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  1. push our talls up and leave Fritta up fwd with Bedford.
  2. i bet hell make a shocking error soon.
  3. Perhaps Viney up forward to crumb.
  4. who would have thought Max would become so accurate?
  5. H Tx. He had an average game last week but without he and Kozzie we are lacking small goalsneaks,
  6. who did Milkshake come in for.....he wasnt even named in the team?
  7. Tracca......there you go. I take it back.
  8. where would we be without Fritta and Langdon?
  9. It will be close at half time. Then we flick the switch. Its generous of us to let them think they are a chance for a while.
  10. And the game before that we smashed them in the third.
  11. Petty is a huge loss. So is Jackson and the grunt of Sparrow At least lever and May are there. Will be interesting to see Tmac, weid and bbb all playing together. I suspect Sam will help out with the ruck and he may get more confidence. Glad Vineys back. What a great run of lack of injuries we had last year. We should still win by thirty three if we kick somwhat straightish.
  12. You make a fair point. Perhaps if we hadn't recruited Bbb then Weid may have played more games and be a better player. That aside, I think if he doesn't cement a spot this year and continue to be consistent then he may not be around next season. I hope he proves me wrong.
  13. Yes the club has been very astute picking up other clubs cast offs like say Bbb.
  14. Fair point. I guess it's the biggest mistake you can make on such a day but yea didnt really fathom that response. the older bloke seemed to absorb those blows quite well though. A bad day out at the footy. I'll give myself some demerit points for posting it as well.
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