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  1. slow play then dump kick long ... hasn't worked for 4 weeks why are we still do the same old rubbish
  2. Hopefully show a bit of effort tonight. Lets go boys
  3. too be far a lot of the guys are not 100%. The bath water they have been drinking is making them ill
  4. if it wasn't for gus would have lost by a lot more
  5. this last qrt is like watching melbourne 10 years ago gutless and hopeless
  6. just got no chase today, no 2nd effort and no connection. keep over running the ball and misses the passes
  7. can't even watch this anymore Play 1 qrt then decided we are done No effort No heart
  8. You take the 4 points but could of been a lot more if we didn't kick 16 points
  9. wish gawn had left that last one for fritta
  10. none of them can kick today Is it a physical game in slippery conditions and North are kicking straight
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