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  1. Its funny that so many wrote the dogs off. The spent a lot of time on top of the ladder. They have an awesome midfield and some very good tall fwds. The reality was they had a slump at the end of the h and a. But they are a top team that gets a leg up by being favored more than any club by the umps.
  2. I was thinking exactly the same thing last week that I have never met a dogs supporter.
  3. Last time we played the dogs the free kick count was 25 to 12 on a wet night in their favor. It had a huge impact. Doubt that will happen in a GF. We were surprisingly very accurate for once in our prelim. Since we played the dogs we are a lot more settled up fwd. Im wrapped Jack Viney is in form. He could well be the the x factor.
  4. Also get the feeling Tmac is going to finally kick a few. Gf is the perfect time🤩
  5. I wish Id followed my own advice pointed out the dogs were at three dollars twenty for some strange reason
  6. Ahemm. Didnt want to face dogs either but i knew port were pretenders.
  7. Id prefer we play power. The dogs worry me. They are like us.
  8. Why is the gf being played in Perth? Why wasnt it adelaide? Did it need to be neutral?
  9. That's an incredible ammount of frequent flier points for the doggies.
  10. Port and dogs must be worried about our current form.
  11. Lets be honest, its going to be a while for the cats to win a prelim after the number we did on them.
  12. Best of them all and well worth the read. Tx.
  13. This one critiques each cat's player. Eg. 23. Gary Rohan A disaster. Statless at half-time then subbed out with a hamstring injury in the third term with one kick to his name. Now goalless 12 times in 23 finals, including in five of his past seven across past two seasons. 1 https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/teams/geelong-cats/afl-finals-2021-geelong-cats-player-ratings-vs-melbourne-first-preliminary-final-reviews-stats-best-and-worst-players/news-story/afe35c6fc99f6a37182b61b926458b39
  14. Port massive favorites at $1.20 and dogs 3.17 I get the home advantage but dogs beat them there early in the season by twenty points and only just lost by a couple in their second encounter at Marvel. Still dont think port are that strong a chance. Dogs just missed top four by smallest %. Will be close and not what these odds suggest. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if dogs get up. Port a good team remind me of geelong who rely on wins at their home ground to carry them into the eight each year. Personally i would prefer port in a granny but im not sure it will happen.
  15. Mine kicked in when May limped off with his injury.
  16. While most of our team have been consistent this year it seems every week someone steps up to a new level. I love it.
  17. Power at a dollar twenty Dogs at three dollars and fifteen. Will be tough for dogs at a ferral home game but dogs odds seem attractive. Not sure why port are that big a favorite. Apart from gws the dogs were the only finalist to beat us so they are underrated.
  18. That shot of Gary laughing at Max kicking his fourth goal said it all.
  19. I wonder if our round 23 comeback had any part in our win yesterday. It fuelled our confidence and no doubt gave them concern if they could really win. Was great to see us toying with them in the third quarter.
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