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  1. Thanks, Adrian. Don’t give up ya day job, mate.
  2. My modest contribution. Preston represent ✊🏻❤️💙
  3. Can someone remind me the website a DL user has set up with all Dees media? heartbeatstrue.com or something?
  4. “…The house of blood, up on the hill The devil’s wrath, Satan’s will Blood on the ceiling, blood all over the walls Blood on the ceiling, blood all over the door…” *current mood
  5. Agree, Krigsgaldr was my first discovery of theirs, amazing. thought this clip had a better ritualistic element though!
  6. This week’s ritual in worship of the Footy Gods, the foretold runes, the rattle of the bones of ancestors…(4.15) *to be fully re-enacted under the red and blue moon at midnight Thursday in my Preston backyard
  7. Explosion….Gippsland…..farm……meth lab would explain the mindless verbal diarrhoea
  8. If it were a club member who, say, posted what Tex said on social media to a player, they would rightfully be identified by the club and have their membership torn up. Walker should be cleaning out his locker. Bloody disgrace.
  9. That’s a pretty ordinary post, friend.
  10. Did you know he has a basketball background?
  11. no mention of either in this article: https://www.afl.com.au/news/651362
  12. The Hungry Jacks are a fraudulent rabble.
  13. FWIW Liam Pickering had a good take on Crunch Time (SEN) today. Reckons it’s just a little dip in form and our issues are fixable with games under the belt in the run home. there was a 10-15 min segment discussing Dees and the theme was ‘no panic yet’
  14. Anyone know if the G carpark is filling up/full?
  15. We’ve got swimming lessons now, so should shake out some of the sillies! They’re currently bragging to their swim teacher that they’re going to the MCG ?
  16. Back full of the kids’ snacks, activities, warm clothes, flags and daddy’s hopes and dreams! Their first game at the G! CMON DEES DONT LET MY KIDS DOWN! ????????? (no pressure whatsoever ?)
  17. Ive already promised hot chips . They don’t drink Coke so that’s fine. Will pack a bag full of snacks and activities in the event of boredom. They can finally use their flags for real instead of in front of the telly. I just hope that a) we win and b)we make it through the whole game!
  18. Taking my 6yo girls for their first game at the G - I think I’m more excited than them! Been waiting months for a day game to take them to, now that we’re good it’s been mostly night games. Was meant to be Queens Birthday, maybe dodged a bullet there ?. Carn Dees, do it for the kids!
  19. I’m a middle income earner from Preston who happens to be a chef and really likes cooking/eating meat and football. If that makes me a snob then so be it!
  20. Ah yes, didn’t look close enough! Yeah tri tip is an awesome cut, I’ve been lucky enough to work with Sher Wagyu 10+ tri tip which is like butter, sooo good. Cape Grim is a good go to . I recently sampled 1000 Guineas grass-fed (NSW) which was amazing - keep yer eye out for that brand. enjoy and CARN DEES!
  21. Nice marbling. Is it tri tip? Any particular breed/feed?
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