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  1. I know people get a bit antsy about the Afl and causes for want of a better word. However this and mental health are definitely worth rallying around. And so often these two things are sadly connected.The suicide rate in Oz is becoming a national tragedy. Reach out anyone, I beg you if you are struggling.
  2. I have it on good authority the director scoured the cwood cheer squad for the yokal roles.
  3. I said it more than once and it's one of the true things I have said... Going on holiday with kids is really going to work with shorts on.
  4. Thanks for sharing. A sad story re your father but it's great you have fond memories. That's the real beauty of the game I reckon. I was fortunate enough to have my dad live till his 80s but lost him four years ago. I was born in 65 and my dad and I always laughed about me never seeing a flag. I told him he gave me a bum club in jest. I'm sure I'm was not alone in thinking about loved ones gone by when we won last year.
  5. And kids? Did he live in Frankston or Dandy?
  6. This will sound elitist but here goes. A mate of mine and I used to have a running observation about Frankston being rougher than Dandenong. He had a vet practice in Franger and I used to visit both burbs for Fairfax digital. We went out for lunch one day in Frankston and on our way saw a bloke at about 11 .45 drinking a udl...sitting in his kids stroller while mom and the kid pushed. I think it's become a lot more civilized some almost 20 years on but needless to say good old Frankston got the chocolates.
  7. Must be the pronouncement over the radio.
  8. Re player number 45....another hyphenated player name. What a classy club this is turning out to be. You won't get this sort of thing at Collingwood.
  9. This thread kind of reminds me of a book once read at University many moons ago. I believe it was called " Waiting for Godot," by some chap called Samuel Beckett.
  10. It's strange that there was only one replay every week. Imagine no footy on demand. What a horrible world that would be.
  11. He looks quite well for his age. You my friend look very tired and that tie isn't doing you any favors.
  12. Sorry Jrmac, I cant help you...I hope so. I'm posting as my mate told me last week that we had won 19 of our three quarters last season which is absolutely awesome. I wish I knew when we were 19 points down. Now the dust has cleared, It really was daylight between us and other clubs. God help em if we get even better.
  13. It must have been quite gut wrenching for Fitzroy folks. I cant imagine if Mfc moved north and changed its names. They must have felt they had wasted a part of their lives. I know it's a rich world issue but still. I would have been mad as hell if I was a Fitzroy fan....especially in light of all the money thrown to keep new clubs going. Its comforting Mfc is doing well not only financially but now we have a Flag again.
  14. TX for sharing some fun stories folks. All just in time for lock down.😶
  15. We have at no expense spared, trumpet man or has he retired?
  16. Unlike English soccer hooligans, we are very good here. Perhaps because the game is more engaging or that we have space to breathe and play and live. Still the lucky country.
  17. Also we had to play all our finals that year at crappy Waverly which cost us.
  18. Wow. Thanks so much Dr G. That was the one alright. I think it was nine or ten by AJ. Such great names on both sides. Spaldings waltz through a pack in the middle. Todd Viney as tough if not tougher than Jack. Stynes with 13 or so mark's. And the booing....just like an eagles game. I'm not sure if I've just been watching the gf too many times but the pace of this old game seemed a lot slower. Certainly not softer. It was the last quarter though. Maybe the turf was wet. Nonetheless it was certainly a smash and crash game with no prisoners taken.
  19. How much of our flag was driven by a 57 year drought? It's hard to quantify I guess. Back to back flags are rare but the desire to play a granny on our home turf will come in to play. Add the fact of so many players starting to peak will be a factor in our favor as well as some more savvy recruiting. I really believe this team not only loved playing, all smiles and laughter coming down the concourse...they also loved winning. Mentally tough teams can do it and I really think we will see that we are one....as demonstrated by all the times we came back from lagging behind last year.
  20. My fondest memory of AJ was when he kicked a bag at Moorabbin...I cant remember how many it was now....I thought it was ten but that seems too much. We won though. There were some angry and ferral Aints fans there too. Won it off his own boot. I think I'll see if I can Google it. I cant remember what year but it must be close to when they shut that [email protected]#$/^le down. Man that guy was a star. I need the footy to return ASAP
  21. No love lost here. Dont hold back mate. As per my previous post here..my mate and I chickened out at age 12 seems in hindsight, the correct call.
  22. Still seems hard to fathom at times, even if I have watched the replay over forty times.
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