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  1. Aside from his marking, Weed seems to move snd react slowly. It's the opposite to Trac and Kozzy, who's brains seem to be working way faster than the average. Their bodies are making quick changes in direction all of the time. I think this reflects the fact their brains are working very quickly when it comes to spacial awareness and the movement going on around them. Weed seems to be very slow in his reaction time when chasing or reacting to the players around him. This makes him look a little uninterested at times. I have no doubt about his courage or desire. You can see him hitting packs and flying with great determination. Maybe he just needs to start clunking them with more regularity, his confidence will build and he might relax a bit. I'm pretty certain that he feels under tremendous pressure at the moment. TMac is flying, Jacko is quickly developing and Brown is just waiting for another opportunity.
  2. I think we're going to quickly learn to hate Izak Rankine. Hi extraordinary arrogance is actually matched by his level of skill. They've got a few Ferraris in that team. I reckon they'll be right up there with Brisbane in the next few years. Incredible debut!
  3. Are we really blaming the AFL rule changes for the fact that we are playing dreadful footy? It's been very obvious that the gameplan only works when everything is going well for us. This year that has rarely happened. The fact that we can't adapt is pathetic. Our list is supposedly made up of competitive beasts. This was the opinion of the list managers, and the coaching staff. Well FFS teach them to play footy!!!! I'm sick to death of dumb-[censored] footy. We have been masters of it since the Neeld era. I have no faith in these players to make good decisions and execute them.
  4. He won us the game. He also nearly lost us the game with his horrible field kicking and resultant turnovers.
  5. No way was Morton an 'elite' kick. Maric couldn't get the ball and neither could Strauss. Toumpas was also touted as an 'elite' kick. He wasn't. Both he and Morton had very flawed techniques which crumbled under pressure (I have railed on this forum about the flaws in their kicking). I just think that we recruited competitive beasts, many of whom are not good users. The ideal is, of course, to have a combination of combative, smart and skilful. ATM we are out of whack.
  6. It makes guys like Melksham's entries really important.
  7. The difference between us and the Tigers is that they have more pace and skill. They apply pressure through great defensive positioning and pace. We can't quite match them in this regard. Their offensive running is better and smarter too and they have some great forwards in Reiwoldt, Martin, Rioli, Lynch, Castagna etc. While they are not necessarily brilliant, their system is. Ours requires a higher level of physical contest and has taken its toll. I hope that Goodwin and the coaching panel have a development plan. The current one is not sustainable.
  8. I was listening to the "Dee Brief" last night, and I tend to agree with an opinion expressed there. That we have relied solely on contested ball, chaos footy and now we are already knackered. With a shipload of injuries and a massive drop-off in skills. In relation to recruiting young Kyle Dunkley, he looks like he can win the ball and has footy smarts. His kicking (on the very small sample of video footage available), looks average. This is a great shame. I believe in Clarko's mantra, in that he "won't recruit anyone who is not a good kick". We have way too many NQR kicks. This bloke looks like he can get the ball, and is smart, but that kick looks pretty 'agricultural'. Demons who I trust with ball in hand - the best ones in bold Nev (great up to 40 metres. Rarely wastes it) Salem (although he does stab at it too much and the trajectory could be flatter. Too much air time) Lewis (sometimes) Melksham (providing he is not having a set shot) Weideman (providing he is having a set shot) Baker (maybe, not sure yet) Lockhart (mostly very neat with a nice low trajectory) Hibbo (most of the time) Fritsch (Beautiful style but slow to put it on the boot. He is adventurous and although he has been butchering it lately he is still very creative. Sometimes he doesn't control the depth of his kicking) Max (up to 35 metres) Lever (kicks well within his capabilities) Gus (crap lately, but generally ok. Needs to think more about it) Hore (ok but floaty. Misses some targets) Jones (seems to be getting worse again. Like he was in his early career. It could be because he is older and slower and needs time to balance) Demons who make me nervous with ball in hand - Clarry (haphazard but good distance. Generally predictable, in that he wheels on to his right foot and bombs long, with too much air time) Petracca (field kicking good, but ball drop crazy. natural hook. Set shots - massive yips!) T Mac (set shots from inside 40 only! Field kicking is horrible!) Hunt (some set shots are ok from within 35, otherwise its a lottery) Frosty (been kicking well when balanced to targets that are no more than 30 metres away) ANB (disposal sh!ts me. Turns it over consistently) Viney (as per ANB, but a bit worse) Oscar (generally good but limited to shorter distances) Jeffy (yips) Spargo (ok but can't kick over 35) Harmes (improving. This bloke seems to be thinking about his kicking and working on it. It's still not consistent) Hannan (He has an iffy ball-drop but is good enough to get away with it most of the time) There are others we haven't seen enough of yet. But what this list says to me is that our kicking skills are NOT GOOD ENOUGH under pressure. The contrast with GWS was so stark on Sunday. Our game plan relies way too heavily on the 'chaos' game. We haven't been able to maintain it this year because it's exhausting and bruising. There is no substitute for good skills and accurate kicking. It can keep you in the game when the pressure is on. PLEASE Jason Taylor, don't recruit guys just because they are 'goers'. We have heaps of them. Recruit some silk and some footy smarts. For those who think we have the list to win a premiership, I respectfully disagree. It needs significant repair and augmentation before we will be ready. Have a look at the other top teams - GWS, Tigers, Cats and Collingwood. All have better smarts and skills. Other teams like the Lions will be there very quickly. Quality footballers all round. We have a way to go and need the injection of real class
  9. Get rid of the coach, the coaching panel, the recruiting team and don’t ever recruit players who can’t kick. Basic skills ffs!
  10. I've got a feeling Goody is going to talk about "Connection". FAAAARRRCKKK! We won round the centre, just like we did against Geelong. Essendon just play better footy, just like Geelong did. We are F....wits! So many dumb footballers. So sick of it!!!!!
  11. She looks better with every game. An exciting talent.
  12. I am more excited about the Dees than ever. I’ve been a Demonland member for over 10 years but I’m finding that I am less and less inclined to read it. This thread is typically off-putting. I love it when people go to the trouble of reporting on training in the off-season but finding myself scrolling through threads to find factual info or considered opinions. Please leave your egos at the door
  13. I suspect he will be a liability next season but I would like to keep him on in a coaching capacity. He has another year on his contract but we need to get more game time into Smith. He may have had a bad game yesterday but who didn’t? I think Smith has tremendous potential. He is also strong, quick and has good hands. We need to go after May, even if he is a sniper, and bring big Harry Petty through as quickly as possible. It appears that under the rule changes big forwards could become dangerous again and mobile ‘gorilla minders’ will be needed
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