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  1. Mark my words. Unless Goodwin makes significant changes to the team line up and sparks some sort of passion in them. Weds Night will be an absolute MASSACRE!! I’m talking a 15 goal loss.
  2. If TMac isn’t put to CHB get him out! (listening to the presser he is staying forward so) OUT TMAC C Wagner Spargo TSmith Lockhart Garlett Lewis would want to never play that bad again or see ya later! What bathwater did Goodwin feed these players over summer??
  3. This is the start of a new Era. All embarrassing Hoodoos have now been broken. Sydney was the last team we hd not beaten for 9 years. We have also now won on everyone ground in the last 5 years except for Hobart.
  4. Kolodjashni won’t play rd1. Fritsch will be in that team.
  5. Mmm I was apart from the obvious. Hoping his statement would backfire after we beat Hawthorn..
  6. In order. Peak 1. Coming out and humiliating Geelong on the big stage and beating them when it counted to win our first final in 12 years. In game moment was Jones goal Which he kicked right in front of me. 2. Beating Hawthorn in the Semi. In game moment, Jack Viney’s bulldozing play (that gave the “Worpedo” a free lesson on how to actually play) to Set up Brayshaw’s mark that put it past Hawthorns reach. 3. Beating West Coast in Weat Coast to make the finals. Wasn’t able to watch the game, had to listen on the radio while working. In game moment looking back was, the stoppage Jones tapped the ball with his foot to get it out to Brayshaw that started the paly down the wing which led to Melksham putting us back in front.
  7. ??‍♂️ Why not just kick him in the gonads as well while we’re at it? Jones isn’t a fringe player. He is heart & soul.
  8. Who was the Greens MP that said there’s more chance of us winning a flag than this happening? I really wanted to ask him how nervous he was before the Prelim.
  9. I couldn’t agree more. Few emotional “fans”. Remember when we sacked James McDonald? That went well didn’t it.. lewis I could make a case for speed and someone with Similar foot skill. But Christ. Jones isn’t going anywhere.
  10. My Best 22 FB: Salem Oscar Jetta HB: Lever Frost Hibb/May C. Fritsch Brayshaw Hibb/____ HF: Spargo Hogan Melksham FF: ________ T Mc Petracca Foll: Gawn Oliver Viney Int: Jones _______ Harmes, Vanders In my opinion. We need Speed! But Hunt isn’t the man going forward. His kicking is actually getting worse. I like Stretch when he gets abit of confidence. Lewis is done. Tyson gave all he had for the last 2 months but time to move on. Weiderman has made a big headache when it comes to balancing out smalls and talks up forward.. ANB Needs a kick in the ass. Joel Smith isn’t the answer. Jones is too slow to play on a wing (Has to play in the guts or rotate on the bench or through Half Back) Gawn Needs help. I hope we get Gaff but I’m hearing the club won’t pay the 1.2 million he wants a year. He would go straight to the wing if we got him. potentially if we Got May. Hibberd could go to a wing.
  11. What you need to do. Is go and get that part of your brain cut out. Hunt is no where near it and provides us with nothing that improves us. Garlett stamped his own papers against the Swans. No Heart picks and chooses contests..
  12. I heard a whisper that Geelong are planning on offering us their next first round pick for this guy!
  13. Hard to argue against that when it’s right. Haven’t shaped the comp since the 50s.. My grandad (rest his soul) saw all of them. I went to his grave left last years membership a picture of Max that joins the one already there of Angus. Asked him for god sake to pass down some of that luck and success he had watching the Dees!
  14. I can understand the blind excitement now we are in the finals.. But the Weid ain’t above a guy like Fritsch who has played more games this year than the Weid 3 years into his career. Hannan Spargo & Neal Bullen still a head of him quite comfortably as well..
  15. Garlic, maybe even chilli if I was feeling up to it..
  16. The amount of Neeld sympathizes that were probly [censored] canning Neeld on this forum 5/6 years ago is disgusting. You've all forgotten how bad it was.
  17. Getting White girl wasted and probably [censored] the bed with a kebab half eaten still in my hand..
  18. I know the board was in ruins and the 180 point loss was diabolical. But he inherited a list that had managed to win 8.5 games the two previous years, that was renown for being able to rebound of the half backline just as good as any, all be it mainly against mid tier and lower sides. He had a base to build on not completely rip the soul out of. He made Green start as a SUB! Told our reigning BnF and best midfielder to basically F off ( i know moloney had issues) Recruited the worst players from Geelong. He imploded from rd1 and developed a twitch. Im not sure if you remember. But the training sessions I went to at Casey, he would sit in the coaches box up the top and just watch. He had a room for players to come into to talk footy and a room to come in and not talk footy. This guy was a complete looney.
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