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  1. 100% he said they were 4million in profit half way in the year then lockdown came and now we are just scrapping. Win a premiership and games back to normal next year then it will be a great year next year
  2. Was anyone else in the zoom with yesterday with pert, richo and nibbler? anyway, pert said something along the lines of, richmond sold 3 thousand T-shirt’s in their premiership years (each year) and we have sold nearly 10 thousand! I’m pretty sure that’s what he said He also said after the Geelong prelim, we made more money those next few days from the demon shop then we did from the shop altogether in 12 months!
  3. Well kind of did in a sense lever had to man up more.. he couldn’t roam around as much and take those marks as he usually does
  4. Not sure if there’s a thread on this.. So do the coaches go back to the game we lost against the doggies and the game we won? In the game we lost they had Naughton kick 2, Bruce kick 2, Hannan kick 2, bont kick 2 and ugle-hagan kick 1 Their tall forward line stretched our backline like crazy. Now you take out Bruce and Ugle-Hagan for height wise. Ugle-hagan didn’t set the world on fire but still requires a tall. They replace bruce with english, they’d rather bruce and now schache is down there who takes who? This is about the talls but can add who takes the smalls also
  5. Have been reading some bigfooty stuff and some dogs fans already think they will gift us the Grand final win because we’ve been ticked away in Perth. When you are the home team you play at home.. we couldn’t so we picked Adelaide as our home ground for our first two games if we won the first week.. then they wanted us to get into Perth.. again we are the home team with no home so we can pick. When you’re the away team of course you play at the home teams ground. They said the AFL has shafted them with not being able to train and food not given to the players. Isn’t it the government that says yes or no to AFL clubs training? I think they’re a little worried and looking for an excuse incase we win
  6. It’s one of those games where every single person out on the field for us needs to play their role at 100% intensity. Caleb Daniel and Hunter are our Salem. All three are calm and a brilliant kick which most lead to either a get out of pressure kick to a player who can mark along the wing then take their time and let’s set up. Bailey smith is another one who if he gets momentum he can carry that for the whole game if you don’t take it seriously. When in the forward line he needs to be tagged. Schache seemed to play a fair bit of time purely just stopping aliirs influence in defence. Guess what, he’ll probably be doing the same with Lever. Gawns is a fair stretch better than Martin and English but Jesus do we need him to have another prelim game type. Martin looked cooked so Gawn needs to take advantage of that. He needs to run run run and be everywhere because Martin just won’t catch up that fast. Dogs backline is their weakness but it’s still very good. They seem to have a taller backline (that’s with Keith in) like ours so our crumbs will be so important. The never seem to try and mark the ball they always go for the long punch so they can get their mids back and like last night some of the dogs players stayed about 5-10 meters away ready for the long punch, get the ball and go. I think one of the players who could win us the game with out having to take care of an opponent is Kozzy. I think he has another level to go this year and this will be the game. We feed off his energy when he is up and about
  7. For me, we need someone to stop Caleb Daniels impact and someone to stop lachie hunter from having an impact Just like we seemed to do with Daniel rich
  8. Max Gawn > Naitanui Ive never seen a performance like that from a ruckman.. oh my dayssssss! WE ARE INTO A GRAND FINAL BABYYYYYY!!! Let’s go!!
  9. First game I was like 2 (28 now) so don’t remember I was at all the finals and grand final game in 2000 but again don’t remember much so the best game For me is the Geelong final in 18. When Hannan was running for goal the suspense was electrifying!! Best game for me worst was the Geelong belting along with the bombers belting a few years ago. I left by half time at the Geelong game and was drunk as and they had the breath test station there. They were surprised I could walk after what I blew.. and that was only me sitting thru it for half a game. I was with Geelong mates so I couldn’t deal with them nor the Melbourne players that day haha
  10. I remember sitting at the pre season game against the bulldogs this year and although we didn’t have a full squad I still remember saying to my family ‘Jesus this is going to be another long year’ fast forward to now and we are one win away from a grand final. Will I be disappointed if we don’t make it or win it? Sure I will be but I thought it’d be a pass mark if we made it above 14th the way we looked. so either way I’m proud of how we’ve played this year. it beats being back a few years ago sitting out in the rain with only 10 thousand other dees supporters knowing we’d get thrashed and only win maybe 2 games max that year. Thinking will we ever be out of this hole we are in. You need to be in finals to have a crack at winning the cup, so being in finals is a good achievement in itself. I never forget where we came from. So being in this position makes me satisfied
  11. Had a dream we won the grand final, game was also located in WA and also under covid restrictions so wasn’t there. That means we win it. You’re welcome. Sleep easy guys 😂
  12. I’m going for gws because I hate Geelong but I’m going for Geelong because they look cooked in the last qtr… gws are just more cooked right now haha cats always look stuffed after 3 qrt gws don’t have our fitness level to make the most of it
  13. How awesome! hopefully some of their fans get to the prelim and support us and make some noise! Even if they wear their west Perth gear it’s still red and blue!
  14. If someone said to me players like ANB, Harmes petty and spargo would be important to our team I’d say ‘well that just shows you where our club is at’ thats how far we’ve come when players we wanted gone our now becoming so important in their role in the team
  15. No we haven’t won the premiership or have another Brownlow winner but minor premiers, 5 in AA, nab rising star, 3 players in the under 22s and coaches award. We are finally back for real. After that smashing against Geelong 2011 I seriously thought will we survive as a club. we where in such a deep hole I honestly questioned if we’d make it. but ten years later look at us now! Thank you all for sticking with the club also, for believing we could turn it all around. We have our mighty dees back! Now let’s get down to business. LETS GO DEES!!
  16. Who gets Cameron? Bowey? Hibbo? bowey is 176cm to Cameron’s 180cm But Cameron isn’t really known for his marking. Hibbo did a good job on him last time though. I get more worried about Zac Bailey. We also need to keep someone tight on Daniel rich.. maybe spargo for when it hits our forward half? Please don’t let another night happen of freedom like we did with Caleb Daniel
  17. Haven’t watched much of st kilda games this year hows Luke Dunstan been? when I have watched him I didn’t think he was to bad. surprised by this call
  18. Reckon Melbourne will ask for videos from supporters wishing them luck?? I feel like there’s no real way to show them support with us vic fans not being there and cheering them, although they know we are watching and yes SA fans will be there. Hopefully I few videos from fans before the game can rev them up some more with knowing how many of us are behind them
  19. I thought that too but then I also thought it’s a jumper I can wear any other year. if we lose straight sets and it had 2021 on it I know I would never wear it again.. maybe that’s their thinking also
  20. It’s honestly great to see the players finally love this club like we all do. Us supporters are in good hands with this mob. To think back that a few years ago players wanted out and now we have players with have tears In their eyes because they love this bloody footy club. I had tears after the hawthorn game because I looked around and everyone was happy, hugging and smiling. Before that if you looked around people were crying because they didn’t know how long left they had of watching our beloved dees. Enjoy every second, be proud! no matter what happens this year I’m bloody proud because I know we are the right path for glory. It’s coming.
  21. Anyone else still shaking??? wow wee!!! GO YOU DEMONS!!
  22. Lose a grand final it would hurt but at least I know what it feels like to be there and the lead up, training and parade
  23. Apparently AFL aren’t too confident with WA’s premier on what would happen if they got a case near grand final day and the AFL are prepared to suspend the grand final in hopes vic can get it right.. Don’t shoot the messenger, read it somewhere could be herald sun or something but thought I’d share
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