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  1. Been watching a few Gold Coast games and Ainsworth and sharp really stand out for me. Would love t Miller at the dees. I wanted him in his draft year
  2. I follow Kobe on Instagram and his story came up and it got me thinking he doesn’t post about Melbourne anymore.. Then I noticed he doesn’t follow the Melbourne Instagram and any of the boys that I can see (only follow the indigenous boys) anymore has there been a falling out?
  3. Hi all, so my family and I are heading up to the Gold Coast and we were meant to go to this game.. I have noticed a lot of Melbourne fans were doing the same before it got moved. Maybe we can all organise a pub to go to and watch it together? For those who will be up there with no game to go to anymore
  4. Who would have thought a Friday could get even better! Brown didn’t do a whole lot for his first game back but you could see the port defenders still worry about him and couldn’t help but follow him. It allowed most of their defenders to be near brown and have other forwards sneak off into some space. He’ll always get the best defender because if he doesn’t he can kick 3+ goals. Allows fritsch McDonald Jackson Gawn to be able to beat their opponents when in the forward line.
  5. How good is this feeling!!! Go you demons!! I’ll be devastated if Melbourne win the grand final and us vics can’t be there Its making me nervous as although it’s still ages away and we need to make it first but just the thought of not going to finals makes sad 😭
  6. If it’s raining I hope we just make sure it’s in our forward 50. Then set up for a quick kick out. We don’t need to win pretty. No need for a thousand handballs in the middle if it’s so wet. This is where decision making and footy smarts will come into play if conditions change
  7. This, felt he was more damaging for them last weekend
  8. Who runs with Charlie Cameron for this game? I watched the Brisbane game and he creates so much scoring opportunity for them and a lot of them are inspiring ones too just like kozzy for us. I find him far more dangerous than hipwood and Daniher right now. Even Mcstay. He is like our fritsch or tmac (although they’re not physically the same as him) but seem to have more impact than our talls right now.
  9. Ffs, my family and I are off to Alice springs next Thursday for the Brisbane games 😭😭😭😭 all unknown now
  10. Out Jetta melks weids In Salem Bedford brown would love sparrow and Viney in also but unsure who to take out we need a faced pace team this week
  11. Don’t get me wrong, his intercepting was sensational along the wing but turned it over straight after. Hopefully he can improve his kicking and it’ll be the icing on the cake for him. Do rate him just not his kicking haha!
  12. Brayshaws kicking yesterday seemed horrible. would love to find sparrow a spot in the side too many talls with tmac weids and brown would replace weids with another small but brown would want to have some more impact
  13. My family already know if/when we win a grand final I’ll go missing for a while celebrating and making the most of it
  14. Feel like it’ll be a houli/ Martin situation salem will have played better but clarry will get it with a strong last qtr
  15. Out: melks Jones baker tommo in: weids Bedford Harmes chandler
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