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  1. King went on about that Richmond had more inside 50 then Melbourne. He most not have watched the game as a lot of the inside 50 went straight to a Melbourne player standing by himself.
  2. What happens to Spargo’s suspension can he play next week.
  3. we won by about 10 goals 14 a side.
  4. A lot of members must be getting scarfs as all spots at the Jaguar dealers are filled. Only spot left is the mcg gate 3
  5. 42186 now getting close to all time high
  6. Anyone know the scores. just realised game is today.
  7. Great result. Good to see presedent and CEO at hearing. Also noticed Dermie with a Melbourne tie on foxtel league teams.
  8. Fitzpatrick did his ankle on the wing. Was supported of the ground.
  9. Went along today. Left feeling much better then 2 years ago. Up till the 8/8 there was no kicking backwards. The aim seem to be to move the ball forwards as fast as possible. The game was a bit messy but that is to be expected when both sides know the game plan. Lost of talking and telling players to move into positions. Bring on the real games.
  10. The MCG car park could be full. The Johova's Witness is on at Rod Laver
  11. http://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/tabid/8667/contentid/327742/default.aspx
  12. Have a look at the AFL highlights of Melbourne on the MFC website. Make you want the footy to start soon.
  13. Here are some more photos. New facilities in the back ground come along well.
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