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  1. My family already know if/when we win a grand final I’ll go missing for a while celebrating and making the most of it
  2. Feel like it’ll be a houli/ Martin situation salem will have played better but clarry will get it with a strong last qtr
  3. Out: melks Jones baker tommo in: weids Bedford Harmes chandler
  4. Hey all, Is anyone heading to the sporting globe Richmond Sunday? Family and I would love to watch the game with other dees supporters!
  5. The fam and I will be there!
  6. I remember when I was younger Richmond were beating us and my family decided to leave just before the game ended and my nan was working up the stairs (maybe late 60s) and a Richmond fan pushed her hard and said go tiges right in her face. She nearly fell down the stairs and people had to say something was shocked
  7. I’ll let you decide how the story ends! Haha
  8. My friend was meeting me at the game Saturday night and whilst walking some Richmond guys asked who she goes for (doesn’t go for either team so wasn’t wearing a scarf) she said Melbourne they then changed their attitude and starting saying oh you’re a Melbourne scum then. They kept going and she felt unsafe. They have no right to diss any supporter base as my family and I have had many problems with Richmond people in the past. makes beating them even better
  9. We need forward pressure players because although tigers defence are great they [censored] the bed when anyone gets close to them
  10. Anyone know if we go back to 100% capacity this weekend? Would love my seat back (still just happy to be there don’t get me wrong)
  11. Would love may, fritsch, weids and Bedford to come in I was confident melks wouldn’t play next week but his last qtr might have saved him
  12. It is what it is and he’s going to play. Don’t dwell on it and just enjoy and celebrate what he has done for our club. He stayed loyal, he stayed determined to get us back to finals level. He was my favourite player since he came to the club and although he isn’t the same player he’s love for the club is. we need an extra boost this Saturday because before the fourth qtr we looked flat. we can’t be that way against the tigers
  13. If the game continues how it is weids and brown in for sure they look ready to go
  14. I want to take credit and pretend I know inside info but I read it on the clubs Facebook :(
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