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  1. 100% Every club should play their 11 home games where they choose. This includes geelong who should have 11 home games down there if they want them and so the likes of richmond, Collingwood and Essendon (who havent been there since 1993!!!!) Have to go down there too. Added to that, if its your home game you wear whatever the hell you want and the opposition has to not clash.... but thats another topic
  2. Still a bit of work to go but moving petracca to the end would be amazing
  3. Hahahahaha Hahahaha hahahaha Not a chance
  4. Hes a much better coach when he's on the boundary. Can talk to players etc etc Leave the tactics to the assistants
  5. Alex Neale-Bullen would be out until queens birthday if he'd done what danger did
  6. Leon Cameron isn't fit to coach the under 8s Eddie betts is a legend Dimma will be one of the all time great coaches. Unfortunately. You can tell hes come through Clarkson with the emphasis on education rather than just giving sprays Watched 3 eps so far
  7. The problem is that we are running out of time Our older players are just that The middle tier are hitting their peak Weve traded in ready made talent If we get off to a poor start and its the same old same old they need to pull the trigger early. The absolute worst thing that could happen is we get to the bye at 5-6 and then do the sacking because the back half of the season is much harder and itll totally waste the whole year. Must be 3-1 if we want to play finals. Dont forget this is goodwins 5th year. 5th. In that time we've finished 9th because we weren't ruthless enough and lost winnable games Had a streak of 4 great wins that included a west coast with no key forwards, a cooked GWS, a cooked geelong and a declining hawks - after we nearly threw it all away by losing to a bottom 6 sydney A disaster of a year And then 9th when we lost 2 games we absolutely should have won in freo and sydney (again!) We have all Australians all over the park We absolutely shoukd be aiming for a MINIMUM of top 6 If we dont look like that after the first month then changes must be made
  8. The players are not nearly as angry as i am after sitting through the last 15 years of crap and empty promises
  9. if we lose to freo its time for simon to go. there are no excuses nearly a full team at home plenty of motivation after finishing 9th BECAUSE WE LOST TO FREO
  10. first of all Picket, thanks for your reports - as someone who cant get to training i certainly appreciate them! Id really be interested to know how our training matches up with a geelong or a richmond. would be good to compare standards/drills etc etc to see where we are at, but that would probably be a full time job!
  11. Hi, Yes every home team should be able to wear whatever they want as home team. They should be able to dress as flamingos if they want. Every team should also be able to wear whatever they want as away team - as long as they dont clash with the home team. Simple really
  12. [censored] west coast love to whinge dont they. any game we play in qld is an away game cant we have more than 25 staff like everyone else VFL bias you dont hear this from any other club
  13. The thing is it's hardly fair to have to play there every year. Should be home away home away.
  14. That was a good weekend. Rip liver
  15. Www.Afltables.com/afl/teams/melbourne/allgames_tm.html 2 home games from the last 12 fixtures not including the final.
  16. Not a fan of having to pay a minimum 90% of the salary cap (at any level) Means you end up overpaying spuds
  17. Lock in a trip to kardinia 13 years 12 away games 3 home games (not including the final) How about gagf afl
  18. Yes. Because he knew they did it and were about to get busted so self reporting was a way of lessening the punishments they were going to cop
  19. Hi I'm a chemist I just invented a super drug that makes you fit and strong 4x times faster than steroids No one has heard of it cos i just invented it I havent tested it on humans but it should be sweet Its definitely legal, wada havent listed it as illegal yet ???
  20. The reading from swamp about wins from 2006 is even worse. Boy oh boy we are rubbish
  21. When will this club get serious about winning flags? Last year we made a prelim and got smashed but it was pats on the back for all. This year we've been garbage. Again. In my humble opinion, we wont be serious until we have an actual home. A real home. Not sharing with storm et al. With a social club for members etc. I appreciate finding a site for this is difficult but until we have this and stop accepting mediocrity we will never win a flag. Thoughts?
  22. Literally doesnt matter if we'd picked dusty and fyfe, we couldnt develop a cold let alone an afl footballer at the time
  23. We'll never maximize our chances of a flag while we still need the $ from selling our home games
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