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  1. Got mine as well on level 2!
  2. Similar in that I was originally from ology where there was certainly a different style between the two sites back then.
  3. This website tracks all crowds for every game https://www.austadiums.com/sport/comp/afl/results
  4. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/don-t-argue-why-dustin-martin-can-t-be-tackled-20210322-p57cy3.html
  5. It’s not much, but there is a write up on the Bullants website. https://northernbullantsfc.com.au/club_news/first-practice-match-under-the-belt/
  6. Melbourne trade coming up shortly
  7. It’s official! https://twitter.com/melbournefc/status/1314326134809456645?s=20https://twitter.com/melbournefc/status/1314326134809456645?s=20
  8. To be fair, so did Koz.... 2020 AFL RISING STAR LEADERBOARD 1. Caleb Serong (Fremantle) — 48 votes 2. Noah Anderson (Gold Coast Suns) — 39 3. Max King (St Kilda) — 28 4. Izak Rankine (Gold Coast Suns) — 16 5. Will Day (Hawthorn) — 12 6. Brandon Starcevich (Brisbane Lions) — 6 7. Kysaiah Pickett (Melbourne) — 1
  9. Hearing of big changes too. Hopefully start to be released over the next week or so
  10. Dunkley was offered a contract earlier in the year but circumstances change when opportunity isn’t there. Looks like he will be picked up by another club as a DFA
  11. Finlayson has signed with GWS so the article is already outdated
  12. Melbourne’s current stance is that Tom will not play another game for the MFC and will be traded. Obvious with only one game to go, but a lot will need to change for Tom to be on the list next year
  13. We beat the eventual premiers in Perth a couple of weeks before they won the Grand Final?
  14. We would have taken Paddy and internally we were quite excited by him as a prospect. At the time Lever was thought to have the potential as a big bodied midfielder but did his knee so was never in contention seriously for the early picks
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