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  1. Tx Big Kev. As long as our lucky charm in Bowey plays, then so am I.
  2. BBB plays. I have a reliable source. And so he should. He is an incredibly talented player who North lost their minds and let go. He has also added contested marking to his game and no longer needs to always lead into space to mark. Last year we saw him come close to what made him top the H and A goal scoring 3 years in a row in a bottom team. I also think he will get better and we may get another six years out of him and perhaps with our great midfield he will win a Coleman in the not too distant future.
  3. I'm still grateful the free kick count was in our favor in the Granny.
  4. He played a great game last Anzac round. At least we have plenty of defenders in the mix to cover our injuries. Off topic, depending on how Weid fares this year we may be looking for a proven big forward at the end of the year. Tmac was great for half a season last year but is very inconsistent. With Jackson spending more time on the ball we really now only have Bbb as a reliable tall.
  5. True. The big difference today is house prices to income. The disparity is vast unfortunately.
  6. Rats. Lever just got back in and Viney has been in great touch. Will Tmac play down back?
  7. It is about attendance. Most Cats home games are v interstate clubs, St kilda and us. Always us.
  8. Our win at the cattery last year was a badge of honor and a great effort. I do wonder if there was a crowd things might not have gone our way. Which brings me to the real reason for this post. Why do we play in Geelong every single year while the pies never do? I know we have the cats measure but the reality is, playing down there is akin to an interstate game and I'm curious why its always us.
  9. And Bowey running all the way to the middle to intercept and then he boots a goal.
  10. I can't believe I was supporting Hawthorn.
  11. Loved his intercept mark then long kick for a goal against gws.
  12. Tmac is still one of my faves but the old wing argument doesn't hold. He would need to strap on a jet pack. He also has the turning circle of my old front wheel drive Magna. God love him. Hope he stays in though.
  13. My reasoning was that he and Weid had similar games, so experience and most proven success leaves Tmac in. Plus Tmac is stronger and a very accurate shot on goal. I think BBB in is a must.and sw out.
  14. Weid has improved and Tmac has been in a long slump. But Tmac was a huge part of our wins first half of our flag year so he stays. Its runs on the board to a yet established player. Sw goes out for BBb
  15. Yep Trac, Oliver, Viney and Sparrow are a dangerous combination.
  16. Pretty sure your on the money here. Tmac did a little more and has more experience and proven ability. It was good to see Sam improve a little and his presence will hopefully pressure Tmac to loft more. But BBB has to come in. So Sw has to go.
  17. Thanks LH the problem with just the one penalty (I know they can double up) but its a one size sentence for all infractions. A few different penalties ie 20...40...60....would allow for a little creativity and fairness and possible make the game more interesting and less devastating on the scoreboard for players throwing their arms up. I wonder how these umpires manage peak hour traffic abuse or dealing with call centres.
  18. Maggots have become a protected species. Ill probably be visited by a posse of them soon for this post.
  19. Umpires dont deserved to be abused. (well some of them). Worst case scenario try having a 25 m penalty as well. Big difference to a player being flattened off the ball and a player throwing up his arms in frustration over a bad call.
  20. A lot of it sounds like us five years ago.
  21. Always find a player with his kicks and makes it easy for them.
  22. Another Trac in the making. Was great to see Viney in fine form too.
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