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  1. no heads were banged, no heads were shaken. nanny comments in the media. soon you will all be following soccer. Oh hang on, they're all half stupid by the time they're 21, because of heading that round thing thru for a goal.
  2. Spot on gonzo, & mummy tried to get lower. But Tippet had nowhere to turn, & he tried to lower his body, or head rather. It was a sort of 'snuggle move', by the Tipper. They are trying to totally sterilise the game. Let men be men, & let women be women, fcs.
  3. If thew Chinese don't like our 'longtime' monika, then we can look elsewhere, for our finances.
  4. Trying to get mummy sited for a couple of classic tackles. Leave the game to the men Caro. Its gone backwards in recent years, because of politically correct nannies trying to cottonwool the game. no heads were banged up Caro, leave the game be contact. There will be some brushes.
  5. Absolutely deefella. we have to have a strong finish to this season.
  6. Port are going to become the Dragons. just ask Caro. Kochie's Dragons
  7. Cloke concerns me, the opposition big guys have confidence against, & look forward to playing the Deez. Because we traditionally don't physically crunch them. They look forward to playing us, to get their mojo going. And their stats up. I'm not sure Dunny will get the job 'done', as it were. So Frosty with his speed & height (can play tall), may be needed for Cloke, &/or Grundy venturing down there. So I think Dunny can take Moore, or Oscar could take him.
  8. it wasn't a throw of the elbow or anything it was just a block. & not a deliberate action but a reaction. from surprise & defence. There was no force in it, at all. We should fight it, get it down to a fine.
  9. Gerards always got a soft spot for the Dees. Even if he doesn't show it. But his best memories by far, are up in Sydney, surf & all. Bit like Schwarta, some years back. IMO the footy dept is working well... we are seeing results. But it will start to show on the scoreboard, soon. When it clicks, & we get confidence individually, & team wise, we will launch.
  10. confidence my dear Bbo, he has now shown he will 'go' when he wants to... so now, when they all start to click together, we need this side to have a kill. to get the blood on they're lips. I just hope it isn't 'hardwik' we kill off. but do want to win that game. please Dees, lets put the sword to e'd's club, & leave them Buckley's chance.
  11. yep, frustrated I couldn't get the video feed, but I heard it on radio. clearly frustrated the commentators as well.
  12. good points Prb. The ability of these guys to run thru the game is a concern, Re how many we have in the one team. I wonder if ANB has a superior capacity to Wagner, at this stage? On the MCG, we need more pace as well, compared to Hobart.
  13. wouldn't be against Pedo, 'run with' on Grundy all game. Gawn to rest in pocket, between ruck duties. Frost or Omac in defence? Brayshaw's gotta be in,,, Garlett if fit, straight in. Grimes for maturity. & Its time for ANB. So INS; Brayshaw Garlett, Grimes, Pedo/OMac, -------- Outs; Vince, AVdb, Frost, Wagner, emerg: ANB, Pedo,
  14. The culture of the team & list is changing for the better... But, the culture of 'the club', is the same. That is the culture of the support base, that effects the players over periods of time, wearing down the gains made, like the waves on the beach, lapping at the sand.. This is how the team culture starts to "eek away", time after time, after its been repaired. This is what I've been aiming at. The constant erosion of our players meanness, & hunger. The same thing that makes Us more 'squeaky clean', than all other AFL clubs, by FAR. IT is this ^ , the reason why we continually turn our players into "bruise free". And this Is the reason why players who are confident in they're own abilities, won't come to the 'squeaky clean' Melbourne footy club, unless for huge payouts. Its a bad career move for the same reasons. .... no success. 'bruise free' choir boys, (about a sliding scale of 5 years) after whichever past-coach has just re-fired our passions & deesires, then left us.
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