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  1. I’d have Weideman working on becoming a key back and looking to shift Petty forward. Petty reads the play really well and has a good set of hands. If it becomes apparent in January this is a waste of time keep him as a backup tall. Does anyone think our luck with injuries is on endless loop? I want 3-4 Premierships out of this lot and whilst Weideman is no star he surely has a role in our future.
  2. They played a scratch match prior to the prelim as well. They were told to cool it at one point
  3. Demons by 27. I've been saying since the season started that we'll win the Premiership and the Dogs don't scare me. Gawn, Petracca, Oliver, Viney will rip them to shreds.
  4. If we don’t win the flag from here it will a bigger waste than paying Gerry Harvey job keeper……and just as shameful.
  5. The flag is ours, it’s a lock. We’ll beat Geelong by 40 points in the prelim and port by 22 in the GF.
  6. That’s what happens when you get kicked in the face. I was 100 metres from that and boy was the sound sickening
  7. Let’s just see what pans out. This kid has a lot of work still to be done
  8. Maybe now we’ve finally lost to a top 8 team we can start beating the lower teams again!
  9. Let’s hope he’s training even harder and we nab him next year
  10. Out: Jackson, Jordan In: Weideman, Melksham whilst these changes don’t exactly excite me I think some fresh legs may help. The next 4 weeks are crucial. those continually calling for Daw or Bowey or Bedford or Vandenberg simply don’t understand where we’re at. Brayshaw, Viney, ANB won’t get dropped because they’re a step above anyone who can replace them Jones is a chance as is Sparrow
  11. I tend to agree with Derm on this. The North incident was no accident and the others he mentioned certainly looked to me a little faux tough guy.
  12. I’d say all at the club knew we’d be better with Brown in the side. He was unfit and injured on arrival. It’s taken this long for the coaches and Burgess to get him to a point where he’s ready to help us win a Premiership. He’s not going out unless injured.
  13. As the game draws closer I’ve got a sense we’ll find our mojo, can’t see us losing. 19 points
  14. Out : Sparrow In: Brown (?he provides a target and allows McDonald, Fritsch and the smalls more time and space)
  15. Massive clash on Thursday night, biggest game since 2018 Prelim for mine…..it’ll answer a lot of questions for me. How good would it be if we stepped up and did to Port what we very recently did to the Dogs and Brissy. Go Dees, unleash hell
  16. Out: Petty In: Melksham Weideman moves to the backline, our forward line works better without BBB and Weideman.
  17. I’d try Weideman back and drop Petty and bring Melksham in. Make him accountable.
  18. We’re going to have injuries, form slumps, the need to rest players throughout the season. Weideman will get his chance and maybe with the added pressure he’ll become the player we all want to see.
  19. In the current climate of course her appointment will have an element of being “about woman”. Remember woman have been playing second fiddle to a lot of seriously incompetent men for a long long time. She sounds like a good operator and that’s what we need.
  20. Personally I think that’s the best thing about our start to the year. We clean up our skills a bit and we’ll start smashing teams
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