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  1. This may have a tough grind with some really poor maggot calls but it's such a sweet win. So very very sweet.
  2. I say we pass the hat around for the umps and pay for the laser surgery?
  3. It's because of these umps and angry entitled mob.....I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to win. Come on Dees 2 more goals.
  4. Well it's official they have been given 3 times as many frees and so many tha caused goals. Remember last year the incorrect disposal 3 mins b4 the end of the game by crows and then the not paying the insufficient intent 5 sets b4 the end. Crows fans seem so ferral.....as if they will win a flag this year.
  5. Yea. I'd say that's true. There was no contrition either😃
  6. My anger is back. These umps have simply no shame 15 to 7 I don't know it surprises me but we are hardly ever rewarded for our tackling. Does it happen because the crowd sways their decisions? Or am I the one bias?
  8. Dear Dubdee I'm having humble pie for dinner. Go Tracca
  9. Don't mind the odd selfish fwd. Cost us a goal true but greedy fwds often get the job done.
  10. Yes indeed..it goes with the 57 year flag hiatus.....which I guess in saving money by not receiving counselling is probably the root of my rage from time to time. Only back to back cups can cure me .But I do feel it has brought us much closer together and that one day may rage may subside....especially with dear I say it... 4 delightful premierships in a row. Enjoy the game everyone. To be honest Im upset I have to go on date night with the missus and can't go to the game. If anyone wants to go instead....... her name is Bec and the restaurant is Wang's in Bentleigh at 6.30pm. Cheers
  11. I love you Dubdee. That wasn't even that hard to say. Of course if we lose today I may recant. Get well soon Mr Gawn.
  12. All good my delightful dubdee demonlander. To be honest I'm a little peeved with myself at starting this thread. Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame. Benjamin Franklin
  13. Yea but your last sentence revealed how much he turned things around. If I had to have anyone to have to kick a winning goal...it would be Tmac pre ankle issue of course......Kozzie.....The FRIDGE MAGNET and I can't believe I'm saying this but probably big MAX.
  14. Tx Dd. It's all good. People are often unjust to anger - it can be enlivening and a lot of fun and often essential when dealing with those poor souls working for Telcos that have outsourced Everything.😆 Besides its game day against those ferral S.A fans of a delightfully dim club. Another4 points to add to our tally. Maybe Dstones correct......I need to go back to my fury farm. And Sparrow allowed to wear the 666.
  15. Tx very much for that. MR Dland. Not as bad stats as I thought. Especially Clarry's Tracca just having a wayward year goal wise. But they both certainly stepped up in the granny when the heat was on. Some othe positives are ANB.......MAX and FRITTTA have really stepped up in this department. And KOZZIES just a star that could dob one from the dodgy top seats I've had to endure from time to time. (Not that those seats bothered me of course).
  16. My dear passed mother used to talk on the old corded phone for hours while doing housework Answering the iron was my poor dad's biggest fear. It made him angry too. He also hated the expression WTF.
  17. Tx D's...but I got evicted just because I said the counsellor saying GOOSFRABA was a load of horse ship. Besides....I'm usually on the money. As Aristotle said.. "Anybody can become angry..that is easy, but to be angry with thr right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way...that is not within everybody 's power and is not easy. But in a clear moment of introspection I know I'm so much better at this. Peace be with you my son.
  18. I did say they were footy GODS. It's pretty much the highest praise you can give them. But Tracc is great a snaps ao dribble kicks like the one in th gf. It's the only area he could improve it and he doesn't have to do too much improvement. Carry the same. It's a statistical fact that's all. I did quantify by saying the are Ecclesiastical footy extreme champions. So I don't really get the wtf. To be quite frank you can take your acronym and sticking up your proverbial ask. Aa anger management course might be good for you as well. Or at leasatfor the poor souls in your life ( if there are many?) Cheers ps welcome to BLOCK A wonderful accessory that I'm sure people around you could apply to you in absolutely everyday possible. They could see you walk past or hear you prattle on but it would not matter. Fortunately for them you no longer exist. How marvellous life would be for them and everyone if we could have this app expanded. 😀
  19. But thy really let themselves down kicking goals. Eg CP has kicked 9g 11 bh Suppose you take what you get😃
  20. In form he reminds me of atom Hawkins without the zimmerframe. Although I notice he's been getting around on some sort of scooter. In form he's unbeatable and set up our first 12 wins last year. I do hope Weid steps up but I'm not too hopeful. But this could be the catylist that SW needs with a long string of games under his belt. There's always hope as a Dees fan. Cheers
  21. Loving Bedford's skills. Reminds me of Garlett.
  22. Great to see number 14 Hibbering opponents. again
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