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  1. Absolutely awesome, Demons we’re brilliant, I’ve a glow of happiness, and look forward to celebrating at the G next year about this time!!
  2. On song as usual Binman ! Even better than our last 6 matches, just look at our last 10 quarters, immense! Our percentage is over 200% in that time - we look rock solid! Bont isn’t 100% on top of Martin & Keath! The one move I would make is Harmes as half forward onto Daniels, will kill him in air, and put immense pressure on him! Demons just kick straight and put Dogs away by half time!!
  3. Feeling confident our last10 quarters of football terrific, a fit 23, in form, will bring pressure, it’s ours today!! Dogs comparatively, good 2nd half against Bombers lucky and umpire assisted against Lions who we beat by 4 goals 9! Average standard game, except it was close! beat the witches hats called Port! Demons will deliver four more ferocious quarters today and Dogs won’t stand the heat!! Go Demons - Cup in sight!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks Demonland for making the football more enjoyable, Andy, George, & Binman for the podcast - great body of work! To all the rest of the fans on Demonland, may you end the day Deliriously Happy!! Keep this piece of play in the back of your mind from the PF, where cats were out and looked sure to kick a goal, Demons chased desperately, and rather than Cats goal, Brayshaw smothers a pressured kick over the boundary line. That act of desperation when the game was over exemplifies why we win today! 57 years of joy coming up! GO DEMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Just kick 2.0 or 3.0 and keep doing what you’ve been doing last six weeks! Been competing really strongly! BbB has been great value and a key part of the team!
  6. Even though Martin won Brownlow followed by Norm Smith, can’t imagine winning it & all interviews etc. is a great build up to the GF
  7. Only made it to halftime and headed up to the bar to almost drown out the 2nd half!
  8. While I think most likely no change, if anything happens will be Hunt in for: - Jordan as medisub or - Hunt in for Rivers, Riv to medisub, which would be harsh after his year - Hibberd was very solid Friday night - Sparrow had a very solid finals campaign
  9. Gawn will dominate Martin and with Viney back in form, added to Petracca & Oliver our midfield will more than match it with the Dogs.
  10. We didn’t tag Daniels either. Viney in form to Libba limits Bont. We didn’t unveil anything extra in that game. We will definitely be much better, was at end of our ordinary performances.
  11. The Dogs best players pretty much all played well, including the 3 in yellow as shown by the free kick count. Demons best players generally had an ordinary night. If we bring close to our best we win!
  12. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Just blo-ody brilliant! Can’t wait for the GF! Every player their role. Max awesome. Trac, Viney & Oliver terrific. I thought maybe a little early for Sparrow and Bowery but they were great. To absolutely pants Geelong just tops it off! Goodwin, the FD, recruitment and whole club have built something we will enjoy for years! One more win in 2021 to start a dynasty!!!!
  14. I’d be 100% satisfied with a boring game. Get 5 goals in front by quarter time and just add 2 goals a qtr to the lead! Kuck straight and crush them! Go Demons, it’s our year!
  15. While I don’t think umpires cheat, as in life, people have people they like/dislike or know well vs not knowing. Whether umpires like the way the Dogs play, they are generally a ball playing highly skilled team, they do seem to get rub on 50/50 calls and throwing the ball. If I was a Lions supporter, would have been pretty [censored] with the last 5 mins of umpiring that seemed the Dogs way! As for Danger, Selwood and Hawkins, all great players, but they do get favoured treatment from umpires and tribunal! Compare their treatment to Max, Clarry and Kossie re frees, Max hit in head and arms, plus blocked nearly every marking contest, Clarry held most centre bounces, Kossie gets held, hit and buried in tackles for very few frees, if he was treated like Weightman, he’d have another two shots at goal each week! Unfortunately I think umpires influence too many games and over season fortunately it generally levels out, but Dogs & the Cat trio get favoured treatment from what I see!
  16. Aside from home ground advantage, they have a salary cap advantage- as real estate is cheaper in Geelong & surrounds compared to Melbourne and come home factor that seems to lure star players back at under the odds money! Still professionally run club, that make finals year in year out! Demons should be ideally prepared to deliver our best and that should be enough to beat the Cats next week!
  17. Dogs & Cats both get great treatment from the umpires. Dogs I’m not sure way, seem to be a ball playing team, but they are allowed to throw the ball at will, might get called once or twice a game. 50/50 calls all go their way! Anyway I think with Weightman out and likely Bont, even beneficial treatment from umps won’t get them over the line. Cats Selwood, Dangerfield & Hawkins, can hit players in head deliberately, throw the ball, run too far, push in the back and kick out of bounds intentionally and still get everything in their favour from the umps & league! How many times Selwood and Hawkins have get players in head or driven heads into ground and not suspended is beyond a joke. If either ever seriously injured someone, league wouldn’t have a leg to stand on in a court case, as let both get away with it all the time! Demons have beaten all comers this season and I think will be ready to bring four quarters of pressure next week. The Cats couldn’t stop us in round23 on our 3rd 6 day break, we are now cherry ripe and Cats were ordinary against a weak tired Giants, big chance for the Demons to destroy Geelong, and it would be fantastic!!
  18. They had a golden run and still couldn’t beat us! Giants fielded ordinary team last night, no Toby Green, Hogan & no Tom Green, from a team already missing 6 starters! Demons by 5 goals plus, will absolutely run over the top of them.
  19. Assuming you are based in SA so can get to WA okay? Unlike we poor Vic’s.
  20. Agree that our strength in the air, accentuates ground ball/ mid/ roving type goals. Hunt has been very good in this area, and Hibberd also vs Greene and I think likely re Robbie Gray. It seems to me that against GWS and Port, Hunt and Hibberd play instead of Smith and Bowey( who would be very stiff to miss after 5-6 very solid games). Also vs Port, TMac sticking with Allir makes sense. Against Cats I’m probably also leaning to Hunt for his run as it will hurt Cats as game goes on, and like Hibberd to throw at Dangerfield if required, or body Rohan. I also think that extra mature body in Hibberd and his and Hunt game experience will help in the big knockout finals. Am slightly torn going this way as Bowey has great skills and has played 5-6 very handy games. Smith was showed up by Cameron last night, and just okay vs Cats.
  21. If GWS Hibberd for Smith to play on Greene (even though Greene should definitely get a few weeks as he deliberately bumped an umpire, imagine this type of action or worse at lower levels, should get 2-4 weeks or longer, knowing AFL will only fine him) Hunt for Bowey If Greene suspended, Hunt for Smith. Giants like Lions are a dirty team, so would be tempted Hibberd for Bowey If Cats, Hunt for Smith TMac stays, will be better after two week prep for Prelim, he helps Fritsch & Brown, would just like to see him further up ground and BBB closer to goal! Re Cats vs Giants, Cats really suffered on short break and losing Stewart, and Giants slowed to a walk in last, lucky Swans missed 4 gettable shots in last 10 mins. Hoping for a bruising encounter, that will see Demons fresh and ready to run over top of both of these teams in a Prelim
  22. While 2019 was a horrid year, brought us Jackson, Pickett & Rivers in draft. Add Spargo, Petty, Jordan, Fritsch, Sparrow, Bowey, just great drafting! That we are one of the youngest teams and playing so well is just brilliant. Fantastic win on the back of youth. Primed to win this year and be in the frame for next 5 years. Terrific win last night, just straighten up kicking, and ten goal win! Go Demons!
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