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  1. AFL has released their ticket allocation https://s.afl.com.au/staticfile/AFL Tenant/AFL/Files/2018-AFL-GRAND-FINAL-TICKET-SCHEME-FINAL.pdf 16,000 - 40,000 tickets set aside for competing clubs.Presuming a 50:50 split between us (if we make it) and either Richmond or Collingwood, that is 8,000 to 20,000 each It's been publicised elsewhere on Demonland that we have approx 10,000 Priority 1 Members. This leaves anywhere from 0 - 10,000 P2 and P3 tickets available. 45,000 members approx total - 10,000 P1 ticket holders = up to a 28% chance
  2. I have a query regarding this paragraph on the Grand Final Ticketing Information: Adult members may only purchase tickets at Adult prices and Concession and Junior members may only purchase at the Concession price only. There is no junior price for the AFL Grand Final. Members wishing to sit together must register their group in one transaction using one credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diners). There is a maximum of eight (8) tickets per transaction and members should be aware that registrations with more than one ticket are ‘one in all in’ or ‘one out all out’; group registrations will not be split. Does this mean that if I register a group of 6, and one name gets pulled out of the ballot, then all 6 get a ticket? Or does it mean that all 6 need to be successfully drawn in the ballot for the group to be successful in obtaining tickets? Am I better to register in 3 groups of two? I would ask the question of the club, but understandably, the membership department is under the pump, and there is quite a lengthy hold period. https://s.afl.com.au/staticfile/AFL Tenant/Melbourne/PDF/Grand Final Ballot Guide.pdf
  3. 3-4 weeks out from the Grand Final, all clubs that are still in contention need to nominate who will present the Premiership Cup to the captain should their club be Premiers. Which club champion do you think deserves to present the cup to Jones and Viney should we be fortunate enough to be on the dais in a couple of weeks?
  4. Happy for me just to quote barcodes
  5. Bellerive Oval, but see here for outlets http://premier.ticketek.com.au/Content/Outlets/agency.aspx
  6. I strongly urge anyone to try a Ticketek outlet tomorrow if they can. After struggling like everyone else online, I went to my local outlet. The operator showed me his screen and could see every seat that was in somebody’s cart, and unable to be sold. I also saw Ticketek trying to reboot, suspending sales, and every seat in the G becoming unavailable. 5 mins after the reboot, we secured seats for a group of 9, all seated together.
  7. Pretty slim pickings on that side of the river, as far as decent accommodation/eating/drinking options go, to the point that I'd avoid staying in that part of Hobart I'd recommend staying in the city, around the waterfront if you can get it. Heaps of food and drink options in North Hobart, Battery Point or Salamanca Bellerive is 10 mins drive from the city. There will be free buses to the ground too Call the Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre on 03 6238 4222. They will find and book accommodation for you, saving you all the heavy lifting. They don't charge booking fees or commission either.
  8. Hobart City Council is a sponsor of North to get the games in Hobart, hence the banners in the Mall and on other streets Should be a great day! Can't wait to get along
  9. Col was a guest assistant coach for North Launceston the weekend before last. North Launceston's head coach is ex-Dee Tom Couch, son of Paul.
  10. Agreed that some Tasmanians would follow their original clubs, while others fully jump ship, but enough support for a local side would still be there. Bellerive holds 20,000 at present. A Tasmanian AFL team would be the hottest ticket in town (see Hobart Hurricanes), and you could guarantee that AFL would be a sell out every week. The current AFL teams in Tasmania are still heavily supported by neutral supporters, such is the appetite for top level football. Sold out games would mean that you would need to be a member to have access to the ground. No issue selling memberships at all
  11. Wishing Jesse all the best for a speedy recovery. To all the lads out there, this really drums home the message that, if you feel or notice something unusual, go to your GP. Best to have it dealt with early. The 25-40 age bracket is the most common age for testicular cancer, so swallow your pride, and get it checked out.
  12. You can't use the Telstra login to watch on the website this year - only through the AFL app on the Telstra device. No more connecting the laptop to the tv via HDMI to watch replays!
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