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  1. @JeremyI think you'll find @binman is sarcastically saying there is a misconception that Bedford was pushed out and had no contract offer.
  2. INS – McAdam (club debut), Salem, Fullarton, Tholstrup, Tomlinson, B.Brown OUTS – Langdon (personal), van Rooyen (concussion), Turner (inj.)
  3. The Club https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/1555383/media-conference-focuses-mcadam-to-debut
  4. @WalkingCivilWar what end are the DA stationed tomorrow night? Me and some mates are coming in GA, want some kind of safe zone from the Caaarlton nuffies!
  5. I just came here to say @Mel Bourne told yas all! Absolutely bang on the money .
  6. The same email says: "Home and Away members can scan their membership card or mobile membership to gain general admission access on match day." Does this mean they're projecting a low crowd, therefore just swiping in for GA isn't an issue? I want to take my kids to their first Anzac Eve game, but don't want to muck around with the process of getting tickets if it's going to be a bun fight.
  7. Currently on a family roadtrip to SA. Today we stopped at Kingston SE for some fresh lobster and fish n chips for lunch. Turns out the couple that run Lacepede Seafood are massive Dees fans, as discovered when I rocked in wearing my Narrm beanie. Other customers lined up as the bloke and I chatted footy. My kids then started singing Grand Old Flag as we ate succulent fresh lobster and perfectly cooked fish n chips - highly recommend. Oh and his Mrs reckons we’re a shoe-in for the flag. We’ll be on Kangaroo Island tomorrow night, but I’ll shout CARNAFCKNDEES across the water.
  8. Can’t wait for the McCrae presser. We’ll start seeing his dark side now. Beware the nice guy…
  9. My North supporting mates called him ‘Horny Frank’
  10. Ugh , Fox pre-game is a Sydney [censored] fest
  11. Shattered I can’t go on Sunday, had plans booked for weeks 😔 Barrack hard, you lot, and see you at the prelim! CARNA****NMIGHTYDEEES 🔴🔵
  12. I took my 8 year old girls last night and echo the sentiments already posted. The way the players engage with fans is just brilliant, we sat right next to the players race and the kids got high fives, smiles and thank yous from nearly every player running off. The kids were beside themselves! I stayed calm cool and collected this time. Agree crowd was disappointing given such high stakes; we attended the R1 game v Pies by way of comparison. Although we were sitting on front of Alyssa Bannon’s mum who has a fair set of pipes on her, she compensated for the missing decibels. It was a hard, contested game and we were fierce with our pressure and tackling across the ground. Hats off to the defence, particularly Gillard, who were just a brick wall. Hanks is gun, clearly a cut above when watching live. Paxy was the usual workhorse. Zanker imposed herself on the contest and took some great marks. Excellent team game against quality oppo. Top of the ladder, baby! Let’s hope we get some home finals at Ikon, it’s a great venue. Except for the hideous ScumBaggers logo, surely they can cover it up for other games?! CARNAMIGHTYFCKNDEES!! ❤️💙
  13. Indeed, the sentiment in the commentary was great! My short term memory must be shot, I was sure it was Harford that made the comment 🥴. CARNAMIGHTYDEES!
  14. Yeah for sure, I’m assuming Harford wasn’t aware. But as public broadcasters perhaps they should be. I’m not saying he’s cringe, rather that Paxy may cringe upon hearing ‘her’. it’s all education.
  15. The part of that commentary I didn’t like was ‘her’. Paxy has publicly stated they identity as they/them, not she/her. This was inherent with their recent name change. Commentators need to be more aware of identity preferences and pronouns, I know Paxy would cringe on hearing that.
  16. Here we are: https://x.com/sirswampthing/status/1707360210757792067?s=20
  17. On top of the ladder with a % of 306.9 after 5 games. Not too shabby at all. Can anyone do the math on that last quarters stat for this year? Must be something like 140 points for / 5 points against. Can’t wait to watch the game later! CARNAFCKNDEEGRRRRLS 😍
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