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  1. Hi All, I'm in Vic and have a Trident reserved seat membership and my membership qualifies for a guaranteed GF ticket (P1). As I won't be able to make it, I'm willing to pass it on to someone who is Perth/can get there, but just wanted to make sure it goes to the right person. Reimbursement not essential, but I'll take it I have to! Haha Any suggestions?
  2. Sorry Nasher. I meant for him. I liked him, hence the 'Dom' in Domgus Petrogan.
  3. Runner-Up for the Bluey in 2014. It's a shame it didn't work out.
  4. Yeah maybe he does, but isn't nice to be on the other side of it for once!
  5. Can someone please start an 'Aged Like Milk' thread? It would be gold!
  6. Pick 25 (756 points) + Pick 28 (677 points) = 1,433 Pick 14 = 1,161
  7. Biggest question for me, is how he and TMac play in the same side? With the likelihood of Brown, Weid and Jacko up fwd, he and TMac would be fighting for a spot down back imo.
  8. Maybe we don't have appropriate trade assets to satisfy Collingwood and Hawthorn do?
  9. Beat me to it! It's hard to trade for a bloke that doesn't want to play for your club.
  10. Why would he do that if his wife’s contract is only for a year and his is for 5? Especially when he’s said they intend to stay in Melbourne long term.
  11. I also like Hunt and share your positivity.
  12. Provided the contract and trade value are reasonable, it's a great get for our club!
  13. I figured that would be the alternative for a spot on the IC. I still have high hopes for Harmes.
  14. Harmes? Bit of a worry that a guy on a long term deal isn’t best 22.
  15. I don’t mind that either, but how to we keep Oliver, Petracca, Viney, Brayshaw and Harmes in the same game day team? All at their best are far too good not to be playing, but can’t all play only as mids.
  16. I agree, I think one of Harmes or Viney should be looked at as a small forward, as both are not 100% necessities in the midfield at all times with Petracca, Oliver and Brayshaw (assuming he recaptures his form/stays) but are far too good not to play.
  17. I completely agree. It would be a step backwards for both parties, but strangely the lure of the fairytale makes me want it to happen.
  18. I think in future years he should be groomed into a full time ruck/4th mid. I can see the league going “small ball” with the ruck position similar to how the NBA has gone with centre. we could be ahead with of the curve!
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