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  1. I was sitting at the Punt Rd end yesterday. I loved that when we stacked the backline for that last bounce with 10 sec left to play, prior to the bounce Watts was waving frantically to the bench to make sure we didn't do anything silly like rotate a player and potentially leave us one short in the backline. It's exactly that awareness the leadership group were talking about when they were elected, and Watts had it in spades yesterday.
  2. Guys just finished their warmup. Vanders looked good, watts/ jeffy sharp with their snaps. O mac definitely in
  3. Reminds me of the car park after the first time I saw Dees play Collingwood at VFL park in 1983
  4. Thanks Lad, reminded me I need to pump up the footy for a kick at half time!
  5. There's actually a bit to like if you take the blinkers off - we've got some significant improvement to this team to come back in over the next couple of weeks (glass half full). Im hoping vanders gets through this game ok because he hasn't played for a bit (nab 1?). Was surprised to see him picked ahead of Brayshaw who demonstrated match fitness last week. on Dunny - reminds me of Gawny this time last year. Dropped him at the start of the year and it payed massive dividends later on. I suspect the same plot here.
  6. Absolute gold joeboy. Hope you're right on Trenners, and wrong on Spencil. I'd change Terlich to - won't make 2017
  7. What can I say LDVC? I reckon most people look good in red and blue...
  8. I reckon (myself included) that a fair % of the posters here are paid up members with paid up family members as well. I've forked out for dees guernseys, hoodies, polos...I'm now delighted to also support the demonland website and look good in the process!
  9. Nice work Andy - I wonder if by the end of the year we'll see more Demonlanders merchandise at the footy than Dees!
  10. That was an increase of 600 members from yesterday's tally of 33,428 - would suggest that 35,000 by the weekend is not a pipe dream. Unreal.
  11. I'd love to see this, but given I can't stand blues supporters, I'd love to see them lose after the siren and this be the closest they get to a win all year
  12. 6 out of 7 wouldn't be bad (not sure No 7 will get over the line....)
  13. Kryton, If your daughter is in the age bracket between 5-12, then I'd suggest you email the club ([email protected]) and see if they can squeeze her in to the guard of honour (they still had spots when I emailed them last week). My boy is taking part, did it last year and loved it. More broadly, for anyone interested, link to the guard of honour for remaining 2016 games here: http://melbournefc.formstack.com/forms/2016guardofhonour
  14. This time last year I was equally nervous as to our R1 chances - the game last year was my fondest memory of 2015. Sitting behind the punt rd goals with my boy in the sunshine, Viney slams GABJnr, Wattsy kicks a beauty from the pocket, Hogan takes a nice grab in the third and kicks his first goal in league footy...if we have a day like this on Saturday, and I can't see why not, then I pity anybody who can't make it.
  15. Where's Skuit? He was spot on with the St Kilda nab challenge game tip?? I'll defer to him....for me, Dees by 3 goals, but I'm one eyed. Also would like to understand if Geelong can beat Hawthorn for my smokey this week in the footy yips?
  16. Chuffed that Brayshaw got through unscathed. Given he didn't play in any of the nab challenge games, did he look rusty at all? Didn't pick up anything negative in the reports above (thanks guys). Would you reckon he's a lock for round 1?
  17. Agreed WJ - my definition of improvement is with respect to everyone else, not improvement from our own team last year
  18. Like so much of what we're doing at the moment (as compared to the past) it isn't rubbish or cringeworthy but contemporary. I'm really proud of our club at the moment on so many fronts, and I think this ad is broadly appealing as well.
  19. Andy, great idea - I think they look terrific. I wanted a large t shirt but unfortunately sold out (I reckon dume to the membership drive in parallel). Went for a polo instead, but I'll get a t shirt (large) as well if you do another run. And a stubby holder. Thought I might get Stuie written on mine
  20. I think the fitness of the team and the way they've run out all three of the games is a big win from my perspective
  21. It's an intra club at Casey Fields on Sat 26th. Whilst the scorpions website doesn't have a time for the game listed, I think it would be a stretch to be at both Casey and the G for the round 1 game on the same day. Much as I'd like to see Trenners and Petracca have a run, I'll happily wait until round 2 for their debuts against the cheating scumbags
  22. I rang the club during the week as me and my boy are heading up to the Gold Coast in May for the game - they said they were really happy with the take up in interest with approx 15 people going on the advertised trip. Said they typically only get 5 for the NT games. I'd have thought if it were truly collaborative, that the club would be doing more
  23. It's only harsh from the point of view that all the other citizens out there with tattooed faces who aren't criminals have been unfairly portrayed
  24. I'm sure you considered turning up later than the bride (by about 3 quarters)...I wouldn't either. dont forget to thank six6six in your wedding speech for the pictures of the boys at training.
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