughts to Dees just got mentioned on SEN. Albeit, it was a listener text saying they heard we are into him (one of you guys?) Keep pushing until Tom Browne runs with it.
  7. Well said. The early “trial by public” is a huge problem in today’s social media driven world. Not defending anyone here, if they are guilty, then they deserve every minute of whatever coaching ban comes their way. But everyone needs to take a chill pill for at least a month, maybe 2. Then come back and assess things when we know more details.
  8. Might not be listening hard enough then. Viney had surgery on his eye! Affected his vision the last few games. Brown surgery on the knee. Lever I assume? Tom Mac going in again? Won’t be our problem, but there was talk LJ would need surgery on the knee. For some others that don’t need surgery that doesn’t mean they weren’t injured at a level where they potentially shouldn’t have been playing.
  9. Exactly. Kick behind the play, assisting with intercept marks is Where Max can help us the most.
  10. Remember when we were at or near the bottom of the ladder. Start of pre-season there would be a report of some player training the house down, and we somehow thought this would turn us into a contender the following year.
  11. I hope our FD have also reviewed how Geel were at their best for the most important day. Kept their players fresh, by resting them when they needed it. Danger had a month or so off for a mid season fitness block, and look how fresh and good he was yesterday. We did the exact opposite. Kept playing injured or tired players, despite having capable VFL depth.
  12. Hawkins was pretty critical early, in making sure they got some reward for their midfield dominance.
  13. Watched the full game. 2 things I learnt. Dees are very very good. Secondly, the standard has improved dramatically since the last game I watched last season - AFLW will continue to grow at a fast rate IMO. Go Dees!
  14. Logan McDonald or Hayden McLean - either be great, and fills a need
  15. Disagree - any top journalist who gets access to this kind of report, is always going to leverage it by finding extra info or detail that will be credited to them
  16. No mate, you have missed his/her point. No matter what % chance you think that the story is accurate, we have still only heard one side and haven’t finished a proper investigation. Therefore the trashing of reputations does need to wait until this process is finished. The post is not minimising the trauma and tough times these families appear to have gone through - it is just making the point that if Fagan/Clarko are actually innocent they most likely already have damaged reputations that won’t be repaired. (Due to media/public already forming an opinion without waiting for the proper process/ both sides)
  17. Completely agree. Destabilises 2 other clubs, and shifts the attention away from the hawks as well
  18. I think there is little doubt there will be variances in the story from the other side. Very interested in how they are going to navigate an outcome if there is a lack of evidence as to which version is the truth.
  19. In complete agreement. More definitely needs to be done, including accountability for perpetrators. I guess I meant separate to the investigation and formal process, hopefully it also wakes some more people up. But your point is a good one, just hoping for things to improve is not doing enough.
  20. Neitz the great - Sorry for the hard times your wife goes through! The only positives that can come out of these situations is awareness and education. Let’s hope things improve dramatically in years to come.
  21. Hugh Dixon cut from WCE. better than Weid IMO. Could be worth a look
  22. JVR is more than a 3rd tall. First or 2nd.
  23. If they are consistent (and the allegations are proven to be correct) then Clarkson should never coach again. We will see.
  24. Well said. Time doesn’t heal these kind of wounds. It just makes it worse when those in power run campaigns of denial, cover-up and lack of acknowledgement/apology. Really big test coming up for the AFL in regards to how they deal with this
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