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  1. 25 y.o I have no words. Just sadness. RIP Harley
  2. The 2022 flag will be better than 2021 :- lets make this club a powerhouse again! This is only the beginning
  3. This is fantastic! I feel opposition supporters are partly happy for us winning this year :- it won’t be until we dominate in 2022, that we really start to annoy them
  4. GF replay was on Foxtel this morning, and I watched it start to finish & post game! still more tears the win has made me realise how much the bad years actually effected me! I think I use to kid myself ie “it’s only footy, who cares” during our lean times. BUT, clearly it was a big negative drag. Don’t want to take anything for granted. Who knows how long this successful phase will last :- need to soak up every experience, and enjoy every minute!
  5. Melb vs Richmond being replayed on Foxtel now :- best you let the in-laws know
  6. Just because Clarry has the ability to get 10 possy’s in 10 minutes, doesn’t mean he has gone missing when gets 6-7 possessions in a quarter.
  7. Disagree. Crows was the best game Oliver has played in his career IMO. and the best home and away performance by any of our players this year.
  8. Hopefully the players are reminded of these excuses from Geelong before the next time we play/destroy them.
  9. Out of that list, I would go with eagles for now. but give it a few more years, at least 1 more flag, and Jackson a star of the comp, then it will be a more interesting comparison!
  10. I am a fan of it as well. don’t forget the 10 day break to play the Suns R2. if we played a team who didn’t play finals R1, be a big chance we get rolled due to their longer pre-season. positives all round. but do feel for the country members, kids, and anyone who can’t go because of work.
  11. There is nothing un-common or non-believable about this. A standard coaching tactic used all over the world. A key part of a coaches job is to motivate their players :- with a wide variety of methods to choose from. To suggest that Goody is lying about how he motivated the players is just about the most laughable thing I have ever heard from a Demons supporter. The fact that he was going to say “this is us, here we are” in the speech is evidence enough for me, as to how important a theme he feels it was. Bevo used themes from the Pearl Jam song man of the hour
  12. Some people just can’t be pleased. the coach says the themes behind this song were a key driver behind a flag. after all the sh$t goody’s has copped, now he is lying about why and how we won the flag???! give it a spell.
  13. What a ridiculous post on multiple levels.
  14. You appear to get easily triggered from differing opinions Maybe a need for more time in your Queensland tropics and less Internet
  15. In fairness it is always challenging to see and value defensive efforts when watching on tv. But, anyone who says kozzie had a poor game, doesn’t understand his role or value to the team. Kozzy, well and truly did his job, despite what the stats sheet says
  16. Oliver’s. was the moment in the game, when I realised we would win. Bang. Bang Bang Bang
  17. The last phase of the Norm Smith curse, is rather than getting a summer to discuss and enjoy the drought breaking flag, the celebrations are partly diluted by Covid, and anti-vax’ers. In more positive news, after our back-to-back flag, the curse will be completely done, and it will be a full summer of pure demons celebrations!
  18. Did some aliens steal us and drop us off at the AO? not sure I could handle missing 2 in a row.
  19. I am going to run with a “monster influence” don’t kick 3 goals in 45 seconds without a ruckman who isn’t doing a few things right.
  20. Given he doesn’t mind a bit of attention, could be an explosive post career book. Diary entry Sat 24th July 2021:- We got another email from Gil this morning. This time, it simply stated “”tonight dogs to beat Dees. Just get it done””
  21. Well that was very entertaining. thought I would be done after 5mins, but watched it all with great interest. Thanks for sharing
  22. Apologies......I thought you were referring to goody loving tough players who can’t kick (may have previously thought this myself)
  23. Bro, we won the flag. It's a new era. There is no need to take cheap shots at our master coach anymore. Plus half the guys we thought couldn't kick, now can.
  24. Guess we will have to settle with 3 in 47 seconds. would love to see a top 10 “one minute of finals footy” to know how it compares to anything else.
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