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  1. What are the positives when you can’t kick or hit targets??? It’s been our Achilles heel for last 5 seasons yet nothing changes! Let’s see if the mfc we know has turned up once again.
  2. The MFC we all know has turned up thus far ... let’s see if anything has changed
  3. Watching the swans on how fast and well they develop players vs ours is utterly frustrating and begs the question why??? Want be surprised if they win a flag before we do
  4. We all know how Saints supporters are feeling
  5. Swans won a flag in 2012 & dogs in 2016 and both have bottomed out somewhat and have managed to rebuild/top up/ develop their lists to possibly contend this year based on their form right now ...MfC still working on consistency to win games and play finals .. enough said
  6. Gawn is rucking for the opposition teams ... we’re is our elite midfield winning his domination in the ruck???
  7. Whilst it’s a win the reality is our kicking going into fwd 50 is poor and hasn’t changed for the last 5 seasons, yep first game understand that but we would have lost against a top team. Question is it game plan? Drafting players who can’t hit targets, development, all of the above?
  8. It’s night & day when you compare and ours just take much longer...
  9. Our whole development programme has issues... look at the dogs Bailey Smith 20 yo vs any of our early picks who are no we’re near him
  10. Pretty clear that need fwds who can mark & score ., who are ours?
  11. Stop defending these players who have achieved really nothing apart from a finals appearance once since 2006! As Kane Cornes said stop the talking, hell & back bs & just do ffs
  12. Same all dribble from Goodwin, same all talking things up from Gawn re selfless... practice game understand but sane old underlining traits which are familiar... Yze will be the next coach of the MFC with Williams to mentor ..
  13. Goodwin interview on the list demand for higher achievements & more than just making finals ... let’s c if he’s still there after round 10 based on this performance .., sure practice game but feeling is we are still way off any top side
  14. Get ready for the same dribble from Goodwin , club of excuses full stop .. he want last beyond round 11
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