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  1. Watching the replay, second quarter, from the point where I stopped watching it last night. That Petty smother of the English kick was something else!
  2. Tattoo parlours be bracing themselves for freedom day.
  3. Thank you so much, Jaded! This is gonna be my tattoo. This is perfect!!!
  4. Nothing was gonna even come close to stopping him from Playing. He could’ve snapped his other hammy and he would’ve kept on going. I love Maysie so much.
  5. Look at this beautiful morning here in Melbz. Oh, to be able to gather en masse with all you guys, sharing the love. ❤️💙 Thank goodness for Demonland. We’re all together in spirit. WE BLOODY DID IT!!!! I’m on top of the world and not planning on coming down anytime soon, if ever.
  6. Best use of your last 2% battery charge ever. 😁
  7. Miss Jimmy always. But especially tonight. He would be so proud. ❤️💙☘️❤️💙
  8. After decades of watching other teams’ fans celebrating a grand final win and wondering how it feels, we finally know. And it feels good. Really good. ❤️💙
  9. The feeling of RELIEF is overwhelming. God I love this team. Love them with all my heart. Always have. Always will. And love Demonland and all the posters. We did it, guys. We [censored] did it.
  10. Still in shock. That’s our team going up to get their premiership medals! Our boys!!!
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