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  1. Same here, flying down from Rocky. Do you reckon the club will bring up merchandise up to sell?
  2. Booked in for next week with a portrait of Sir Jake Melksham ?
  3. Thanks mate. Most of those tatts look like home jobs. There's a couple decent demon tatts around but not many
  4. I'm thinking of completing my half sleeve with the years we won our flags, hopefully I can add 2018 ?
  5. I chose the old mascot over our current logo, don't think the logo would look good as a tattoo.
  6. I'm sure they'll have a tattoo parlour in hell ?
  7. So I got this tattoo done last year and was interested to see if anyone else has a demon tattoo, show us yours?
  8. I don't wanna see him in that forward line ever again. junior footballers can honestly do better in front of goal than Bugg.
  9. Yeah Kent is one of my favourites but he is too lazy. Goody gave him a chance and he did nothing. Hannan miles ahead in goodwins books I reckon
  10. The strongest forward line set up IMO F: Garlett Hogan Hannan HF: Petracca Pedo Watts A lot will question me about Hannan but I'm convinced on him already, premature yes but geez he is something special... can play small or big, goal sneak and most importantly applies pressure. IMO already gone past Kent & JKH. Another Jason Taylor special. Pedo & Gawn rotating. Hogan, Watts & Pedo the main targets. Petracca the medium sized forward, rotating with someone________ ? in the middle and Jeffy & Hannan the goal sneaks.
  11. Indeed we do. Mitch Hannan you little beauty
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