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  1. Have said multiple times on here would love to have him at the club. Super please to see this news. Great off season for the club so far, hopefully it will translate into onfield success ❤️
  2. Hahaha yeah true. Especially now that I’ve just found out Chocco is now a Demon! Might have to sign up the dog the cat the budgie and the goldfish like they do at some of the larger profile clubs
  3. Ok so when I told the membership department (after the Freo loss) that I am cancelling my auto-renew and only signing on for next year if there were some decent changes made in the coaching space and ideally Mahoney gone as well, I didn't actually think that would occur. Looks like I'm calling tomorrow and signing up for 2021 👍
  4. Hi Werridee, definitely agree with 3 of those, but why would we accept pick 31 for Preuss, then use pick 18 for a junior ruckman? edit: sorry just saw the rest of the thread, already answered my question.
  5. Agree, and we only paid pick 33 plus a slip of 2 places on our pick 26 for brown, makes Brown look like an absolute bargain! Would have loved Philips for anything from pick 30 up so a bit disappointed we didn’t do something there but Mahoney can par himself on the back for a job very well done this year
  6. Little known fact, West Coast trained at the MCG more than we did in 2019.
  7. For what it’s worth and nothing more, a mate who runs at about 80% accuracy on trade gossip says Polec to Melbourne will happen.
  8. Lloyd took forever too, would have loved him if he was at the Dees!
  9. Dunstall wouldn’t kick a goal a game with the way we deliver it to our forward line, so might as well pay base price for a bunch of potatoes to sit inside our forward 50 from the menangatang 3rds. Won’t make a scrap of difference unless we change our approach to the way we move the ball and subsequently deliver to our forward line. Saying that, if we do happen to sort out our woes and deliver it somewhat optimally to a player like Brown, then he could just be the bloke for us! Sign him up! Provided north are happy to accept our pick number 789 which is our first pick In the draft I believ
  10. Have read it a couple of times that some would like to get rid of Hore. https://afltables.com/afl/stats/players/M/Marty_Hore.html You may want to check his stats before making that suggestion. He is exactly the type of player we need.
  11. haha just said that to my wife, surely every AFL player/person/wife/child etc should be sent home to Melbourne if they aren’t involved in finals. Think it would be pretty unfair if they all get to party it up for the next few weeks in QLD. Send them back to Melbourne, then they can follow the rules that the rest of the country has to if they want to travel anywhere outside of Melbourne.
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