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  1. Just checking you have got the right forum - this is is Melbourne Football Club, we aren’t very familiar with GF’s…
  2. Must be accurate. St Kilda had an amazing full back…
  3. Nice one. Also good to see typewriters still being used for WA teams
  4. It’s a shame my old footy coach didn’t understand the role I was playing. He dropped me after i regularly got limited stats
  5. Beat Port Adelaide at Adelaide and draw to an undermanned Hawthorn at ‘G, how bizarre. Reckon I could finish the whole song after that putrid game!
  6. Funny, I often tell my Carlton mates the same thing - “don’t worry, you guys have the list and talent”. It’s just so hard to keep a straight face while I do it.
  7. Need to hang tough, like crows did to us
  8. Big game tonight. A win means we can return to watching and enjoying every possible footy show during the week
  9. Would you really have the courage to tell Viney that you’re not selecting him...
  10. Pfft. Not convinced until we beat a team above us
  11. Disagree, think he has reached/very close to his potential off the field.
  12. Disappointed Oliver missed that goal...
  13. Quick summary. Lose to Freo last year - bad. Win against Freo this year - also bad
  14. Surely Gary Rohan should not make himself available for any final/gf
  15. What a shame we can’t rely on a team to choke in the last game to let us into the finals (like MFC...)
  16. I like the thought about Hawthorns pain, unfortunately history suggests otherwise
  17. Understandable it wasn’t directly from Brody, he is still asleep...
  18. Rhetorical question, is that you Bruce McAvaney?
  19. Agree, the Gysberts brothers were rubbish
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