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  1. Can confirm poor Richie Douglas received a knock that ruptured a teste (just ouch). Lots of swelling and massive pain. Massive. Pain.
  2. I have been wondering how Dunn would go down back for an extended time- now I know - terrible.
  3. There is a slight chance of being viewed this way. But I think publicly it can be explained well enough. Privately I suggest the club makes it known we will target their best players with good cash. Btw Ben - your quote regarding Leigh at the bottom of your posts - did you hear Leigh last night in the post game discussion ( Blues v Hawks) have a little laugh at himself for offering that opinion? Gold.
  4. I heard that Lewis shadowed Keiran Jack all pre season - has bought his fitness to elite levels. I can't help but wonder which of our underperforming players - JB, Morts etc would lift to a surprising level given the same chance.
  5. Loved the way he ran Patton into the ground. Tommy clearly has fantastic endurance and is known as a good trainer. He blew poor Jonno up like a balloon - so much so he needed to be subbed quite early.
  6. Hey LD - there is little medicine offers for a degenerative joint. Cartilage can be harvested and grown in the lab but is only good for repairing relatively small holes. In the future this is where stem cell harvesting will really be beneficial - being able to isolate stem cells from the patients own supply and insert them in to the damaged site. This could eventually make joint replacement surgery (the end stage of degenerative joint disease) a thing of the past. A relatively new treatment is Interleukin 1 Antagonist injections (performed right at the Demons home - Imaging @Olympic Park). T
  7. I reckon a thread like the Magner one wouldn't have been deemed worthy of a reply over the road. Some good posters here (where is Hannibal btw?) but I can't cop a gazillion posts using different words to say the same thing.
  8. There is an interesting view from an ex Lions Assistant Coach - they believe Cale is a gun who hasn't been developed properly. He hasn't been played to his strengths and tried to be made to be something he isn't. I think people don't realize the elite endurance Cale has and we know, when he has confidence, he can find the pill. He has more than these two strengths but they are underestimated. Rest assured the new coach will basically start again with Cale - play him to his strengths, give him confidence. I believe it's not too late for him and that with some time he may well flourish.
  9. For Roos to rate Miller, McLean etc - it's just him talking off the top of his head. You are quite right H. He may remember a couple of good games. But for him to rate Jones enough to put Kirk on him- that's not just Roos' opinion. That would have been decided upon by the whole match committee with specific input from the opposition coach (who would have watched at least the preceding Dees match) and the mids coach. But I guess it is possible you know more than the 09/10 Sydney Swans Match Committee.
  10. Roos didn't say he was underrated by the Dees - just underrated in general. He rated him as a very good mid fielder - (as said before) so much so they usually put Kirk on him. That would clearly put him above a C grader and at odds with Hannabal's view.
  11. I'm BD's Dees Mono. Cheers.
  12. Think 'big picture' here people. The club wants to position itself as one of the great sporting clubs of the world- a fantastic aspiration imo. Hopefully one day the MFC itself will become entwined with the actual identity of 'Melbourne the city'. Barcelona FC being one example of this. Think bigger than 'Melbourne'... we needed an iconic Australian symbol on our emblem. Is there a better symbol than the Southern Cross? Uluru? Sydney Harbour Bridge or Opera House anyone?
  13. Scarlett goes ok sometimes too. Loved watching the supporters getting all excited when they got within a kick.
  14. I find comedians with original content a bit funnier Clint. Was actually funny the 1st time I heard it (30 something years ago). Love the snow too.
  15. Coodabeen pre-production meeting... Struggling for material (again)? Check. Demons struggling a bit? Check. Queen's B'day Round? Check. Ski season opening? Check. Dust off jokes from 1976? Check. Not many Dee fans to offend? Check. Great thinking guys! Lets go with that brilliant material again. Do you think our audience will remember that we trotted this out last year? (and the year before...and...) Nahh! Top job guys.. lets go with it...
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