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Found 4 results

  1. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2013-05-27/cale-morton *EDIT* Rephrasing my earlier sentiment. Good to see the media have to sink to interviewing a guy (who happens to be the [censored] of all flogs) who can't get a game, in an effort to find new material to continue their onslaught against Melbourne. Regardless of him not directly attacking us in this article, he's still a [censored]
  2. Games MFC 2012 9 MFC Total 73 Goals MFC 2012 2 MFC Total 33 Games CSFC 2012 7 Goals CSFC 2012 4 MFC 91 kicks 57 handballs 148 disposals 35 marks 20 tackles Keith "Bluey" Truscott Memorial Trophy 97 votes
  3. In his fourth season Morton, who came to the club as a high first round draft selection, disappointed with poor form and low confidence, struggling to find his place in the side. He is still highly regarded and is expected to improve under the coaching of Mark Neeld and his assistants. Games MFC 2011 14 MFC Total 64 Goals MFC 2011 5 MFC Total 31 Games CSFC 2011 4 Goals CSFC 2011 0
  4. It's not pronounced, but I thought on these twitter photos Cale seems to be showig some definition in those arms finally... Is it just me? Is it the terminal boredom of the offseason? Is it grasping at straws because I'm so desperate to see him make something of himself..? http://t.co/DTya9igs http://t.co/UfPoTsEy http://t.co/Yco3x0rT Any thoughts?
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