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  1. Goodwin acknowledged this on On The Couch last night. Conceded that moving him to the wing/half-back was a mistake of his. Said it in a bit of jest, but I'm sure he agrees it was a failure of an idea when we did it.
  2. I always thought Lockhart was going to make it. Rivers, Hunt and Bowey have all ended up being superior small defenders though. Always loved vandenBerg's spirit, but as a club we have developed to a point where players need more than vandenBerg's aggression to get a gig in the 22.
  3. A sad day. Nev was one of the greats. Gave his all, always. How often did he find himself one-on-one with someone 15cm+ taller than him? Could easily have been AA playing a role that is difficult to master. Brought true leadership to the club, too. Go well, Nev.
  4. Goodwin on On The Couch tonight said there is a Wednesday deadline. I suspect something to do with announcing delistings prior to the FA/trade period so that players know where they stand? Edit: or maybe the deadline was that the players get their CBA-mandated annual leave starting from Wednesday so we had to run exit interviews today and tomorrow, or something like that.
  5. Yes this irrationally excites me too. I never thought I'd see a Melbourne jumper with the gold reigning premiers logo, but next year its ours!
  6. On The Couch tonight looked at the Dogs' set up in those critical centre bounces. How utterly ironic, poetic even, that we won a Grand Final by getting on top through our opponent succumbing to the "bees to the honeypot" problem.
  7. Gawn, Martin, Oliver, Salem, Cordy and May all tied with 2 intercept marks.
  8. There's a clear flaw when Petracca gets 23 out of 30 votes available (76%) but is beaten for the award by someone who got 25 out of 40 (62.5% of the votes available).
  9. No issue with the Daniel tackle. Come on guys. But I have an issue with the Bont bump. He chooses to bump and contacts the head. How many times has the AFL said the head is sacrosanct, and that if you choose to bump and make high contact, you're in trouble? It shouldn't matter that it's the GF and the season's over.
  10. Apparently there were also calls from Adam Papalia on 6PR and Derrwayne on AFL Nation. I can't get enough coverage!
  11. You are a legend! You don't happen to have the Perth Triple MMM commentary, with Dennis?
  12. This is fantastic. I wonder if the Perth Triple MMM commentary is out there somewhere. Would love to hear Dennis Commetti's take on those goals.
  13. Simon Goodwin: 111 games*, 62 wins (55.86% winning record), 5-1 in finals (83.3% winning record), 1-0 in Grand Finals (100% winning record) Chris Scott: 261 games, 179 wins (68.6% winning record), 10-15 in finals (40% winning record), 1-1 in Grand Finals (50%) Damien Hardwick: 274 games, 154 wins (56.2% winning record), 10-5 in finals (67% winning record), 3-0 in Grand Finals (100%) Alastair Clarkson: 390 games, 228 wins (58.50% winning record), 16-10 in finals (61.5%), 4-1 in Grand Finals (80%) Goodwin's W-L record is comparable with Hardwick's sand Clarkson's and his finals record [censored]s over theirs and Scott's. Yes, this is flippant - the other three have all been around at least twice as long as Goodwin, if not three times as long, and Clarkson and Hardwick have multiple flags. But the numbers are starting to shape up now after five seasons of Goodwin's coaching career and the numbers are pretty good. *doesn't include the one game he coached for Essendon.
  14. My priorities: Sign up our 2022 out of contract players (Jackson, ANB, etc.). That is all. For the first time ever, I don't otherwise care about the trade period. Take whatever picks we have to the draft.
  15. Looks like it, and a lot of other stuff, has sold out. I wonder whether the club can make them available for pre-order? Even if it takes weeks/months to be shipped? Better than having nothing there and people potentially going to other websites to get them?
  16. I can really only recall one outrageous decision and it went in the Dogs' favour - Pickett not getting a free for a high tackle, despite Hunter having got one for the exact same tackle earlier. I really can't recall any other big umpiring errors. Thought the game was well umpired.
  17. I can't help but feel the Dogs put a huge amount of time into Gawn, Lever and May. To a small extent maybe, a degree of disrespect towards the rest of our team. Riewoldt said on the post-match Fox coverage that we can beat sides in different ways. He's right. The simpletons in the AFL media think we're just a defence-first side who wins games based of intercept possessions. We're a lot more than that.
  18. So the radio commentary - is the best option to play it alongside the replay, with the replay on mute, to hear the radio commentary with the game?
  19. If it wasn't clear already, it is now. Goodwin's press conferences and the front he puts up to the media is just that: a front. It's not who he is behind closed doors, or privately. Listen to him on the Gus & Gawny podcast. Watch the vision of him talking to the boys after the prelim. And of course, watch him party with the boys after the Granny. The way he fronts the media is his way of focusing on the job at hand.
  20. Is that right? Interesting. Where did you hear that?
  21. May told Channel 7 that he had a scan, the doctor didn't tell him the result, but that the scan apparently showed damage. He looked shaky early but I thought he and Lever in the third quarter lifted and that made a big difference.
  22. Thought maybe a thread to discuss merchandise and memorabilia would be a good idea. https://shop.melbournefc.com.au/premiers/ is a starting point - looks like plenty might have already sold out (e.g. the adults guernsey). Do they still do DVDs of the replay? I don't have a DVD player but what if the internet ever drops out when I need to watch a replay? I'm also going to buy a printed newspaper tomorrow, for the first time in years.
  23. They were trying to get him off the camera just then I reckon. He comes in and says "I spoke with Gary Pert on the ground, he was telling me about how in a minute Garry Lyon is going to hand us the premiership cup". That is zero insight, that's just a waste of space talking himself up.
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