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  1. I think it's hard to fluke those six goal bags . One of which he had last year. He's got the skills....I think he's down on confidence.
  2. Apart from being so knackered, did the club get ahead of itself by celebrating Port and Crows wins too early? They seemed wrapped that they won those two games . It was a surprise to me. But did we let the lid off? Especially before the bye. Or was it just a case of two big games taking their toll. Port was a tough game and Crows gave everything including the proverbial kitchen sink. Against a federal crowd and umpires. Lions had a nice training game against the roos. Food for thought.
  3. The sad fact of AFL success is the element of just sheer bad luck/ good luck. Yea sure one can have great depth to try and counter injury fall out, sometimes it is so significant that it's almost impossible to cover. Last year was a case in point we had so many players especially high grade ones hit with injuries. Especially our fwd line. This year sadly isn't tracking too well either. Starting with Gus out for good, every game we have lost someone due to injury. We have lost Bowey, May, Petty, Oliver, Salo, Spargo and Kozzie from suspension. That's a fair whack so early in the season.
  4. I'm not sure. I think it's reasonable to say the jury is still out on Petty in terms of this offer, for sure Not because of his form but rather his body. He has struggled with injuries at a young football age so it's fair to say until he gets a full season on the park it's hard to gauge his true worth. Also it's not unreasonable to suggest that he may not be as versatile as previously thought. How many games has he played forward? And aside from his great bag of six, how many goals has he kicked. That six bag was an incredible effort but I'd bet after that it's inconclusive to say he's a good forward player as well as defender. Of course it's true to say our fwd line hasn't been settled with the group playing a good deal of games together. He had a stinker last round and while probably our worst player, certainly wasn't alone. All in all, I'd be tempted to keep him. One thing for sure, he has certainly demonstrated at a young age that he is a great quality defender.
  5. I wasn't shocked we lost. I was shocked by how poorly we played. I don't want to take away the Lions effort but we were nowhere near our best and the score flattered us. The more marks, clearances and tackles was telling how bad we were. The Double gather round has clearly taken a big toll. With Salo and Oliver injured we were two men down as well. But it was our fwds that were crushed. Between Fritta, Bbb, Petty and Jvr there was ONE tackle for the whole game. That's a telling stat. Ball came in....ball went out. Not via the umpire. It's hard to explain that metric other than fatigue I think.
  6. I thought they performed pretty well all round.
  7. Wasn't he bog v the dogs? He was good against Hawks But since his hand in the last two has struggled. Maybe killing it was too strong.
  8. Footy momentum is wonderful. 24 hours ago we were one of the four contenders for the flag. Now we are just another club out of eight. It's not panic stations but it's certainly a big shift from where we were. But we've had a tough draw with three interstate games
  9. I'm not sure if we can dismiss this loss on being tired. It looked like many were. My reason is that the backline performed very well in restricting the lions to 80 points. They dominated us everywhere and did kick a big score. Was our backline fatigued. Maybe but it certainly did it's job in some ways I guess we lacked attacking run from defence. But credit to stopping a huge percentage loss.
  10. My impression is sometimes teams get ahead of themselves. We were very happy with our eight points in Adelaide. And rightly so. But perhaps a bit of complacency slipped in. I do recognize we were tired. We looked it.
  11. The fwd line pressure wasn't very strong with one or two tackles from all fwds combined.
  12. The club rolled the dice with Oliver and why wouldn't you. But he's clearly too injured to be playing. I hope the bye will give him time to mend his hand. He was killing it before.
  13. The walk of shame..... My apologies to you good dlanders who I annoyed or upset last night with my negativity I'm sorry. I won't drink and post again. Two week suspension from game day threads. The boys tried but we're too tired I think. Again, I'm sorry.
  14. Tracca spending too much time in the media spotlight again. Worst game of the year for him. Stop moonlighting and play some footy
  15. Junk time goals from a bunch of pretenders. Who have we beaten? What a poor follow up from Adelaide. Too impressed with our efforts there. Really hard to find one solid performance from our boys tonight. Maybe Petty with his one kick for the game. Just joking. Maybe Max .
  16. 8 disposals between Fritta, Bbb and Petty is sad. Bbb back to his bon effort second game in a row. Tmac fwd ...Petty back goody. Na just leave it all alone. All good mate we've got this. Woey and the Kolt not ready yet
  17. Too many passengers. Especially up forward. And in the middle. Anb a shocker tonight. Petty one kick resulting in a point. Oliver just a shadow of the star he has been. The akolt not ready. Windsor been silent. Learnings I guess
  18. We are a rabble. Not one decent effort from anyone. Not one. As for Kozzies suspended......he should be apologizing to his teammates. And if Goody doesn't tell him to play different...he's a fool. Oh look Jvr took a mark. Too late mate Accurate kick at least. Fritta having a mate
  19. Disagree we looked so sluggish from the start. We are lost our there 12 mins to go and Petty hasn't had one touch. Disgraceful.
  20. And Max tales his SECOND MARK in the final quarter. That sums it all up.
  21. Anb has been MIA after his goal in the first. Totally. When will Sparrow ever play two decent games in a row. It's not like Lions have been great ...we have been absolutely disgusting. Petty should be ashamed. Hasn't touched it. A bloke his size and license. Stinker.
  22. Yea we did so well pinching those two wins we didn't worry about this one Oliver is totally cooked. A liability for once.
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