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  1. Whatever the result next Saturday, this football team we support has brought me more joy this year than any other year that I have supported them, including’64. The players , coaches and support staff have my greatest admiration and thanks for what they have achieved to date, for themselves, the Club and for us loyal supporters. That sentiment will not be diminished if the worst were to happen on Saturday night. I would also like to state that while I’d love to be able to see it live in person, that fact that I can’t will not diminish the shear joy and ecstasy I will feel if we win. It’s our time, I believe.
  2. I don't see Tomlinson down back next year. Petty, to my mind, has surpassed him for that role. Not sure where he fits in to be honest - he won't (shouldn't) get the wing back. Perhaps he ventures forward and competes with Tmac for the CHF role.
  3. Hardtack, you can post Paul Kelly any time you want. What an amazing wordsmith and storyteller he is. Thank you
  4. My sister-in-law is a doggies fan. She's not so bad. We live 850km apart - that helps.
  5. And best of all, 3 future father/sons, and 1 future father/daughter.
  6. Its a bye week next week OD. Lets us old blokes catch our breath.
  7. Its been over a month since you posted OD. At first I thought because we were playing so well, you had nothing to complain about. Then i thought back and remembered that your later posts were somewhat positive in nature - and i thought, he has now become a believer at last. So i was concerned. Glad you are OK. And for your benefit, we are in the GF saturday week in Perth, starting at 7.15pm our time. Don't miss it!
  8. Anyone caught importing Covid into WA between now and Saturday week, will be publicly hung on the MCG
  9. Please go easy on the maid Uncle. Stick with the Shiraz tonight mate.
  10. Viney fantastic, but unbelievably hasn’t laid one tackle
  11. luv the fact that our Demonland ladies are such badarses.
  12. If Hunt is fit, then I hope he gets the nod over Hibbert. At least he was in form before he got injured. Hibbert on the other hand has been dropped twice(?) this year because his form was poor. And with no VFL to get back to form, why would you choose Hibbert if you had the choice? Surely form wins over experience, or N Jones and N Jetta would be picked.
  13. I need help please. How do I import an MP3 file from Dropbox? I can play it fine from Dropbox, but when I load it here it doesn’t seem to want to play.
  14. For Father’s Day, my son sent me an early mix of a song his band were recording just before lockdown. Although not the intent, the lyrics seemed to resonate with the current plight of being a Dee’s supporter. (aw, who am I kidding. It’s just a shameless plug for his band!) Anyway, this is what I’m currently listening to. 1386030045_holdingoutmyhand.mp3
  15. Sorry if I missed it, but is there a reason players have not already been vaccinated? With all of the interstate travel, I would have thought it would have been a requirement.
  16. Thanks LDVC, I re- read it myself in that light and concede it could be read that way. So I have altered my post and apologised to titan for that specific comment.
  17. Seriously? Your last sentence was definitely not a double negative. If you made a mistake then own it, but don’t claim something for what it certainly wasn’t. POST NOTE - I’ll retract this statement titan, as I may have misread it. Apologies. Also, if you are going to quote me, please do so accurately. Don’t use words that might suit your narrative in place of what I actually said Finally I have never once in these posts praised Smiths’ game, nor can I remember anyone else doing so. So don’t say I have. That is just your obvious biases against Smith showing through again. Its ok to not like a player titan, but don’t make [censored] up Personally, I think he should be dropped this week for Hunt, but, as I said in my original post, I trust in Goody to make the right calls.
  18. You’ve got me confused titan. Your last sentence clearly seems to back up my main comment, yet your first two sentences seem to imply a contradiction of that. Perhaps you could explain? I certainly don’t have any double standards towards Smith. I admitted in my post that I have no idea as to whether he will or won’t make it as a good player. I also said that I trust Goody’s selection reasoning. So where is this so called double standard? I also certainly never said or implied that Cameron always “tears up everyone he plays on”, I simply said that based on his form in our game, I doubted there was anyone on our list who would have kept him quiet - which you agreed with. Perhaps you might look at your own biases titan, before questioning mine.
  19. What gets me is the arrogance of Green, playing a game of chicken with a stationary umpire, and believing he has the right of way. There is definitely intentional disrespect of the ump - whether there was body contact or not - and that deserves more than a fine.
  20. To those who are taking pot-shots at Joel Smith tonight, perhaps they could honestly nominate one fit MFC player who would have the speed and agility to have been able to curb Cameron tonight. Cameron had a good night - Joel didn’t have a great one, but he did win some one on one contests with Cameron that no one in our team would have. I have no idea if Smith will ever develop into a good footballer, but I do trust that if Goody has selected him in front of Hibbert, 3 weeks in a row, its for a very good reason.
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