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  1. They don’t have a need for a VFL standard player either
  2. Yeah, been holding out hope that with a string of games Weid would find his feet. Sad to say that we need to trade him for whatever we can get for him, even if that’s a pick in the 40s. I would sooner have another small forward down there as we may get some additional pressure from them and use one of gawn/dogga as the other tall.
  3. Hard to see on TV at times but I think the thing that bugs me about Weid is that he jogs when he needs to RUN to apply pressure to the player who is invariably in front of him attacking the ball. I went back and watched some of the second half of the game again and was just trying to find out what weid was doing when not in the direct marking contest, and it seems he spends a lot of time not running particularly hard to do something, even if it’s just keeping a little pressure on his opponent
  4. Think Jordan can have another week, then have a break with the rest of the team at the bye
  5. Just another of our regulation 4-6 goal wins
  6. BT seems very disappointed we are winning
  7. To the person on here that said Kozi needs a rest next week……. ooops
  8. What is a sling tackle these days? I can’t work out what is and what isn’t anymore
  9. 4 times this quarter we’ve have forward clean and in space inside 50 and we have kicks of directly the spare Brisbane player inside 50
  10. would be alright if he was at least taking the best defender but he’s not
  11. That’s on you Hunt, should have been having a shot at the other end
  12. That’s 3 [censored] woeful kicks inside 50 this quarter. Gawn standing by himself 30 out, hint kicks it straight to the Brisbane guy in no Mandy land behind him
  13. Two ducking dreadful kicks to one on one contests inside 50 there, thank god for Tmac
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