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  1. I’ve heard that the reason for the extra round added is so that the AFL can siphon off a portion of the profits received into a new fund they have created to help finance the new training and admin facility for the MFC. ( this may or may not be factual but very happy if it was true)
  2. Good advice Willy. I remember the frenzy on here when we selected Fraser Rosman. It all goes a bit over the top. I mean, I think I had Fraser pegged for winning the Brownlow this year.
  3. Thanks Dee Zephyr. What a great photo. But it should be captioned. Any takers: “It’s a beautiful day Don’t let it get away….”
  4. He actually looks a better version of that Jackson fellow we selected a few years back.
  5. Jolly actually played in two winning gf sides - Swans and Pies.
  6. My bet is that Daisy will be our mens senior coach in about 5 years time.
  7. she lives! im talking very softly for your benefit WCW.
  8. Matt, I just had a listen to the interview with Kate and I certainly didn’t get the “we are back at square one” impression. My impression was Kate was saying that now the election is done and dusted, we will be able to get things rolling again with the Govt. Maybe I’m more optimist than pessimist but I believe that we will get what we want (eventually), where we want it (MCG remodelling) and that funding from the Government will not be an issue. And I’ll continue to hold onto that belief until proven otherwise.
  9. Love your work WCW. You remind me of the energiser bunny - you just keep going and going and going… And if you have as much energy drinking as you do performing, then those premier ladies are certainly in for a hangover tomorrow.
  10. Can’t understand why we are persisting to talk about Jimmy Toumpas in this thread. How is he relevant to this?
  11. Right about now they are all probably 3 sheets to the wind - and rightfully so. Great effort ladies.
  12. I wonder if Old Dee is secretly celebrating the win after sneaking a look at the game. I hope he did.
  13. I’d hope it’s Daniel Turner. (Because that might mean that one of Petty or May plays forward - preferably May).
  14. I think that if JT and co believe that Matthew Jefferson is the best player available at pick 13(14), then I think we will pick him. But if, in their opinion, there is a better player available, we won’t.
  15. the below article has references to the scientific studies done on this: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2021/04/26/earth-axis-shift-climate-change-has-shifted-axis-of-rotation/7383383002/
  16. I’m sure Uncle, that you were able to inform your learned friend that climate change has resulted in the melting of the polar ice caps, and it is this that has led to a small shift in the polar axis resulting in the extreme weather events occurring all over the world.
  17. Go girls - we are all behind you! (Except Old Dee that is)
  18. Sorry mate, it seems I plagiarised two people, not just one. I'll share my royalties with both you and layzie.
  19. Layzie, your work inspired me (well I actually plagiarised your good work ‘cause I’m also lazy): There once was a lad named Luke, Whose talents were certainly no fluke We asked him to stay But he left anyway His departure made us all want to puke.
  20. I have absolutely no idea what you guys are talking about. Would you please provide, for dummies like me, the solution to your conundrum Tim. (Maybe I’m the only one who cannot do it)
  21. Here is another theory Roger. The Club, and most likely the Government as well, saw a better long-term solution in having our facilities included in the redevelopment of the Warne stand. This will obviously take a lot longer to eventuate. Until then, following the world cup, we will utilise the revamped facilities at AAMI. It may be that until the design work for the redevelopment has been finalised and the funding approved, the Club cannot /don't want to announce this. The silence from the Club on this is regrettably deafening, and I hope for the Board's sake that this silence is due to similar reasons to the above, and not because we have nothing - as a number of you are suggesting.
  22. I agree, we oar to let this error RIP.
  23. as opposed to a Bitter one…..
  24. Guys, now that you have finished dumping on poor old Gus, why don’t you do the fair thing and have a dump on our other players as well. Or not.
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